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  1. Thank you very much for your work, just finished adapting your mission for our scuadron needs, and i am impressed by the ammount of work and changes you made from previous missions. Congratulations. Regards.
  2. Gracias por la campaña, ha estado divertida. Un saludo.
  3. Hello Ataribaby, i am impressed by the coding work you have made here. I translated some of the texts in the mission to spanish form my squadron, and looking forward to that video about implementing this kind of engine to other missions even if i kinda have figured it out how it works already. Anyway, my complimentes on a great work. :thumbup:
  4. Just wait until hind EA releases... But hey... It surely doesn't slow down the progress this time... Completely different team! Haha Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Really nice mission, looking forward to those tweaks on the enemy cap, but still enjoying it a lot in it's current state. Thank you! Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Maybe the easiest solution for the time being might me swap the jtac codes on the mission editor? Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Excuse me... but i think you should think first about "making sure Gazelle flight model is right this time", and then, come to try and sell us your new product, as for me, i will just wait for the FIX of the gazelle flight model before opening my wallet (again). Thank you.
  8. Use bands in your logitech profile. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  9. Oh yes, i know i did it in an unexpected way, creator told me heheh, i will replay it entirely when i have some time. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  10. Worlds apart review. (i must warn you there may be spoilers here, so...) Mission 1 I enjoyed it, and i like the little details everywhere to be seen, i liked my copilot tuning the radios for me, hehehe. Overall nice intro mission, introduction to formation flying and landing on boat and a little trickier on the bridge. I liked it. Looking forward to the next mission! Issues I had two issues, wolf1 shooted the 2 trucks on the power station and they went a little bit into the forest scared. I had to come back to the power station and shoot them. The last issue was wolf1 landing too near
  11. Understood, thank you. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  12. Hi CHPL, both videos start at the beginning of the mission, i just linked to an specific point, but u can go back in time to the beginning. Regards. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  13. I am on my third try, am i supposed to land and that blue smoke on the hill? seems a bit too slope! Oh, btw, on my next try, the mission closed it self on my way to the area of operations (a bit after i was told to get low) and as you can see, i was low (maybe too much?) dunno if thats a problem
  14. Took me some days trying, but finally managed to beat mission 6, what a beast of a mission! Amazing. Be prepared for a challenge!
  15. I play in vr, and it's a fail in dcs, not many rain drops show on windshield, only at small speed or stopped, its a pity. Hah, fun that i managed to do the job of the infantry, i was surprised that the mission was so short! Hehehe Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
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