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  1. Hi all, I realized I also forgot the 2XMSAA. I do however have the new steam VR beta. Test 26 (Beta 1.17.7): GPU Frametime: 10.40 CPU Frame Time: 6.11
  2. @ShaunX Nice work!!! That is a very respectable cou frame time! Are you alt tabing as well once dcs starts?
  3. @ShaunX I know the feeling! I have been a 100% intel guy until this upgrade and all these new details were quite overwhelming. Overclocking was allot more simple with my 6900k. Do you have a sense for what your 5900x is boosting to on a single core? I use HWINFO64 to monitor while running cinebench R23. I imagine your 5900x is boosting as good or better then my chip stock. Here is the ram i bought just incase it help you any. It is quite expensive but so far I have been very happy with it. https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820374093?Item=N82E1682037409
  4. @ShaunX Sadly I have not tested performance with slower memory. I have read though that ram speed is really important for these CPUs. Running at 3200 would lower your Fclk to 1600 vs my 1800 which could be a big part of this esp with the 5900 having two chiplets(they communicate through the infinity fabric-fclk) while my chip only had one. Also, 2cl difference in speed at 3200 vs 3600 is much larger then it looks and is probably playing as big or bigger role then the fclk. For example, 14/3600 is 3.88ns while 16/3200 is 5ns. That is a 30% higher ram latency at the cl level. I have also read th
  5. @speed-of-heat Totally understood! From my perspective, I would say you have met your goal 100%. Thank you again! It was not until I saw your performance increase from the mods that I even considered trying them (generally try to keep my games stock).
  6. @speed-of-heat Thank you very much for the detailed reply and your test file. Finally a benchmark to use to see how things are changing but with the added benefit to have a comparison with others. I have ran this using your final recommended test 26 settings but with Clear Water IC PASS. Alt-Enter used GPU Frame Time: 9.22ms CPU Frame Time: 6.11ms No Alt-Enter used GPU Frame Time: 9.64ms CPU Frame Time: 6.32ms This is my PC spec just incase anyone is interested: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5800x - Fclk@1800mhz Mother Board:
  7. Hi there Speed of Heat, First, I would like to thank you for your amazing and thorough job testing settings and their impact on performance! I had a couple questions regarding your 2.7 update and the mods. I have adopted your mods as you suggested but was wondering if your final shadow setting in DCS is still set to low? You mention "medium" in one of your description for the mods but I did not see a change to a medium setting in any of your test descriptions. Are you using medium or low in DCS now with the 3 mods(VR Shaders Mod/Flat Shadow removal/Shadows Reduced Frame Rate Impact
  8. Thank you all for the responses. Taz, Those processes sound more like GPU tasks then CPU ones. Is it reasonable to assume these would impart further GPU limits but CPU limits would be similar? or does it really impact both about the same? Mathieas
  9. Hi all, I had a quick question. Does VR take more computing resources at a given resolution then a standard flat monitor with all other setting equal? For example lets say you had a VR headset that used a single LCD screen @4k (2k allocated for each eye) and compared that performance to a 4k flat monitor. Is it reasonable to expect the performance to match? How about if you start to lower the resolution of both displays and get into a more a CPU limited scenario? Do we see VR taking more CPU resources? Cheers, Mathieas
  10. @Florist Thank you very much for the reply. Do you happen to have a link to that post?
  11. Hi all, I currently have a Intel 6900k OCed to 4.2Ghz(2646 in passmark single core performance) with a Titan Xp (basically a 1080ti with more Vram). I have a HP Reverb G2 on order but do not have a VR headset to test performance currently. What i am trying to work out is, is it possible to setup a test that would mimic VR performance in my current setup? Is is simply make the pixel count as close as I can and go from there or does VR have additional overhead? I am also thinking of getting a 3090 to power the G2 (as at native res it will push just over the pixels pushed on a 4k display).
  12. So it makes sense to me that each eye on a VR head set needs to be treated as a separate image as each has a different perspective. What i do not understand is why a mirrored display would use more resources... isn't it the same signal just being routed to two places instead of one? If the mirrored screen was a different resolution then I could see this taking more resources for the up or down scaling... but otherwise I am hard press to see where more Vram or processing time would be needed. Full disclosure I am not an expert by any means and I am always looking to learn. Mathieas
  13. Hi there Glide, I do not mean any disrespect with this contradiction but, yes, I(and many others) can tell a difference between 30 and 60hz(FPS). I (and many others) can even see a stark difference between 60 and 120 fps. This is why 120-144hz refresh rate monitors are so valuable. Side note: If you only have a 60hz display you will never see a difference between 60 and any FPS higher then 60 (aside from some added stability in frames). Your display must refresh at the higher rate to see the difference. Out of curiosity have you ever moved a mouse on a 60hz desktop and compared it to a 1
  14. I would like to chime in here. While it is true you have 80% more pixels and thus 80% more overhead in performance needed to attain the same FPS you only get 20% more sub pixels. Each pixel on the Vive Pro/Oddessy has only 2 sub pixels instead of 3 like on the Rift- this is called a pentile display(2.3 million pixels per eye vs 1.3 million, but only 4.6million sub pixels vs 3.8million). This is like the first old OLED cell phone screens. I have used them and you can tell. Pentile displays looks much worse then RGB displays of the same resolution. This personally bothered me enough i returned
  15. Wonderful ty! Please forgive my ignorance. I know some but not a lot about this. I really appreciate all of your time and expertise. What do you think of these pots? https://www.amazon.com/Potentiometers-50K-Ohm-15A-Taper/dp/B00M2904IU/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1544057789&sr=8-9&keywords=alps+potentiometer+50k https://www.amazon.com/Uxcell-a14101100ux0248-Terminal-Single-Potentiometer/dp/B016UFFZEY/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1544058478&sr=8-8&keywords=50k+potentiometer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DS88933/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07DS88933&pf_rd
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