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  1. hi is there a way to force the text to push down, under the menu? it was working before but i don't know what happened?
  2. there is an update to the campaign with the latest update today, would you please tell us what's new DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus Campaign by 373vFS Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, Baltic Dragon: Added new strike targets. Edited SEAD operations concept. Tweaked AI packages. Added instructions - tips through "Picture to All" triggers. Tweaked the scoring display system. regards
  3. hi VA is keep asking me to update VAICOM every time it restart. i update it 3 times and still have the same issue. Edit fixed, i made a backup for dll file inside VA directory and deleting this file fix the issue, thanks
  4. is there a way to read the warehouse recourses using script when mission start? i know it is not applicable to read these date live after mission start, but how to read them when mission starts? i need to know how many airplane (or weapons) is available in Airbase when mission start. regards
  5. tried the slow repair, and removed all other mods but still the same. I can reproduce it multiple times. i'm using the standard version not steam and the latest op CPL3.trk CPL4.trk
  6. Thanks ExNusquam, adding elevation make it much better now. the smoke is somewhere between 295/296 degree, is there a way to put this in UFC? like 259.5 ! one more question; how to remove the OAP from the waypoint? i tried to clear BRG/RNG from the offset but OAP still there!
  7. The last pic, OAP near the smoke with 330000FT (54.31Nm)/299 degree not 33.19nm/295 degree as F10 map says. and when you check the HSI it is far away from waypoint 5 -where the smoke is - (pic not available up)
  8. I'm trying the new Offset feature for hornet, but it is confusing me. fist i tried to make an offset from waypoint 1 to a smoke near waypoint 5. from F10 map the smoke is 33.19nm/295 degree from waypoint 1 (Bullseye), when I put this information in waypoint 1 offset, the ATFLIR is not even near the smoke at all (using 295 true). - After multiple tries; I found the best ATFLIR position near the smoke is 330000FT (54.31Nm)/299 degree (true)! but the point is not correct on HSI! - If i put 54nm/299 (true) in the offset ATFLIR goes far away from the smoke (maybe conversion from nm>>feet in ATFLIR is not correct) - The best position near waypoint 5 on HSI is 33Nm/290 degree (true) did I miss anything here? - Is there a way to put 54.31nm in the UFC, without converting it to feet? - Is there a way to put 299.5 degree in UFC? - Clearing BRG/RNG from the offset waypoint keep the OAP in HSI? don't find a way to remove the OAP from the waypoint other pics in the next post.... other Pics ....
  9. i have the same issue here. I noticed also that waypoints are moving when slewing the ATFLIR if zoomed.
  10. Update: I tried the same mission with "Overfly" enabled in HSI, and it seem no issue there. but after I disable it the issue come back. it seems that the new implementation of overfly is bugged. CPL2.trk
  11. Another track for Syria map, same issue CPL1.trk
  12. try this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q2vH0WLm5mdu2U3GX8AkB1z6iIP-I_sF/view you can also try to right click the link and choose "save link as"
  13. Mission is instant action - free flight - Caucasus. using CPL/Auto, and when reaching waypoint 2, waypoint number changes to 10 digits number and don't proceed to the next point, sometime DCS crash at this point. i tried other mission with more waypoints (5), and after reaching waypoint 4 it goes back to 3 and if i force it to goes back to 4, 10 digits number shows again. it seems that the auto pilot is trying to overfly that waypoint rather that turning. CPL.trk
  14. AFCS The Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), or just the "autopilot", controls the aircraft's flight controls to automate maneuvering. It is interfaced on the UFC via the A/P button. The most basic mode of the AFCS is Control Stick Steering (CSS). CSS will attempt to maintain the pitch and roll of the aircraft without manual stick input. Roll input is dampened and pitch input is severely dampened. The trim switch is repurposed in CSS to command roll and pitch. Forward or aft stick deflection beyond a certain point will disengage CSS. CSS is engaged manually by pressing the UFC ON/OFF button in the A/P menu and also engages with all other autopilot modes. Source: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/F/A-18C#AFCS
  15. thanks Frederf for your help Track for Syria map. I did further investigations and I noticed that putting Elevation before LAT/LON is doing this issue. if I start with LAT/LON first then elevation in PP mode, JDAMs will hit the targets correctly with/without ATFLIR. Putting elevation first before LAT/LON in PP mode will cause one JDAM to hit the target and second one will miss (I'm not sure if the second JDAM is free falling without INS or following ATFLIR)
  16. Tracks from latest OP 2.7 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I tried to release two JDAM on building. the map has 3 building in the same area. I put the first 2 target's coordinate in JDAM PP mode, then I assigned the ATFLIR to the third building. after releasing the two JDAMs: one JDAM hit the target, but the second JDAM seems to follow the ATFLIR coordinates rather that the imbedded INS coordinates! don't know if this is correct behavior or bug. I attached two track files (JDAM.trk,JDAM1.trk) for this issue with ACMI file for reference. I also noticed that hitting OSB PP1,PP2.... twice will shift to TOO mode from PP mode, is that correct ? (JDAM2.trk) regards JDAM1.trkJDAM.trkTacview-20210424-222636-DCS-SAM Test.zip.acmi JDAM2.trk
  18. Choosing the pattern must be based on the battlefield and the threat you expect there. You can use a flare program of 4/5 seconds intervals cycled 10 times for example to ingress above an area where you expect a manpads, this will give you about 40/50 seconds cover over that area. You still need another program to dispense flares when IR missiles coming you side. I found that using MAN6 or 5 as flare program gives me a quick way to respond to IR threat. At the end you can have 3 programs ready to use anytime -MAN5, MAN6- and any other MAN (1-4) in manual or S/A For example, bombing an airfield using unguided bombs where manpad are highly expected, you can use one program for IR missile coming to you, other program to flare continuously, and the third program with chaff for example if you expect enemy airplanes in the area.
