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  1. I think is was more of a design thing for the patch to show it doing ECM. There was never anything designed or built for wingtip ECM pods for the F-16CJ.
  2. I'm not sure, I do run my game with max settings though. Maybe resolution of HB_F14_LOD1_3in1.dds file? I don't change the resolution on my repaints just reduce the canvas size when I insert into HB_F14_LOD1_3in1 file.
  3. I had the decal sheet scanned from a previous build. Hope this helps! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-dObG0Tb68OyEv8n4PG5GYR6UtlZr620/view?usp=sharing
  4. I can confirm that it is named: HB_F14_EXT_DROPTANK.dds I'm also saving it as dds with BC7. So here is what is really strange. In game No drop tank liveries show for any aircraft of the aircraft that have them. I checked the description.lua and the entries are there. I think I have a much larger issue.
  5. Need some help... My drop tanks will not show after saving and looking into a bit further none of my drop tanks show for any aircraft. I checked the description.lua and the original line reads: {"HB_F14_EXT_DROPTANKS", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_DROPTANK",false}; I noticed that it says DROPTANKS with an S at the end but the file is DROPTANK. So I changed and saved and still nothing.
  6. Doing some night flying and HSI is unreadable, adjusted lighting to different levels and no change. Also see some red pixels around ALT REL button noticeable.
  7. F-16 Issues After 6/3 Update 1.HUD is very light on the brightness even when turned all the way up as well as HMCS. 2. Steer point does not show on HUD when selected. 3. TGP: BHOT and TV modes are too bright and unusable. 4. CCRP bomb fall line does not line up in HUD and no drop cue or timer. P.S. Please add key bind for ejection safety lever.
  8. Good Morning ED! I would first like to say fine job on the Supercarrier! I have a few observations from my years working as a yellow shirt (director) on the deck. The Shooter: Typically when the shooter is on deck the launch bubbles are down for the cats. When the shooters are not on deck they reside in the bubbles during bad weather and if they don't need to freeze their parts off :D. In that case the yellow shirt will give full power signal and pass off to the bubble with a thumbs up and hold it until the aircraft is launched. There are also certain hatches open on the de
  9. No, your not the only one. I too live dangerously by starting cold and dark every time. :D
  10. The short answer is no. You should be dropping LGB in CCRP mode.
  11. Just a few things I noticed.... Enemy contacts on SA page show very faint red when MFD is set to night. Cross hairs on FLIR page do not dim when MFD set to night. On HSI page heading tick is not dimmed but other items on MFD are. ON EW page when multiple contact overlap the text is bright and not dim. When aircraft was beyond 190nm from CVN I switched from TGT way point to TCN and range and bearing to CVN went crazy jumping all over the place. I could cycle TCN and it would go normal for a few seconds then go crazy again. Once I was on the correct bearing the range would not d
  12. Disregard, lack of oxygen aka turn the oxygen on when flying!
  13. I'm more focusing on the RIO aspect of things at the moment. I noticed when switching back from RIO to the pilot seat the vision in the front was blurry (gauges and HUD). I go back to the RIO and it is fine.
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