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  1. Hi Baltic, any ideas if this still works in this crazy day and age?
  2. Hi there! Any idea whether this should work in the lastest open beta? For the last few patches it no longer shows up in my list of missions or in the Mission Editor! I really loved it and want to play again if possible! Happy to fix it myself if there is some way to do it? Cheers, Ed
  3. Hi Procrastinator55, love the campagin! Is there any more 2 player co-op missions? I see there is one for Mission 2 and 4 but nothing else. Cheers!
  4. Hey Rudel, really appreciate the reply, and you have some more than compelling arguments! I have ~100gb worth of Arma3 mods so I guess there is no reason not to investigate... Thanks!
  5. Hi there, Version: Open Beta as of 21/04/19 Mission: Training mission 2 Bug: Once rotating to takeoff the trigger which shoouuld be fired oncce reaching 350kph does not fire. It says to carry on the current heading but this tends to go for infinity. I have managed to get other triggers to fire when circling the airbase in certain conditions. Impact: Training mission can not be completed nor any training given thus rendering this module 'useless' to those who don't / can't seek learning else where. Cheers, Ed
  6. I have the same problems as Igrillo mentioned with both tutorial missions. The first one can be solved by pressing the space bar. The second appears to be a trigger malfunctioning, if you loop back to the airport in certain conditions it fires.
  7. Hey Rudel, would it be possible to get a version without the mod or nah? So far i haven't installed any mods and personally would rather avoid it unless necessary. Cheers, Ed
  8. Hi Guys anyone looks like passing the throttle test at Step 7 of Mission 1 you need to presss 'Space bar' when you move the throttle to the top. I don't believe this is mentioned in the dialog nor text displayed. I am on open beta. Cheers, Ed
  9. Hi there, It appears that the A10c - basic flight training campaign description is in spanish only. Potentially a steam bug but i imagine the page owner has accidentally overwritten the file. Yes i've checked it's not just me. :) https://store.steampowered.com/app/555531/A10C_Basic_Flight_Training_Campaign/?curator_clanid=4471395 Cheers, Ed
  10. [ART] Graphical - Reflection 'box' around front cockpit See attached images
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