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  1. Easy way point looping of vehicles (sea, ground air). There's a complicated way to do it I've not explored. I asked and got reply. I've used ME minimally (seriously I've hardly used it at all) and I missed that functionality. Point being, seems a very useful functionality that should be easy.
  2. Niels Bohr passed out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niels_Bohr#Manhattan_Project
  3. Oil temp gauge CB pops at 1500 rpm if cabin light is on and at full rheostat. Cabin light and oil temp gauge runs through same CB? If one squints at this photo. http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/cockpits/WWII_tour/WWII-23.html the top right breaker could read: Compass LT Oil Temp Oil Dil Inst A. CKPIT T something. So four things wired to this CB (including oil temp)? Shouldn't light go out when CB pops out? Someone repeat my video at night? Also, if CB drives "compass" in some way, that could be detectable to. I did notice,
  4. Reminds me of the bury-tail-after-repair-bounce-up-insanely bug (the bounce is long fixed). It does show tail part coming off easy (too easy?). Interesting note, though just repaired, violent bounce up destroys tail wheel. So tail-plane hits ground without tail wheel dampening.
  5. DCS has such an extended use of RWin I figured it was a standard just excluded on smallish "full" keyboards.
  6. Looking for a keyboard I found one "gaming keyboard". Link to "DELTACO GAM-024" It has press-multiple-keys feature "anti-ghosting". Nice. Not really needed but nice. It also has 16 extra keys labeled "mediakeys". I absolutely cannot find any information about them. The only way they would make sense and be useful were if they are programmable macro keys. But again, I cannot find any information about them. No downloadable software I can find to reprogram. They look non-labeled and they'd only be that if they are programmable, right? Keyboard has what I look
  7. My new keyboard doesn't have an right side Win Key!!! I feel dumb. Buying a cheap "full" (number pad) keyboard I just assumed. I didn't imagine it wouldn't have a right side Win key so I didn't even look. The key in it's place is some "menu function" key. It is recognized in DCS. But it is NOT recognized as a qualifier key. As an unorthodox extra key I have no use for it. There's a fix, a reprogramming keyboard downloadable app. But I really don't want to use an app to introduce potential messes with all other programs on the keyboard. Also, the app writes the Windows
  8. https://www.historynet.com/r-2800-piston-engine-perfection.htm
  9. -0303-

    Corsair Hype!

  10. Guess that's why Wikipedia only lists "static" survivors. IIRC, one flying "Yak-9" had an Allison, performed a little better. Close enough.
  11. A hooked Spitfire tops my list (along with the F4U). If DCS does a hooked Spitfire, they could do the Griffon Seafire. We'd get a different Spitfire and the highest performing Spitfire (usable up to Korea, but not WW2?). But I'd buy any hooked Spitfire.
  12. Add Yak-9 to list of "doables". Agreed, if DCS reasonably can't show they can verify a flight model, they shouldn't do it at all. Not saying Yak-9 tops my list, but I'd get it. 1) I didn't know Yak-9 had such a wide span from 1942 until Korea (or that it was "a pillar"). 2) I'm sure I've seen multiple restored flying Yak-9. Stumbled over this on reddit today. US Marines guard a captured North Korean Yakovlev Yak-9, Korea, 1951. Introduced in 1942 the Yak-9 became one of the pillars of the Soviet Air Force and survived until the early 1950,s
  13. Oil dilute is implemented, it reduces oil pressure in P-51 and Spitfire. I do this a lot. What's important having engine off? Why not spawn engine on?
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