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  1. Hi Lenux, as you can see in this video, there are different ways to place the b-explorer on a desktop mount. Some of them DIY, but there are also some ready-to-fly solutions on the webshop (HOTAS mount or Pivot joint). Video: In the picture you attached I find just a possible collision between your throttle and the b-explorer, because you are fixing the base of the throttle in a relative high position. Take a look at the pictures on the video I have attached, and write me (info [at] black-hog.com) or call me (https://www.black-hog.com/contact/) if you have any further quest
  2. Hi guys, here is Ruben from BlackHog. I´m sorry if it gave the impression that we are silent, extremely busy for sure, that I can tell you. :) Here is the June update: https://www.black-hog.com/2019/06/15/project-update-june-2019/ And some information we shared in social media: https://www.facebook.com/blackhogcontrollers/ We are preparing a new update for next week. While trying to focus in production most of our time, we should remember to keep updating you guys more often. We know it is hard to wait for such a long time, that´s why we are even more grateful than ever to every
  3. Nice! :thumbup: I have already seen your order. Thank you very much for your support Supmua!
  4. Right! But anyway, feel free to contact me if you have any question. I will publish a new project report in a few days. Regards!
  5. Wow, thank you sobe for your support! Thank you very much! Hi Ratcatcher, that was very constructive, I thank you again! I know the current design could be more optimized for VR, but it is just the beginning, I had to satisfy the needs of different simulators. I have many ideas for the future, included a VR version, why not? Nice! Thank you FoxDelta for your support and your trust. :thumbup: I know, the controller could be optimized for DCS, but my development resources were really limited this time. I want to continue with a modular system, so you will be able
  6. Hi Ratcatcher, thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate that. I have unfortunately not yet the resources for such mechanical development. Let the project grow, if it has success, could be an option in the future to develop an extra module. I'm glad you like it. Thank you for your support Ratcatcher. Regards! Jinx
  7. Hi sobe, just with the pre-orders. You can find a detailed table in the product's page: https://www.black-hog.com/product/b-explorer/ In the HOTAS mount version are already the Super early bird and Early bird bonus sold out. There is just the pre-order bonus available, they include all the set of stickers. Regards, Jinx.
  8. Hi sobe, you can find here some aprox. dimensions, directly on the landing page: https://www.black-hog.com/ Please, contact me if you need more details.
  9. Hi TheBamse, here you can see a Monstertech mount ( ). It is actually also compatible with the Virpil desk mounts, I will post some pictures soon. Not really, it was intended to be versatile. I know that is not the best option, but with my limited resources, I had to develop a device that satisfied the basic needs for space sims, wwii sims and modern flight sims. If you thought that because the current labels, don't worry, I will high probably do a neutral version to customize it with the included stickers (including stickers for all possible uses: space sims, wwii
  10. Hi guys, b-explorer is finally available to pre-order! https://www.black-hog.com/shop/ There is two options, one for throttles and joysticks, and other for desk mounts (Monstertech and Virpil). Regards, Jinx.
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