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  1. It’s engaged for DFCS IBIT. DFCS IBIT disengages it as part of its test (not modeled). So it is off for takeoff.
  2. How about this... a bindable “Hook Target” that when pressed, puts a circle around the closest track file, if you press it again within three seconds it jumps to the next closest track file, so on and so on. If you don’t press it for three seconds Jester then hooks that track file. Then on top of that there is a bindable “Next Launch”.
  3. The carrier is coming to a stop whenever one of the static tankers enters it's detection zone. Here are two missions, with the carrier being the only unit in them, and the boat is stopping. In one mission at around time 0825 and the other at 0900. In each case you can see the oil tanker enter it's zone. Edit.... it seems to happen when a static tanker is halfway between the detection range and engagement range. NewMission.miz Carrier_Stopping3.miz
  4. We had a RIO in 41 we called Biff Biow The RIO. His name was Biow and he just dripped of “Biff”.
  5. It shows the state of balance between centrifugal force and gravity. Slip is derived information from the indication.
  6. @Kula66 You can fly any course to anywhere in the F-14.... Google some ADF/NDB navigation tutorials, it's no different... "push the head and drag the tail".
  7. If it wasn’t, I’d think tank jettison would be in the pre-combat checklist.
  8. We never carried Phoenix on the wings in VF-41, and I never saw any other squadron that did during my time (86-95). We had two standard loadouts, 2/2/2 and 4/4/0 (four AIM-7, four AIM-9). The coolanol that the AIM-54 A’s needed was a big factor. The Phoenix was much more highly valued for its launch and leave capability than it was for its range during my years, from what I remember of the way our crews talked about it.
  9. You clicked off TACAN steering. That’s where I was going wrong. Thanks...
  10. The ADF function does not seem to work at all. Has anyone seen it work?
  11. They are certainly on different frequencies. If anyone tells you different, just point them to the DDD which has two dial selectors for the two TWTs, the radar TWT and the CW TWT (radar channel and missile channel).
  12. We disabled the glove vanes in VF-41 in 1986, if I remember right. I remember seeing them function when I got to the squadron, but don’t remember them functioning on our 1987 deployment.
  13. You are absolutely correct. IRL I was an engineer on the FAA’s CPDLC system for years which is VHF datalink and it was stuck in my head. Good catch.
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