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  1. Actually the AOA Indicator add-on is working with the F-14A-GR-135 on my machine. Are you sure you have the add-on enabled and activated, and that you are the pilot of the F-14A-GR-135, and the aircraft is the primary selected object?
  2. Take this XML file and place it in %PROGRAMDATA%/Tacview/Data/Database/Default Properties/ and re-launch Tacview, and all parachutists should be invisible. (You can always override the way objects are displayed on your own end, including making them visible/invisible, by making your own XML files to override Tacview's native ones. More information is available here: https://tacview.fandom.com/wiki/Technical_Reference_-_Database ) Make Parachutists Invisible.xml
  3. There's a couple of ways to do this, unfortunately neither of which are particularly simple! Can you share your ACMI file so I can test my solution on it before sharing with you?
  4. We will investigate this, maybe we forgot to add F-14A-GR-135 to the exporter when it came out.
  5. Somehow this ACMI was recorded using DCS2ACMI 1.8.4! You can check that on the Properties Window (see screenshot). Although the fact that the Pilot Line of Sight menu option is there suggests something really fishy is going on. First try running the Tacview 1.8.6 installer again: https://www.tacview.net/download/latest/ and hopefully it will clean everything up.
  6. Are Heading, Course and Lift working? Can you please share the ACMI where it is not working?
  7. Hi Glow, make sure you have selected it from the Display Selected Objects Vectors button menu.
  8. That sounds awesome, I am going to look at it as soon as I have a chance. Please email me at support@tacview.net or send me a direct message to let me know the details of what's happening with your forums account. I am sure I can sort it out.
  9. Try setting ["tacviewFlightDataRecordingEnabled"] = false and ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryEnabled"] = true ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPassword"] = "" There will be no recording on the server side, but clients can still record on their own side without 10-minute delay.
  10. Hi, with the 1.8.5 and above, the options have been completely overhauled, this is the correct syntax now: ["Tacview"] = { ["tacviewAutoDiscardFlights"] = 10, ["tacviewBookmarkShortcut"] = 0, ["tacviewDebugMode"] = 0, ["tacviewFlightDataRecordingEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewModuleEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsClient"] = 2, ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsHost"] = 2, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPas
  11. Hi, You can export flight logs as CSV or XML by going to File -> Export Flight Log. I attached a couple of screenshots to show how to do this. Once you have your CSV or XML file you can use it to generate your own scorecards in whatever manner you prefer. To use PHPTacview you need to host a website which supports PHP. I just tried it out with the latest version of the flight logs and it doesn't seem to be working. I will try to fix it.
  12. Hi, Use the mouse wheel to scroll in and out. Right click is for adding objects. Left click should be moving the map. Play around with External View (F6), Satellite View (F7),and Free Camera (F8) options to find the one you like. Make sure the 3D view is in focus before using any keyboard commands - click in the 3D view to give it focus.
  13. Hi, Any IP address that the host enters as Host Address is ignored. The client needs to put the public IP address of the host. The host can find their public IP address to the left of the Host button and needs to let the client know to put that IP address.
  14. Most of the time this is a crash in the Intel graphics driver. If you send the crash dump file (in the location mentioned in the error message) I can confirm.
  15. Yes currently it's either 10 minute delay or no delay. This was done to simplify the UI. We are hoping in a future update to provide full ACMI files available 10 minutes after exiting the server (no 10 minutes missing from the end).
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