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  1. I think the Soviet navy used A-20s as torpedo bombers too if I'm not mistaken.


    The 60lb warheads were used against soft ground targets. For anti-shipping coastal command preferred the 25lb solid warheads - basically big fast darts that hole a ship from side to side. It was found that their trajectory underwater was better than the 60lbs so it was better for hitting below the waterline. The solid head rockets also did a surprising amount of damage to the internal of the ship. From my understanding it was from the rocket motor that broke off after the penetration and “bounced” inside the hull smashing stuff and maybe also starting fires, while the warhead continued on its trajectory to hole the other side of the ship.


    Very interesting, didn't know that so thank you. I do hope we get a good selection of 3 inch rockets to play with :joystick:

  2. I have a cunning plan for a new pay model!-


    -ED, make a go-fund-me so rich people can throw money at you with no expectation of anything in return

    -You now have more money, and the users who want to give you insane volumes of money can do that without trying to suggest ways for the rest of us to give you insane volumes of money


    2 birds with 14 lbs!

  3. I'm sure a subscription model works in certain conditions. One of the cirumstances where it doesn't work is when you give loyal customers the middle finger, probably give consumer law the middle finger, and put the things they've already bought behind a new paywall.

  4. I haven't got trains working properly in Normandy in the ME either.

    Do you have civ traffic turned on in your settings?


    If you turn them on, either in your settings on in the settings for the mission, trains drive around the tracks but it's less than ideal because I don't think a kill counts for anything and sometimes they drive through each other.


    Idk if this is still the case, but if you haven't set the year to 1944 I think modern trains used to drive around instead of steam trains.


    Hope this can help you out til someone who's more of an expert with the ME can!

  5. Not to mention that it's very sucky to give people something free for years, paid for by optional not-inexpensive downloadable content, and then put a paywall behind the downloaded content they already paid for.

  6. Where is the downside to this proposal?


    In this hypothetical scenario, is it essentially charging users to play open beta?- and making stable updates as infrequent as every year or two?

  7. I think the future for autonomy in air forces at least in the near future is in non-combat roles. Tankers, AEW, EW warfare and deception etc.


    There's not much point making stealthy jets like Raptors or F-35s if they're gonna light the sky with radar anyway, so I can see autonomous drones flying with stealth aircraft to be their eyes.

  8. The option to leave reviews of DCS modules on ED's own store, currently only possible through Steam's store. You have to have an account to buy from the e-shop, so it would be possible to prevent people from reviewing modules they don't own. It would make it easier for people to see how good a module is before they buy it, without having to scroll through the forums.

  9. I got the Tornado Hayne's Manual cheap from a garden centre, I'm not saying it's comprehensive by any means but it's a good place to start and I like the pictures in it.


    Tornado Down is still a good book, though very little of it is actually about the Tornado itself. It's still worth a read but maybe not if your interest is only the airframe.


    Edit: more of a life hack than a book suggestion, but if you want books on a subject, go to its wikipedia page, used Ctrl+ F to open the find option, and search the page for ISBN and that'll point out all the books that wikipedia page sources

  10. I do agree that AI might not be quite there yet, but I can imagine that progress is exponential and that AI technology will advance faster and faster.


    A human pilot cannot be hacked or jammed, but their aircraft's systems can be. At that point a manned aircraft with no sensors, weapons, navigation etc is just as useless as a hacked or jammed AI drone would be maybe? If drones and manned aircraft face the same risk from electronic warfare, is the solution to make manned aircraft with as little technology as possible, or to use AI drones instead as they're crewless and more disposable than a manned jet?


    I can see drones in the future being propelled electrically and using electronic weapons too whether that be for EW or energy weapons. If the only thing a drone needs is energy- no fuel or missiles or shells- then theoretically you could have 'tanker' drones that are basically flying solar panels go about 'rearming' and 'refueling' other drones to the point where drones can fly almost indefinitely. Interceptions would be faster, and you could have rings of drones flying around your country or around a warzone acting as AEW.

  11. The machine's just a middle man. Instead of a human taking a life, you've got an AI taking a life because a human made it. Even if an AI was 'free thinking' and can make its own decisions, its only making its own decisions because somewhere down the line, a human made it. I don't think it's that different, what about anyone else?


    Another point is in cases of human error, teaching other humans to not make that same mistake can be hit or miss. If an AI makes an error, potentially a patch to the rest of the AI could prevent that error from ever happening again. That is unless the error is the AI disconnecting itself from whatever network handles them and removing the bit of human control over them.

  12. There are a few advantages to kicking the pilot out of fighter jets. They can be smaller and lighter, increasing range and stealth. They can fly to their structural G limits, no longer limited by a mere human being's ability to keep blood in their head. No human error, although AI could certainly have errors, and so could the human designers and engineers and mechanics anyway. Gonna replace them with robots in a few years as well?


    Edit: if the AI is human designed and has errors, isn't that still technically human error..?

  13. "We will try to keep a schedule of 2-week iterations once the DCS World 2.5.6 Stable is released.


    I have started posting development milestones on Reddit in the Hoggit community which you can read here. These will also be posted to our official forums.


    I will continue to inform you about the progress of each project on our official ED forum.

    Kate Perederko

    Chief Operating Officer Eagle Dynamics"

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