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  1. I have done some searching however I cannot find if there is likely to be any changes to the unchanging power requirements to both IGE and OGE hovering. To be clear I am talking about the power required to hover a 6600lb Huey being 29 inches of torque both in ground effect and out of ground effect. I may have missed a post that has already discussed this elsewhere.
  2. So I was having this problem on what I believe was 1.8.4. I updated to the latest version and the problem is now solved.
  3. I have an fairly old i7700k OC to 4.8GHz and a 2080ti with 32G of ram with XMP enabled and I have to say that my DCS performance is fantastic. Not flawless of course but once I am airborne and heading off to the field of conflict it is pretty smooth unless I am passing someone head to head in close quarters. I compare this to P3D V5 and MSFS and DCS is way ahead. I can and do use the others but it is a comparative slide show. As we head toward the much feted Vulkan implementation, I do wonder if it might be a case of careful what you wish for. I'd be fairly confident that the first few iterations may be less than desirable, I hope I'm wrong.
  4. I’m not likely to get an 8KX given I too am really happy with my Gen 1 Reverb but to the credit of Pimax, at least they’ve demonstrated that that sort of pixel pushing can in fact be done with fairly decent performance so I’m looking forward to the Reverb Gen 3 or 4
  5. I can see why it wouldn’t be a number one priority but being able to practice formation so that you don’t look like an idiot would be really useful and doing it in a MP server like Aerobatics Online is an exercise in incommunicative Anarchy.
  6. I'd love to see something as simple as the ability for the AI to move slowly into a turn so I could do some practice formation with them rather than trying to follow them as they snap roll to the left or right.
  7. @FETUS That sounds like a great reason to stick with the G1 and maybe wait for the G3 or 4 to go with my 7090
  8. I love the Hornet perhaps exactly for the reasons that you don’t. It’s complex and not necessarily intuitive like the Viper. It’s difficult to learn and has many traps. I understand that makes it harder but also more rewarding when you get a handle on it. Having said that, this is also the reason I’m not all that excited by the prospect of biting off a new aircraft like the tomcat. People I know who are flying it though speak very highly of it, I’m sure you’ll love it.
  9. When you say you’re getting 90fps, is that with motion smoothing off? If so do you still see ghosting on close up A-A engagements. I’m wondering what sort of improvements I might be able to get when I eventually upgrade my i7700k @4.8 and 2080ti because as things stand right now in DCS, things are pretty good even generally in MP. Other sims, completely different story but I’m starting to realise how much I sometimes take DCS VR performance, at least on my Reverb G1, for granted. I’d be interested in your thoughts.
  10. Yep, forget fly by wire, that is one of the great things about the Huey, you let go of the stick and it’s all over!
  11. Yep, I get it and I have even less idea than the next guy about when it may land or whether or not it will even be any good but it would seem to be a potential waste of money to go and spend several thousand dollars on a new rig only to find that the old one would have sufficed and you could have spent it on something that was a real improvement elsewhere such as the HP Reverb Gen 3
  12. Any further word on this. I am getting flickering in my right eye only while in various SP missions both today and yesterday. Didn't seem to happen in MP though yet, although that of course could be a coincidence.
  13. Wow, so if you got the Super Hornet for some eye candy, you couldn’t fly the legacy Hornet? That sounds like a fairly counterproductive exercise.
  14. Interesting, what was the Super Bug Fiasco, was that something to do with another platform?
  15. Is is possible for someone to do a mod that adds a back seat to the current C model or is that facility not available with the Hornet. Personally, I’d love to see the D model because 1) it would be great to take someone for a ride and speed up the learning process substantially. And 2) Because the D model looks awesome!
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