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  1. From what I´ve gathered on different sources including the Mig15bis manual, the airbrake would automatically deploy in the later versions of the mig 15bis (post summer 1952) only below 5000m of altitude. This was where the high speed uncommanded roll was notably dangerous. At high altitude, the mig 15 pilots overcame the issues at high mach numbers using aileron reversal with rudder imputs as curly pointed out, in the same direction of the roll. This is modeled in DCS very well. when you get to mach 0.95 mig starts vibrate heavily just as indicated in the manual and different sources. I was asking myself this question not along ago, how the hell did mig pilots score kills on sabres if the sabres were above mach 0.9? As for the spins I´m not so sure either. All of the sources I´ve read on the spins are from western ones mostly regarding the test pilots comments following the mig 15bis defection. I too have the feeling that it is too easy get out of one. On one hand it´s a sim and modeling has limitations. On the other... a lot of simmers spend a lot more hours perfecting out skills than the actual pilots had in real life. After not flying for a couple months came back in the mig and got myself into a nasty spin and wouldn´t have pulled out if i had been at 1000m. So to me it´s probably a combination of the two and I don´t thinkg the mig was that much more dangerous in spins than other aircraft. Kong.
  2. Yep I agree. The other ww2 sim has this implemented and the G model is fantastic, but there is a debate atm whether the stamina bar is too low. I´m fine with introducing it as long as it simulates an above average fit pilot, because let´s face it, we fat sim f*ks like to think of ourselves as sh*t hot ace pilots.
  3. Pilot: Viektong Aircraft: Mig 21bis (reserve)
  4. More Maps. Korea, Vietnam and Sinai peninsula to name a few.
  5. Guys the combat environment in the other sim and this one vs real life is very different. The p47 during the war in 1943 was up against the 109 g-6 w/o MW-50 and it fought it at high altitudes in large numbers. There was a hard deck that the p-47 wasn´t allowed to go below ( even though they did at times). In the sim, p-47 on most MP servers are fighting against 109 g-14s, D-9s and K-4s and at lower altitudes because ppl aint got time to climb 30 min to 30 000 feet. Gee, no wonder it´s a turd. The p47 wasnt a beast ppl make it out to be. It was very good in the flight areas it excelled at and in 1943-mid 44.
  6. Vietkong _Mig 21 DerHammer_Mig 21
  7. I guess... "for sure it will be released in 2021"
  8. Thank you! I knew i wasn´t expressing it right.
  9. Magnitude 3, cough, cough
  10. IF you need more material, such as, manuals, Topolo's(from BMS) computed EM charts, I can PM them to you for use. Just let me know.
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