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  1. It's pretty funny but it's a shame I can't find a way around it. On another note, those are some strong... tents? :D
  2. Autopilot isn't a cheat when you're a gunner and your pilot sits there and refuses to help :D
  3. So I'd been populating some airbase with all kinds of (probably out of place) vehicles and on one of the aprons there was supposed to be some Strike Eagles, some Hornets, and some visiting Tornados. So, um, yeah... :lol:
  4. I always wondered about this too, it would be nice I think to have the wallpapers (and missions/ training if there is any) of the individual aircraft if you have FC3.
  5. It'd be a shame if old projects got forgotten, but I suppose it's inevitable. I can't complain for the price I paid either being honest. Chuck's guides are always a smashing read! Thanks for the link! It doesn't seem like much useful info is missing from the DCS manual, but the real thing is invaluable. Have a great day
  6. Hello there. The pdf manual that came with my install of the Huey is missing the 'helicopter history' chapter saying it's 'under construction' which got me thinking about the completion of the documentation. Seeing as the Huey has been released for a few years and everything ought to be complete by now, I was wondering if an older version of the manual is being downloaded with the Huey. If it is actually the most recent version: -Is it still being worked on to a completed state? -Is everything that is completed correct and up-to-date? Am otherwise enjoying the Huey a lot, it's been my gateway into helicopters! Many thanks, and have a nice day!
  7. Hi, sorry to bring up a fairly old post but this describes a problem I'm still having today- the cold start training mission instructions just stop when it comes to turning on the radio. Any progress with a fix? Thanks for the interim fix, I will see if it helps next time I run the cold start training mission. Recently got the Huey in the sale as my first helicopter, I'm otherwise very much enjoying it! Have a nice day!
  8. So I got the Huey, haven't got around to learning many systems or controls just yet, but been flying around and having fun aiming the miniguns or the M60s with one hand and flying with the other. There's probably an autopilot or something that I'll find later :D Thanks for your suggestions everybody, I'm having a lot of fun with the Huey! I can definitely see myself getting into it more and I'm happy I gave helicopters a chance. It's surprisingly controllable without pedals and just with my HOTAS throttle-rudder-button-things. Might nab the Mi-8 before the sale ends ;) Thank you everyone and have a great day!
  9. Don't be disheartened yet! Also IIRC US documentation from evaluated captured zeros may or may not exist.
  10. Thanks everyone, I had my eyes on the Huey or the Mi-8 anyway so I think I'll try the Huey and see if I'll get the Mi-8 after that. Again, thanks everyone! (sounds like it's also worth investing in pedals?)
  11. Do my eyes deceive? :D Great news, thank you very much!
  12. Hello everyone, I hope you're having a nice day/night wherever you are. I've been playing DCS since ~2014 flying exclusively planes, both jets and props. With the sale I'm thinking of getting a heli but have no clue where to start. What would you recommend as the: a) best first helicopter? (easiest to get used to, showcases the most of what helicopters have to offer) b) best helicopter overall? (fidelity + completion + gameplay) Thanks everybody, and have a great day!
  13. It'd be a long, long wait if I wanted a Eurofighter, I'd rather not do that to myself :D
  14. I must ask, and maybe someone already has, but why a P? Awesome, it's a hind, but not a D or a V?:D
  15. 'A poor workman blames his tools' is quite apt as well.
  16. If it's a better condition than mine, I'll take it! Doubt you've got less mileage than me though :lol:
  17. Jolly good! Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. :pilotfly:
  18. Was that your internal thoughts or regarding my post? Please, I need to know if I've said this already and just have the memory of a goldfish :lol: I'm not usually a rotorhead, but I could be for a hind.
  19. I'm not a rotorhead by any means, but I can be for the hind.
  20. I'd have to sway more towards the 21. I have both aircraft, and they're both jolly good. It depends whether you want to fly a plane fighting to keep you alive, or fight with a plane trying to fly you to your death. (that's a bit of an exaggeration, but wait until your first landing ;) )
  21. Thanks for the suggestions everybody, and thank you for the response Dolphin!
  22. Wags said in reply to a comment on the "DCS World Lunar New Year Sale - 2019" video on YouTube the Tomcat will be released later this month. Edit: someone beat me to it nevermind :lol:
  23. Post War: Tornado IDS EE Lightning Canberra Buccaneer MiG-25 MiG-23 Su-17 F-100 F-104 F-4 A-6 Cessna 150/152 Draken WWII: Hurricane + Sea Hurricane Spitfire II Typhoon Seafire Mosquito Fury + Sea Fury Meteor Me 262 Ju 88 Ju 87 Bf 109 E P-47 P-38 F4F A-20 B-24 B-25 Corsair Zero
  24. "English electric lightning not a popular plane" Hahahahahahaha good one xD Nah but really, it's a popular aircraft but not as popular as others still to come I know- but something that's definitely on my wishlist that I'll wait a long time for. Anyway that's OT, let's get back to the Tonka, a very popular plane which would be a sound business strategy...
  25. On the Caucasus map at least (am yet to try it on others), when I taxi the CE II off the tarmac and onto grass it comes to a halt and no amount of throttle can get it moving again. Am I right in assuming the CE II should be fine taxiing on grass surfaces? Anyone else get this? Otherwise enjoying the CE II, the simplicity is refreshing and it is very fun to fly! Thanks everybody, and have a nice day!
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