  19. Disp. Switch "Bypass" Forward => 2 Chaff Aft => 2 Flares Dispense => No Action Disp. Switch "ON" + MANUAL Mode: Forward => Program5 Aft => Program X (selected) Dispense => it is by default 2 flare / 2 chaff /20 times / 0.75 seconds interval Disp. Switch "ON" + SEMI AUTO Mode: Forward => Dispense consent -When you locked by threat- ( type quantity and release interval decided by countermeasure system ) Aft => Program X (selected) Dispense => it is by default 2 flare / 2 chaff /20 times / 0.75 seconds interval Disp. Switch "ON" + AUTO Mode: System should do everything by himself -When you locked by threat- ( type quantity and release interval decided by countermeasure system ) Forward => No Action ? Automatically work Aft => Program X (selected) Dispense => it is by default 2 flare / 2 chaff /20 times / 0.75 seconds interval (if no lock, and do nothing if you locked by missile as countermeasure system start immediately) The "Dispense" button should be the wall mounted big red button. =>So, question is: what is the function of that button ? it called the Panic Dispense button and it should be used when you don't know what kind of threat/missile fired on you. 30 Flares and 40 Chaff ? Isn't it a bit too much ? it is by default -2 flare / 2 chaff /20 times / 0.75 seconds interval - but you can change it manually by editing Lua files "DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\TEWS\device\CMDS_ALE47.lua" -- MAN 6 - Wall Dispense button, Panic programs[ProgramNames.MAN_6] = {} programs[ProgramNames.MAN_6]["chaff"] = 2 programs[ProgramNames.MAN_6]["flare"] = 2 programs[ProgramNames.MAN_6]["intv"] = 0.75 programs[ProgramNames.MAN_6]["cycle"] = 20 change the numbers to customize the MAN 6 Panic button. By using "AFT" ... that seems to be always for the selected program! Correct, and Forward is for Program 5 (Manual only) and to activate auto program in S/A mode. SEMI AUTO seems to be the best option, but how do I release just flares ? you can do it by customizing one of MAN programs (Man1,Man2,Man3,Man4) to use flare only, and choose S/A(x), by pressing AFT the dispenser will dispense the program x selected that use only Flares, pressing Forward will activated the best program automatically (depends on the missile locking you) I usually use Manual Mode: MAN 6 (Panic) for flare only (1 or 2 flare 0.25 interval 3 or 4 times) as it give me a quick way to avoid any IR SAM, MANPADS that fires on me suddenly or against any other Russian IR missile in dogfights. MAN 5 for both Flare and Chaff to use it in any combat (specially in A2A) , this gives me the flexibility to not keep changing my programs MAN(1,2,3,4) in Manual mode. MAN (1,2,3,4) is customized for each threat, and I used them depend on the threat I'm expecting to face in the battel.
  20. did anyone tried this new campaign? want to buy it and it looks promising.
  21. I have the same issue, and if your back to "ON" from "Bypass" the dispenser start self & BIT test.
  22. hi I would like to join a Squadron (first time to fly multiplayer) to learn more and have fun. I usually fly FA18. English is not my mother language but understand it. I'm living in Dubai (GMT+4) and happy to find any squadron flies at this time. regards
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