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  1. For all my Helo fans this guy does what we do in DCS in real life!!!! :) Enjoy! HUEY 1ft from the road! All his video are insane!
  2. Thanks Chopper this works for me!
  3. Yes I had the rift s for the day and returned it- I have a 69.9 ipd and its a blurry mess for me + headaches :( All though I cant use it for DCS the Oculus quest works fine with my IPD. For DCS I've been using the vive pro for now and love it! (its costly thought) Keep in mind if you do a lot of night ops stick with an oled screen. The rift s LCD in night ops was like it had light layer of of white over black. I almost say its unplayable in night missions :(
  4. +1 that and multi crew for the uh-1 and mi-8. They said years ago they are working on it and then screw us and go silent. Why say anything, if you are just going to go radio silent for years!!!! Tell us it canceled, just tell us anything. Just be professional!
  5. You should always lock the ipd in vr settings to your ipd for all aircraft. it will make car, trees, everything in scale to you! If you dont know your IPD you can download an IPD ruler here and have someone hold it to your pupils and give you a reading. https://www.targetoptical.com/wcsstore/TargetOpticalStorefrontAssetStore/Attachment/TO-PD%20Ruler-FINAL-062113.pdf
  6. "Erect the HSI knob, gigidy." was the best! I couldn't believe I was hearing it!
  7. Where can i download SSA Beta beta?
  8. Run the beta and make sure to update it manually. You can do this by searching just "dcs" in your window search. It should show "update dcs open beta" and click that.
  9. Just search "dcs" in the windows search bar on your pc. You should see "update dcs world open beta" most likely under repair dcs. Of course make sure you are running the beta btw :)
  10. To hold you guys over a bit... Here is a cool video from the RIO's point of view in real life!
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