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  1. We have instructors in Europe and one in Australia, also we have sessions on the weekend that can accommodate everyone NEWS We now have four official servers and two private, affiliated servers offering a variety of experiences. Carrier ops training is up and running. Typically we will have a group of 3 or 4 take off from land, find the carrier, interact with marshall and get em all on the deck with-- eventually, we hope -- a minimum amount of thrashing around Multiplayer events tend to coalesce spontaneously. We typically have some kind of event Monday evenings, either carrier
  2. We had the same thing happen when running unlimited fuel.
  3. Interesting. What was the difference in total cost between the AMD and Intel systems? 2070S should be plenty with Rift S Whether you're CPU or GPU limited depends on what you're up to. You can make yourself GPU limited by running extreme amounts of anti-aliasing (PD 2+, pretty much any amount of MSAA). So, don't do that. Even so, you'll find yourself CPU limited on busy multiplayer servers. You can mitigate that to a certain extent with settings but for the most part, it just is what it is I wouldn't dig in too deep on the HOTAS and pedals just yet, I'd look at the T16K set as a s
  4. I personally found the Grim Reapers' video tutorial on mapping the F15 to be very helpful, same principles apply to every jet. Map everything in game, has to be repeated for each jet, gets easier after the first. I'd suggest learning how to fly first, then learn how to blow stuff up. Saves you from having to un-learn bad habits later. MB-339 is a free mod and that's a great trainer, among other things you can get someone to hop in the back seat with you for coaching. A4 is another free mod with more stuff, and ability to practice carrier ops, see how you like that. The C-101 is
  5. Step 1, go easy on that CPU. Civ traffic, grass, smoke all off. "Shadows" off, "terrain object shadows" flat at the most. Vis range medium. Step 2, try to make it look decent. Pretty important to get textures to "high" if you can. You can probably get away with at least some anisotropic filtering, but you can set that low or off for now if you want. Cockpit display resolution 1024. Step 3. Having done that, see what you can do with anti-aliasing. Note, anti-aliasing is pretty much all on the GPU, and you need some help there. Turn off MSAA, and don't run the oculus tray tool,
  6. ^Good suggestion, easier said than done. We've kicked around the idea of doing cadet interviews, but hate to put up barriers (real or perceived) for people new to DCS, or new to multiplayer. In the meanwhile, can't hurt to strike up a conversation. Couple of comments on "conversation." Please keep in mind we maintain a positive atmosphere. For example, as you read through the forum, isn't it more pleasant to read posts by people who are enthusiastic, thankful for what we have here with DCS, and eager to share knowledge? We feel the same way. With that in mind, BlacleyCole, I'm reall
  7. We have a dedicated chopper instructor, who gets rave reviews. Swing by the discord and check it out
  8. We have people all over the world, including Oz. Keep an eye on the discord for announcements. You have to really try to time out of the program, like you have to completely disappear for a long time. Which people do. Our thing is, instructor time, and more specifically instructor energy is a precious commodity as you can well imagine. We have to manage that talent carefully. I will say, the management leads from the front, you won't see any of the instructors dropping off the face of the earth; we expect the same from the cadets
  9. Both. Yak-52 is already in the server, curriculum is in progress AIC is an ongoing process (that curriculum preceded the academy) and in the future we are hoping to have red flag style exercises so there will be plenty to do, plus I imagine from an academic viewpoint it should be really interesting to see how a realistic implementation of Eastern Bloc doctrine plays out. Too bad we don't have more full fidelity Eastern Bloc modules, but it'll be really cool to see the JF17 in action
  10. Guys at the Academy really dig MFG crosswinds, although for the love a Pete $300? As a predominantly F16 driver (currently) my feet are on the floor the whole time, and even when I'm buzzing around in the C101 -- which is really hard to fly without pedals -- my TFRP's are enough. Guess it depends on what you're driving, and how perzackety you are. Chopper pilots tend to want really nice pedals. I imagine if I were predominantly flying an F14 I might spring for the MFG's. But for most DCS jets, I would submit that something cheap like CH (which I used to have) and TFRP (which I'm using
  11. Maybe back off on supersampling (or PD, whichever one you're using, same thing) and see if that helps. Supersampling makes edges squirmy. According to one thesis (which I can't find right now) MSAA might help with text legibility. Can you run MSAAx4? Does it help? Be advised, the way DCS handles rendering, MSAA really flogs your GPU (well, I don't know that it's any worse than supersampling, but it's not any better, and less granular. Net result is, in DCS, MSAA takes a lot of oomph)
  12. OP, note Rudel's system specs. In general, the more pixels you're driving, the more GPU you need. You're driving a fair number of pixels with Oculus products. Because of the pixellated "screen door effect" you get with the pre-S Rifts, you're gonna want to push your supersampling ("pixel density") to fairly high levels, so the low physical pixel count doesn't help you much. You'll be driving plenty of virtual pixels. But that's not even the main problem. In VR, you have to render each image twice. That computation puts a real strain on the CPU and RAM so you need some real horsepo
  13. One question that comes up early and often: how do I do two things (or four, or twenty) at once? Your first lesson on landing will probably sound something like this: "What's pattern altitude check your speed make the call turn turn TURN make the call what's your altitude dirty up slow down don't break the flaps you're plummeting speed you're drifting to the inside when do you turn base altitude altitude you're plummeting see that road over there follow that no that one turn turn make the call TURN altitude EASY let go of the rudder come left EASY are you high or low no you're low power POW
  14. Bitmaster -- do you think Vulcan (if/when we get there) will favor amd gpus?
  15. I see Radeon VII is already coming down. Still think that card might have a little sumpin extra for DCS, it just needs to get a liiiiiiiitle lower
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