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  1. Chuck - USAF variant. Charles "Chuck" DeBellevue - 6 kills Duke - USN variant . Randall "Duke" Cunningham - 5 kills
  2. I'm just pointing out that a precedent has been set, so it's not outside the realm of possibility.
  3. He was making a joke.
  4. An Exocet is possible given that the Harrier we have in game has a Maverick it never mounted or used IRL. So a precedent has already been set.
  5. To put the creation of a module in perspective, AvioDev/Aerges said on 23/8/2017, they finished the external model and work on the cockpit has started.
  6. Mine took 7 days to arrive from the day I ordered it. Shipping was $82 to Louisiana.
  7. I doubt that it will work just using the UNC path.
  8. In might work if the folder is mapped to a drive letter.
  9. Keep in mind that if you see a date for restock, that date is in South China. When I ordered mine, it said restock on 12/9. I just happened to check on 12/8 and I saw that the restock counter was reading restock in 1 hour. As soon as the counter stopped, I placed my order. I checked and by the time I finished my order and paid, they were out of stock again. It took 7 days to arrive (China to Louisiana). Good luck.
  10. I have an almost brand new T16000M stick and throttle (with the roller bearing upgrade) sitting in its box. I got a WinWing Orion so I'm not using the T16000M.
  11. I upgraded to the Winwing Orion F/A-18C HOTAS from the Thrustmaster T16000M. Ordered on 12/8 and arrived on 12/15. I read about concerns regarding the throttle cables being tight when in cutoff. When my throttle is in cutoff, there is plenty of play in the cables. Also, the idle/cutoff detent is very noticeable and I doubt anyone can accidentally go from idle to cutoff. I am very happy with the quality and feel. Working now to map the buttons and switches on my various aircraft.
  12. Gently apply throttle until you get to about 1.2 ATA. Gently use toe brakes stay straight. Use rudder once you get fast enough. Gently push forward on the stick until the tail comes up. If you can't maintain a straight line going down the runway, practice that until you can. The 109 will lift itself into flight without you having to pull back on the stick. She will try to roll as soon as you get airborne. Counter it but gently. The biggest issue with taking off in the 109 is the pilot's tendency to overcompensate. FYI, I use full nose down trim, no flaps, and governor set to on.
  13. The modules released over the last few years have been about three months between pre-order and early access. It's safe to assume that the Apache will be no different
  14. Are you holding the weapon release button long enough?
  15. It has been said. Other things have also been said. It will come when it comes.
  16. True. My bias is against Boeing.
  17. The biggest issue I have with that video is the title. McDonnell Douglas, not Boeing.
  18. You do realize the P-51D-25/30 and P-47D-30/40 we have in game didn't exist in June of 1944, right?
  19. The TPOD works just fine and is plenty useful. MAV-E is buddy lase only, like it should be. MAV-E2/L is self or buddy lase. If you have not been keeping up with the changes, it will be like learning it all over again. Procedures and limitations are accurately represented.
  20. That's not in question. The point I was making and which the document I linked supports, is that C3 injection was Erhöhte Notleistung. The knob to activate C3 injection in the 190 was labelled as Erhöhte Notleistung.
  21. Any comment on the doc I referenced?
  22. http://degnans.com/markd/Fw-190A5 Part 7 Engine.pdf Page 12 C3 injection is, according this document, called Erhöhte Notleistung.
  23. In the doc, it references "C3 supplemental fuel injection." Did "C3 supplemental fuel injection" have a name? I had thought Erhöhte Notleistung was what they called it.
  24. I thought the Erhöhte Notleistung system injected C3 fuel.
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