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  1. Little off topic, but have you enabled guard reception on the radio you wish to use in the hornet via the UFC? Otherwise it won't work I can confirm however that it doesn't seem to work in the Tomcat
  2. Either a desert storm era F-111F or a late F-111C. They are the ones I'm rooting for the most.
  3. It appears that fixed the issue, I can now join and hop in the cockpit without incident. Thank you about that.
  4. Hi Flappie, There you go, I hope that's the file you want, the log folder is full of that kind of file. I had to compress it, the forum won't let me post an OLD file dcs.log.rar
  5. Whenever I try to start a mission on Syria my game crashes directly to the desktop 90% of the time, without any error page, and my RAM saturates making any other program running alongside crash too. Same issue when I have nothing else running alongside. I have no trouble playing the game on any other maps, loadings go smoothly, as well as in-game. Worth saying that it's not random either. For instance, I can run some of the F-14 quickstart missions without any issue, loading goes fast (although RAM usage is very high), as well as joining the Cold War server anytime it runs on Syria. But serv
  6. Are the INS drift and errors implemented in the Hornet when in NAV mode?
  7. That’s valid, but doubtful. In the six months flying the jet since this behavior was introduced it always acted the same.
  8. I'm opposing his explanation to my in-game observations, and trying to say that it just doesn't match the way it acts in-game. In DCS the plane will go from controlled flight to massive yaw oscillations passing 33° angle of attack with absolutely no delay, warning or preemptive sign. It's either not there, or fully there. This is factual and shown twice in the above posts. And the thing is that it does not match m4ti140 explanation (no offense to him, I appreciate that people take time to explain stuff). Wing rock does not appear before the loss of lift, but at the same time and brutally. Th
  9. "And yes, delta wing doesn't stall in the same sense conventional wing does." Never said otherwise. "What you get in that video is correct, the vertical stabiliser ends up in the aerodynamic shadow of the wing, and the aircraft starts rapidly yawing to whichever side it had more sideslip on, until the tail encounters free flow again, which throws the aircraft to opposite side, rinse and repeat. Look at your sideslip indicator when the wing rock happens." Well, you see, that's the thing. It's not RAPID, it's INSTANT. That shadowing you're talking about is progressive, with the problem ampl
  10. No offense taken, and you're right. But the thing is I don't know how to prove it appart from showing it in video, as I did above^^ Regarding that whole wing rock thing, I'm not trying to correct something and explain how it should act, but rather point something that looks very suspicious and why.
  11. I'm not gonna try to be annoying and stuff but you tell me where I made such a comparison... And I'm fairly certain the Mig21 did experience buffeting. Maybe not at lower speeds as you say, but that's only a portion of the flight enveloppe.
  12. You guys surely know better than me what should happen. But the thing is I'm not trying to say how the plane should react, but why I believe it doesn't react realistically. The plane goes from perfectly controlled flight to wing rocking in nothing, no amount of time. There is no transition between the two phases of flight, and it's not a way to say that it is too violent, there is literally no phase between the two regimes. It's just like driving your car and stoping without the braking phase, 80-0 without deccelaration. Even disregarding any buffeting, or anything that could potentially warn
  13. And again, as I stated before, I am not saying that the plane doesn't suffer from any kind of roll/yaw stability issue. In fact my post isn't even about stability issues. I am just talking about the violent yaw imput in itself. Again, posting that here . It's totally unreal, just looks like a bomb exploded on one side of the vertical stabilizer. I get and I agree that there should be a phenomenon that makes the plane be unstable on both axis, but definitly not on the way it departs. No buffeting, no slip, nohing. Just looks like a sript that makes the plane go apeshit as soon as the needle
  14. I was expecting this kind of answer... But no, none of these two points are realistic, and it is a bug. It's not about the way the plane stalls, it's that it simply doesn't stall. The manual states that after 33° AoA, the plane reaches it's critical AoA and won't go further. This limit does not exist in game today. And about the wing rock, I'm not talking about stability. Just watch it by yourself: It just looks like the plane reaches an area where the FM is not even "coded" anymore
  15. So it's been since april 2020 that the flight dynamics at high angles have been broken in two ways: 1: The critical AoA seems to be gone, you can just pull on the stick as far as you wish the plane will keep flying. This issue appeared to have been fixed at some point during summer but is now bugged again 2: After pulling the stick too far back, the plane will violently rock on the yaw axis in a totally unrealistic manner. This has never been fixed since april. So... can we hope to see a fix for a bug that, according to me at least, must be a top priority or is the Fishbed doomed to stay
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