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  1. HI I have paid and Paypal is asking me if I what to continue to post the account. Question do I stand strong or what? #172 Hammer97
  2. Thanks for the info. it makes me happy my number is up.
  3. I am sure it somewhere in the 1000+ posts but as anyone used control point with a valve index? If so what do you think,
  4. Yes Sysmokey, I am running 90hz. With the above performance. Not sure what you mean by the XMP enabled thing? XMP OC on the processor?
  5. I have an Odyssey non +. I also just dropped the cheezy for a RTX 2080 ti and still only am getting around 35 FPS avg. 4.8 Hz K7700, 32 gigs of ram SSD. So I am a little miffed with DCS and VR right now.
  6. Great video, I am looking forward to this.
  7. Great work on this profile guys (post 50). Nice work. Also I found out that if you say (comma) between each group of 2 numbers you will get a pause. Something like this N (,) 42 (,) 15 (,) 20, the read back will be something like this N...42...15...20. I am not even using the scratchpad now just the dictiction readback. Great stuff. Thanks again.
  8. I am missing something on the install. Can Someone tell me how to correctly install this mod please.
  9. FireCat please add me to the buy list. Thanks
  10. Good info guys, I have both TDC Depress and Sensor Control Depress mapped but do not understand what they do when the SA page is SOI? Any help would be great.
  11. I see the same things Guys... TH warthog TDC slew. worked on Curve, dead zones and so on but no Joy.
  12. This looks like a great way to VR. I hope all is good with production?
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