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  1. Hello Viper owners, I just wanted to ask how she is. How are the systems that are modeled now? Just trying to figure out if I should pick it up now or wait a while for more stuff to come out.
  2. Cleris


    Through a personal debrief I realized that the Slew issues was me, I was on IMRV when I was trying to slew my DMT and not on TV. So I am just going to assume that the TPOD losing lock was something I was doing as well. Sorry to bother everyone.
  3. Cleris


    Anyone else having some issues since this update? I was randomly losing the ability to Slew my DMT. TPOD was losing slave target to DESG Waypoint. FLIR WHOT would just light up the entire MFCD sometimes to the point where you couldn't see anything. Or am I having one of those nights were I should have just went to bed and not flown lol, that could be possible as well.
  4. It won't be on sale. Tomcat will be on sale for the first time though.
  5. Cleris

    Hurts my Soul

    Hurts my Soul It really hurts that this poor Air frame is still in the state that it is in. Bugs and issues that have been around for soo long. The Harrier is so much fun to fly and I still do fly it but after a while it just gets too frustrating to fly and I end up switching Air Frames. If some of these bugs could just get worked out I think a lot of people would be happy, instead of pushing out new incomplete content for it. I would rather get stuff fixed first then put out the new systems. Maybe this is just me and I am ranting because I am at that point again where I need to stop playin
  6. 8 way would be nice but I would settle with the ability to use my 8 way stick in general, even if only 4 way. I have the T16000 and use the one on the back of the throttle for slewing on all my aircraft TGP and Radar but I can't use it on the TPOD on the Harrier even just 4 way. May get it to move up but no other direction, even after I re-center it. Loving this Aircraft since I got it, haven't really played anything else, just a few small things sorted out would be good but I am sure they are working on it.
  7. Cleris

    TGP FLIR Mode

    Sorry I should have stated in original post that I wasn't in WH, WH worked I guess but it was pretty hard to spot targets in it but I have trouble with the WH on the A10C as well. I will try it again tonight when I get home I just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this issue also. Thank you for the response though Marsvinet.
  8. Cleris

    TGP FLIR Mode

    Hey all, Was doing some A2G in this awesome airframe to get some practice in and I was using the TGP and normally I will do my initial search with the FLIR mode as I find it easier to find targets but for some reason it wasn't working like normal. It wasn't that black with the targets popping out in green but something like a weird version of the CCD mode where it was green and the blacks were standing out a little bit, couldn't pick out targets with it. I was in the air for about 15 mins. I had to log off so I didn't get a chance to try it again to see if it was just something weird or not
  9. Hey Sandman do you guys want to join up with us? I am the only Canadian in BuDs' and we need to represent! Pretty laid back and everyone is understanding to "life" stuff. Usually other people on though to join up with.
  10. You were correct Rudel_chw, thank you both for your help with this. Was able to employ them yesterday evening when only taking out the 75s. Also good to know I can have the gun pods and or IR missiles on as well. Thank you again. Love this Airframe!
  11. Mixed load out could be it. So I would only be able to carry the RB75 and the (Sidewinders) but would not be able to mix the 75s with bombs, or the RB 04 or RB 15 then?
  12. I set up my RB75 (RB75 selected, ANF selected, waypoint marked as Target) but the scope will not turn on for me. I have tried in ANF and in NAV mode with the safety switch pressed. Currently can not use the RB75. I get no scope at all. Any ideas anyone? New to the Viggen so I could be messing something up. Also the HUD does not change to the "attack" HUD, sorry not sure how else to word it, it just stays in the NAV hud.
  13. Join us, you know you want to!!! Hey to anyone looking at the Squad and may still be unsure let me say it is a good group. I have been with them for a couple weeks now and immediately felt at home with everyone. Very friendly people and knowledgeable and willing to help. I had one of the squad members spend and hour with me last night helping me get used to AOA on the Hornet, super boring for someone to help with but very willing to. Between everyone in the group someone owns every Air frame. Very casual and no one gets up set if in the middle of a flight you need to go on AP and go deal wi
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