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  1. What are some of the issues that need attention? I don't like how it starts instantly. Hit the start button and the engine is instantly running. Thing starts easier than a Honda generator. I enjoy flying the yak around, it's a very fun plane...so overall I'm happy with it.
  2. Yup...I just did it again....265-270mph indicated on the gauge. MP of 55", prop full forward, engine really hot but didn't blow, oil and coolant doors on auto. The mission starts a bit over 30k so it is a bit downhill and maybe that's why I'm getting that speed, but it's maintaining that speed long after leveling out. I leave the bombers and my wing way behind. I am jettisoning the wing tanks also. Maybe I just have a really good engine in my copy of DCS? :) I'd like to be able to play that mission longer, my FPS goes to single digits once the Germans engage the bombers.
  3. You're not at full throttle, in your pics that's maybe 60-70%. When you're at full throttle the altimeter will be blocked by the throttle control. I just ran the mission again. At 30,000ft (what you're at in your pic) with full throttle and prop full forward (30 on rpm gauge) I get 270mph indicated and 55" MP.
  4. I've just started using the 190 in multiplayer on burning skies. Lots of fun. But I have a really hard time keeping track of targets during dog fights. I don't have track or VR, just using the hat switch on my cheapo logitech extreme 3d pro. My dogfights usually go something like - see the enemy, head on pass, lose sight of them, never see them again. I just maneuver blindly trying to find them and maybe get lucky or usually get shot down. With the 190 I've started to simply run away if I lose sight, which works but kinda chicken huh. Most of the few kills I have were ones where the
  5. Yup, booster coil. Pretty cool stuff. Engine will run with mags off, as long as the starter switch is held. The engine timing from the booster coil is retarded so you'll have low power....and probably kill the starter pretty quickly if you tried it on a real engine. The booster coil supplies spark during cranking to get the engine started. The RPM of the engine during cranking is too low for the mags to generate a spark so the booster coil provides the initial spark needed for ignition. The booster coil is powered from the battery, thru the starter switch. The distributor rotor has tw
  6. Interesting stuff about the navigation. I have a question.... During startup, why does the engine sputter with the mags OFF? It won't run, of course, but it will sputter which means ignition...which shouldn't happen with no spark? Bug? Or could it be this low octane fuel you guys talk about??? (joking about the fuel)
  7. Yes, it's very nice! Those fake reflections were a real immersion killer. I'm loving the redone mustang in the beta. Plus I'm getting a big jump in FPS. From mid 50's to mid 70's and stuttering gone. Not sure why, but I'll take it. There's a thread for the spit, apparently it now has the baked on reflections??? Why oh why?
  8. Thanks for the response, good to know I'm not crazy for not noticing a difference. :thumbup: I'm thinking of jumping on the Beta wagon myself.
  9. How do I know if I have the updated version? I jumped in the mustang yesterday and I'm not seeing any difference. I was just thinking the changes were subtle, but you guys make it sound like that's not the case at all. I am new to the game so maybe I just haven't been flying the mustang long enough to notice what changed? I also have the 109 and 190 but haven't checked the 109 yet, and haven't even used the 190 since purchasing. Also, what are "Mipmaps in the cockpit for the instruments"?
  10. Please forgive my ignorance....I'm new here. What does "pushed the latest Open Beta" mean? Pushed = Installed? So by not installing the beta I'm simply running the last version, but it will auto update to the current beta soon.....and then a new beta will come up? If I decide to install the beta and have problems can I go back to the last regular version? I'm assuming having to reinstall all the modules I've bought?
  11. Thanks man....this is the first game I've had that was download only version. Last time I was buying games they came from the store in a box with printed material. :thumbup:
  12. Yes, but if I buy a microwave the manual is in the box. When I downloaded and installed DCS I saw no mention of there being a manual, where to find it, nothing. I looked in the FAQ and no mention of there being a manual there. So if you don't know to go digging around in the game files, how do you know? I asked a few players online and they told me there are no manuals or instructions of any kind....so I'm not the only one who doesn't/didn't know how to access them.
  13. Thanks....I found the hidden DOC folders and was jumping back on to reply....but you guys are quick with help....thanks! I copied and pasted copies of all 7 of my purchased planes in an easy to access folder. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any mention of there being any sort of instructions or mention of flight manuals anywhere in the game?
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