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    Members age?

    41, on my way to 42 early next year. :)
  2. Well, I hope for you cold war types ED will add something for you lot. But I just think it's not going to happen, because it's not the most popular era (like I said before, developers forums are usually not a good representation of the majority of the playerbase). Same goes for balance. I don't want to ruin your wish/hope. So, sorry. :)
  3. It won't. It's not even announced yet, hell, it's only speculation at this point. IF Nvidia releases an upgraded 3080, it won't be around for another year in my estimation.
  4. Balance isn't a consideration for ED, they have stated this a few times lately.
  5. You see the same problem in simracing. Most of the time the more passionate/die-hard people are the ones on forums, asking for old content (albeit cold war era planes or 70s 80s racecars) which they really want. But often they seem to forget that the largest playerbase usually isn't that die-hard, you won't see them (often) on forums, and most of them want modern stuff because modern is mainstream, every other sim has it too, etc. And then there's the die-hards who also like the modern content, like myself. I'd expect you shouldn't get your hopes up, if ED would want older planes in their l
  6. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?set_filter=Y&arrFilter_pf%5Bfiletype%5D=1&arrFilter_pf%5Bgameversion%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Bfilelang%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Baircraft%5D=545&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=&CREATED_BY=&sort_by_order=TIMESTAMP_X_DESC&set_filter=Filter Missions https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?set_filter=Y&arrFilter_pf%5Bfiletype%5D=3&arrFilter_pf%5Bgameversion%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Bfilelang%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Baircraft%5D=545&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=&CREATED_BY=&sort_by_order=TIM
  7. Not me. I genuinely hate social media (Facebook-Whatsapp-Instagram/Google/Amazon/TikTok/Snapchat/Discord/younameit). Whatsapp is a Facebook app. So no. Not even for a million bucks. And yes, I'm serious. Only thing I use -sometimes- is Youtube. Without an account of course, and afterwards that cookie gets trashed. Watch "The social dilemma" and ask yourself why those former CEO's and their families don't use those products.
  8. Agree. So, a niche in a niche in a niche then. ;)
  9. Well, if it's not too much trouble, I would like to hear read your insights about ED's considerations regarding VR? Every few years with the introduction of new GPUs this comes to light. Also, every few years there seems to be a minor/major graphics overhaul (2.5.0 -> 2.5.6). Because, although I'm still relatively new to DCS (a little over 2yrs and counting :) ), from what I've gathered in the interviews ED has given over the years, the legacy code and therefor engine updates (to Vulkan for instance) is their biggest gripe, and is related to performance on pancake as well as VR. Right? O
  10. I also believe the issue is optimization on ED's part. It wouldn't be really justifyable and even good businesspractice to optimize your product for such a small percentage of users only (those with the most expensive and new hardware) in an already niche market. Makes no sense. SO I'm hoping ED is seriously looking into this.
  11. NVidia stated that for the 3080 & 3090 a 750W is recommended. So you guys are ok I think.
  12. True that. I think it's because hardware iterations are more frequent than software optimizations. In any case, flightsims in general are among the most demanding (consumer)software and often require quite a beefy systemspec. It'll always be a struggle in a way. :joystick:
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