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  1. Does he disclose that in his vids now? He was always a big Pimax user though.
  2. Yeah no way for that price - not while the Reverb is almost 1/10th of the price. I mean I love top level tech as much as the next gamer but that price is way too extreme.
  3. I would rather fly it in as early a stage as possible, even if it was just a flying skin, and fly it in VR right now than just seeing it as screenshots in dev updates over the next few months.
  4. So the default noise we hear is already with helmet simulated? I didn't think so cos I've seen alot of GoPro YouTube of in cockpit footage and while it does sound like in game that's the GoPro mic picking up sound without a helmet. I would have figured with helmet it would be even more reduced and muffled.
  5. Also make sure that your Reverb is running at 90hz in settings - which is where you can set your IPD if you know it.
  6. With those specs I'd definitely do SSD and more ram first
  7. Depends on your budget, but if you're gonna VR get a gen 2 headset at the very least, Rift S, Reverb, Index, Cosmos with the Reverb offering the best resolution and clarity. With all of them you should be able to read HUD, instruments and still see a fair distance. Of course it's not gonna beat 4K - it's more like 1080p up close and 730p for distance stuff. But man, nothing beats the immersion factor and wait until you sit in the cockpit of the F-16 with that canopy.
  8. For the price point, in comparison to other VR headsets it's definitely the best for simmers. You won't get this clarity for the price with only the Pimax 8K being better... but Google the price for that. All other mainstream headsets are more expensive, with the exception of the Rift S, for lower resolution. Regarding dead pixels, definitely RMA it.
  9. It rocks. Just google youtube reviews about the Reverb. For sit down simmers it can't be beat but is meh as a room scale VR experience, which is my experience too, mainly due to the mediocre controllers. In fact that site you linked also has a Cosmos review - https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-vive-cosmos-review/ and it seems that the Cosmos' sweet spot is probably smaller than the Reverb, with mura/aberrations/all problems inherent with VR headsets still present (and yes, they're present in the Reverb too). But what that review does admit about the Reverb is clarity - There’s no doubt that Re
  10. Sorry bud, the Reverb holds that crown - and is $300AUD cheaper.
  11. Me too. The stick is right size, F-16 MFD is the right size at 4 inches, my shoulders feel like they're gonna touch the side bars, everything looks like it should from what I've seen on youtube.
  12. I just have force ipd in DCS unchecked and everything scales correctly for me. The stick is the same size as my warthog.
  13. I run mine with a 2070 super. You'll be fine with that. Off the top of my head terrain was set to low, textures high, shadows low, ground shadows flat, trees 75%, preload 10k, 1024 cockpit, visibility high, steamvr ss 188%, pd 1.0. I really should play around with reducing steamvr ss but I'm happy with these settings.
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