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  1. "You can cut rpm to 1350 29 inches and reduce gas consumption to 45 gallons an hour". More oars than prop blades. Mil power 275 gallons an hour. Engine management is more interesting in Warbirds. I expect this and the carburetor temps discussed to be modeled. Special lever to extend wheels (but not tail wheels) as dive brake? A wonderful amount of details in this film.
  2. Been trying the free play P-47. I enjoy learning it, especially the R-2800, something different from the Merlin. One can boost to 79', engine will break shortly of course. Interesting that there was no guard rail. The pilot must always take care to not exceed 52 w/o water and 64 with water. Still figuring out how to work water injection, I know I'm missing stuff, sometimes it didn't seem to work. Feels a lot heavier than Spit or P-51. Flies like a steam locomotive really. "Don't turn below 130", lol, Spit can turn at 70 or less. P-51 is a better fighter but that's not the point. S
  3. +1. Confirm. Tried P-47, Spitfire & P-51. None had snapviews as I set them. Yes, it does look like default views are forced.
  4. Indeed. Screwed on upside down when the artist took notes? If right side up, the arrow would line up perfectly with ON OFF. http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/cockpits/WWII_tour/WWII-23.html In game.
  5. +1. Confirm. Oil temp gauge CB will pop out if cockpit light is on (rheostat max), rpm 1500+. Made short (as I could) track. Clean install, fresh Saved Games ... -Spawn runway, -Parking brake -cockpit light switch on, rheostat full -rev up to 2000 rpm -watch CB pop out / reset three times Note, 1500 rpm is enough to quickly pop the CB. 1250 rpm holds (for a few minutes at least). First CB pop-out at 00:39 [1:10] p47oil_temp_gauge_pops_CB_1500rpm_with_cockpit_light on.trk dcs.logs.zip
  6. Paragraph referring Figure 7, same document (AN 01-65BC-1A) as above. Just three positions (no OFF) for "External Tanks Fuel Selector Valve". Page 11 same document.
  7. Are you saying the speed of cowl flap opening / closing depends on far the lever is pulled out or pushed in? If so, is that documented somewhere (like pilots manual)?
  8. Wondered about that too. Blue and green colors flipped on RPM gauge? Notice "cruising" and "operating" captions (from DCS manual). Wish the 1947 manual above was readable. Think it says Blue: "Desired operating range for lean mixture and / or desired cruising range" Green: "Desired operating range"
  9. It's a thing with Piper Cubs and Pawnees towing gliders. Full power going up, don't crazy cut throttle leaf flipping down. To rapid cooling develops engine cracks over time, driving up maintenance costs.
  10. I would have figured 15 sec maybe ... I let it spin for 30 minutes. Track: Spawn on runway. Autostop, flip on battery, Starter energize, starter engage. Wait for it to run out of steam, and wait and wait and wait ... Coined "Inertia starter" tag as generic. p47forever_inertia_wheel.trk dcs.logs.zip
  11. 1) Autostart does not turn on generator ("Takeoff from runway" does turn on generator, as it should). Track: Startup, rev up, flipping the generator switch on/off, observe amp meter. 2) Hydraulic pressure gauge flipping. I've seen that before but was about to dismiss it because I only saw it happen immediately after spawn. It sometimes flips insanely for 2 seconds after spawn. I thought it was an effect similar to why it can take 15 seconds to load up all graphics after spawning. The instrument driving algorithm needs a little while to load up. Well, here I accidentally
  12. So, found this. No OFF position for "External Tanks Fuel Selector Valve" (lower valve in pic, if unreadable must be Belly, Left, Right). Source "P-47D-25 through 35.pdf" (manuals from player Voyager):
  13. Look at "Turn Indicator". "Weirdness" 18 sec into video. Auto shutdown, acts the same if just killing the magnets. Installation as clean as it can be (pristine, no mods no nothing), track as short as it can be. Logs.zip p47turnindicator.trk
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