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  1. @xWARGOxYes its most recent version available at the moment if somebody has improved profiles and would like to share hit me up. @sobe No not at the moment sorry very time restained.
  2. Sent you email Colin with version 1.507+ and F-16C let me know if you need help install.
  3. Glad to fixed your issues John over Teamviewer nice conversation we had take care and stay safe.
  4. Walther send you email containing password with instructions cheers for the support.
  5. They are pretty expensive but there is nothing like it on the market. And the quality is really great i believe i guy foxmounts offers cheaper versions of them.
  6. Send you purchase details @Mattew cheers and stay safe. Send you purchase details @JeffC cheers and stay safe.
  7. There was no plans for A-10C because i myself dont know all the procedures and must be made alone with no help. If you just like the A-10C also check out Bailey his profiles i believe he made one for that module also. You can even use for Example Bailey his profile for A-10C or SRS example and use my F-16C. Just make sure you use the correct keyboard.lua for the right .VAP profile and should be good. If somebody also has some nice extra commands or profiles and like to share them please do. So i can include them in the package if you agree so most people can also benefit from this cheers.
  8. Also tekcreations prices are pretty reasonable yes its not 1:1 replica but it comes really close. I think the tactile feel and looks is way ahead in comparison to streamingdeck for example. Never flying without it anymore for entering coordinates radio etc. pretty nice setup you have there btw @RogueSqdn
  9. I have the F-16 ICP version i use it for the Hornet this was before this was released. Can you post pictures when you have tested it? with the cable really wanna see it in action!!!
  10. Dougbum sent you email mate with details to get you up and running apologies for the slow response and you had to wait 1 day to recieve it. Let me know if you need help installing can do it for you using teamviewer cheers.
  11. Really wish i could afford this they make such awesome sim gear.
  12. Yes it should work i think but has not been updated in a while the F-14, best bet would be the F-18C and F16C these include the most updates.
  13. Not working on Voice attack profiles at the moment to be quite honest because of low interest. Was working on coordinate entry application also but lost the source code accidently deleted the application its still functioning but no updates. But there are some requirements or it wont work like it requires the sounds folder also it requires net framework 3.5 and slimdx library. Can send it to you if you like you can input airfield coordinates with your joystick with this application and more let me know cheers.
  14. Same here always had to do the plugging and unplugging part to get T.A.R.G.E.T scripts to run. Or it wont see all the devices and wont run at all and is stuck in a loop it sucks xD.
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