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  1. Yeah, that one ^ It's very similar to the K-14 in the mustang, I think the K-14 was based on the Mk. II gyro
  2. Anybody know if the Mk. II gyro was fitted to Mk IX spitfires? I've heard a number of IX's were retrofitted with them since the sight was introduced, but also that those spits were actually XVI's. If they were found in Mk. IX's in decent numbers in '44-'45 it would be a nice historical option for our spit in DCS going forward :)
  3. Birko

    Free Map

    Yeah that water tower looks kinda like the one is Selestat so probably France/Belgium/Germany, but who knows if that's the free one?
  4. No, thank you :thumbup:
  5. I enjoy making my own missions but it'd be nice for the surprise where you don't know what it's going to be, where the units are exactly etc.
  6. Well yes. I've already bought plane, helis, maps and campaigns as one-time purchases. Many have. What does a subscription do to that? Starting off as a subscription service is one thing. Making radical changes to how payment and ownership works, after acquiring a fairly large playerbase who've paid large sums of money, is another. Now if there was a system with both subscription or one-time purchase I don't see the harm, except maybe the devs actually making less money, who knows. E.g. in the shop for a module, Buy now: $69.99 or Subscription: $6 /month
  7. Funny how 80-something % of the poll says 'no' but most of the posts are someone saying 'yes', the pro-subscription is a very loud minority. It isn't needed. Most people don't want it. Let it go. The cold never bothered me anyway.
  8. I think the current system works. We buy a module, we get it. Some portion of those funds also go towards maintaining core, another portion to basic maintenance of the module. The module gets fairly dated eventually. A big-ish update to a module happens (i.e upgrade for Ka-50) that adds functionality and isn't just for squashing bugs- it keeps the module playable and relevent and generates more revenue down the line. DCS at least appears to be generating money. There are also reasons besides money that things go the way they do too.
  9. Just wanted to say thank you for bringing such beautiful warbirds to life for us. For the 99.9% of use who will never fly the likes of a Spitfire in real life, DCS is the closest thing. The stories of these birds and the people who flew them are so important to remember as with every story from the war, and if DCS can spark and keep ignited an interest in that history then it's something much deeper than entertainment. Keep up the great work, I'm always excited to see where things will go next. I hope you can always be inspired by history to enjoy bringing warbirds to life for us :thumbup: In spite of grumbling and nattering from us (I'm definitely guilty) I think we're all grateful and appreciative underneath and just want to see WWII and indeed all DCS be as great as possible. Came for the Spitfire, stayed for the Mosquito.
  10. DCS is a gem, can we not start pouring the worst concepts from modern gaming into it?
  11. Higher-fidelity modules produced at a steadier pace, definitely. If I had an itch for lower fidelity I know where to go, but detail and realism is DCS' domain.
  12. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  13. Can we have an option in the mission generator that sticks to using WWII units, pretty please? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=219688&highlight=mission+generator
  14. It sure is. Beautiful too. Pilot's notes arrived today, crimbo has come early :D
  15. Just wanted to show my appreciation for the new sounds we have, they're great :thumbup:
  16. When your gunsight goes off is there even a way to replace the bulb?
  17. That's quite useful actually :D Think I'll turn it on when I get on today, doesn't sound like noticeable failures are too common Thanks everyone!
  18. Hello everyone, I was wondering what people's experience of the random failures was in the Spitfire. It's basically all I fly at the minute and was thinking of turning the setting on, but was worried in case failures happened too often or were gamebreaking or anything. I haven't tried flying with it on yet, maybe that's what I should do but I'm still a bit of a novice and wouldn't be able to tell between something that's randomly broke or something I've broke :doh: Does anyone fly with them on and do the failures feel fairly balanced? Thanks!
  19. Cool, is there a planned quarter for release yet? (if I havent just missed it)
  20. Have you messaged someone about this? Might get it seen sooner, think some forum sections are scarcely monitored
  21. Think that's definitely overcooling, your coolant wants to be 60-105 degrees usually, the radiator flaps open automatically if auto is left on at 115 Did you notice if you'd been hit? The radiators are quite prone to damage, but the engine can still freeze to death without holes in your plane EDIT: Scratch that, I'm an idiot, that'd cause overheating^ This is good advice ^
  22. I know that's how I used to get my monster exhaust flames :D At least when I figured out the tank booster was a switch on the left and not the fuel pressure cock :doh:
  23. Can I just reanimate the horse for just another little beating? A real Spit could start the DCS way, many thanks for getting through to the team and a real Spit pilot and confirming that for us. The issue wasn't explicitly that the DCS way maybe shouldn't work (and now we know it does), but that the pilot's notes way maybe should work. Would a RR Merlin 66 with a Bendix-Stromberg carburretor in a Spitfire LF IX refuse to start up if the idle cut-off was in RUN before priming, ignition and start? I'm very interested why, or why not. Alright you can consider that horse black and blue :lol:
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