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  1. We probably wont see the A-6 AI until like Q2 of next year given how things are going at the moment.
  2. First of all, the manufaturer "statement" is nothing more than a sales brochure describing the general characteristics of the missiles, they don't go into ANY technical detail whatsoever. You keep mentioning "proportional navigation" in every sentence you write, yet you seem to have very little understanding on what it actually is. Proportional navigation is as broad of a term as "infrared" - it basically covers a mathematical method on calculating intercept courses based on distance and angular movement. You do not have any official or forml source with technical details, guidence algorithms
  3. Yet you cant sustain 9G's or have a CATIII restriction? With the complete lack of standoff or precision munitions apart from LGB's, what's the point? DCS and realistic are polar opposites.
  4. The over the shoulder shot is made possible via. sensor fusion and datalink. DASS is for the most part a defensive sensor and CM suite.
  5. It's a temporary fix, which has very little effect anyway since there is mode code behind the curtain and behind what can be accessed through the game files.
  6. Guys, everyone keeps falling for the bait, this is one huge circlejerk without any substance whatsoever. Clearly pepin and Fri are trolling all of you if you all keep falling for it. I suggest some mod to close this thread to avoid further incidents and reports. If said individuals really have something to back up their claims or show they can private message one of the ED developers.
  7. What use would it bring to have an A2G radar in a APG-68 Viper? Like, seriously?
  8. It's just gonna be a better pod, more zoom as well to spot those pesky manpads.
  9. The real big ticket items will be the SNIPER pod and JDAM's.
  10. So judging by todays newsletter we arent getting anything apart from a sound update for the Hornet? What about the beforementioned and highly requested FM and FCS changes or proper GPS/INS alignment? I really hope next month will see a ton of this stuff, otherwise I dont see it being anywhere near feature complete by the end of the year.
  11. If anything, the analogue nature and not having anything that holds your hand is the charm with the Tomcat and I'm sure the -A will be different enough in many intricate ways.
  12. Man machine interface in the real 29A is terrible. There are barely any HOTAS functions, the early IRST is close to useless in BVR, so is the radar. If you take a look at the main left panel you find the radar and sensor controls. In reality you need to adjust a ton of pre-defined paremeters to get a radar lock and track, while fiddling with switches and knobs on the main panel. The german 29G manual, which is available on the net gives you a decent idea.
  13. Dont have the straight line flight distance for those right now but the R and T should be really close kinematically, the only factors are the seeker performance and detection range.
  14. You realise those are all from an exhibition, right? No one bought them. I wonder why.
  15. Whabam! Proof they are sill using 80's missiles. :thumbup: As for the ER's kinematic, straight line capabilities - there you go. I would also love to see your claimed information from the missile's manufacturer regarding any upgrades or specific guidence methods, do you have a link, website, brochure or book you are basing this all off?
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