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  1. Original post below: I found that once the mod's have approved the post, the line spacing is there after all. Just not whilst pending. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi all Just started uploading skins. I found that when I entered text in the description field that I couldn't have my sentences separated by a line break when I viewed my post. I added <br> but that just showed up as, well, <br>. Could anybody please let me know how
  2. =52d=Skip, thanks a bunch! I followed your link and have it sorted now. Just completed another skin - will upload just as soon as I'm sure there are no bugs...
  3. Sadly, Urbi it didn't work. I've attached a pic of the pilot's noggin despite the new "false" statement and also attached the updated .lua. I think there has to be a mention of the Pilot_AV8B_gear.dds elsewhere in the .lua but it's kinda beyond me. If you'd kindly have another look, I'd be very grateful. Thanks again, mate description.lua
  4. Thank you very much, Urbi. I'll set to "false" when I get home and update the post confirming the result.
  5. Hi guys Just finished my first ever start-to-finish Harrier livery. (Yay!) I'm struggling with getting the helmet logo to show up though - don't know the line to add in the description.lua. I've attached the lua - the .dds was too big to attach but is called Pilot_AV8B_gear Once that's done, I can upload this bugger. Thanks very much description.lua
  6. Thanks for the fast replies, guys! I now understand how moving triggers work. Toutenglisse - your Inside Zone and Outside Zone makes perfect sense and is so easy to implement! I went with Rudel's solution though - I like that the player can park anywhere. Works perfectly now :)
  7. I've tried with "Moving Trigger Zones" but it didn't work... I'm looking for a way to cause a "mission end event" when the player has landed back at the moving aircraft carrier, taxied to Elevator 2, and stopped. So they take off, fulfill the mission objectives, fly back, land, park, and a few moments later, after a congratulatory message and music, the mission ends. If I can get this to work then maybe I can set up a zone that trails the carrier at 1 mile to trigger a "Call The Ball" message too... Thanks guys
  8. SOLVED (Thanks, Sierra99) So I'm populating the supercarrier deck with a lot of AI FA-18C's to keep the PC load manageable. But there are only 3 skins for these. And of course, I'd like MY squadron's home-made skin on them. Does anybody know if there's a template or has anybody on this forum perhaps made one they could upload? A photoshop file maybe? The AI livery layers are totally different from the module's and naturally I've tried them - you can assign a custom skin but it doesn't "clothe" the aircraft. Thanks very much and all the best
  9. OK, DERacing. Here you go. It includes the F-14 that I asked about on this post. They include the A-10A, Harrier, FA-18 and F-14B. Maybe let me know what you think. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L-_vyJdxq59HfvYBF5UJL1huvZH7FQ2e/view?usp=sharing Edit: this link previously needed my permission for you guys to download - should be ok to click on and get now. If not, pls let me know.
  10. SOLVED Previous post: "I've made a few VR Hangars with the aircraft I fly. I like them with the canopy open and no pilots in the plane. Normally, I can fiddle around in ModelViewer to get the right settings. I can't find a "no pilot" setting though. Well, I can get rid of the pilot with 115, 1 but the RIO still sits there waiting for his friend to arrive. I can't find a setting for no RIO. Does anybody know what numbers to enter? Thanks very much" SOLUTION scene.m:setArgument(472, 0.606); -- no RIO
  11. Guys, you're absolutely right. Now it works perfectly. I've set up a flight of AI aircraft for each coalition for the player to fight against. Thanks very much!
  12. Thanks for the fast replies, guys! I tried the client skill level for both and for one pilot. You're right, you do get the choice. However, when the mission starts, if you F2 through, you'lll see that there's no opponent plane. I've attached a link to a very simple mission I put together using Caucasus and the free aircraft so you can see that I've done that. Please have a look and see if there's something else I need to do. https://www.dropbox.com/s/45xamlvs0yghqk7/Coalition%20choice.miz?dl=0
  13. I downloaded the excellent Test_Normandy_Template mission : https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=162976&d=1495923217 and really liked how the player got to choose which team they wanted to be on. I couldn't work out how he did it though. I opened the mission in ME and I'm sure I looked at every single section of it - I must have missed something - could somebody please let me know what it was? This would be a great way for a player to see, from one created mission, what it's like to fly fighters from each side without having to quit out and select a new mission.
  14. Awesome, graspee! I have rudder pedals too and found that when I unchecked the "auto rudder" box I could use the rudder to make lateral corrections too. I also tweaked the rudder axis so that it's now far less sensitive and has a larger dead zone. The plane's now much nicer to fly - I actually enjoy it! Thanks again, mate.
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