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  1. ok I got it working the way I wanted to. Thank you for that. It jogged my memory. Is there a way to make these missions only show up for particular aircraft. For example, if I wanted to do chopper missions as a side mission, but only have those choppers be able to see it in the F-10 menu and activate the mission.
  2. Hey guys, Its has been awhile since I have messed around with the Mission Editor for the most part and need some help refreshing my memory on how to add a sub item to the F-10 menu. I have done it before, I just cannot for the life of me remember how I did it. So what I am wanting to do is this. I have added a radio item that says mission list after clicking "other", which shows up fine. But how do I make it to where I click on said missions list and show mission 1? Once I click on Mission 1, I want details for that mission to show up for me and my guys. Can anyone help me on figuring this out please? Any help would be great.
  3. Hello Eagle15, I hope you are well. I have a few questions for you regarding your request to join the squadron. 


    1) How did you hear about our squadron? Did you come across it on the forums or do you know some that is affiliated with us?

    2) Do you own any modules besides the default ones that come with DCS?

    3) Have you purchased any maps, or do you only own the default map?

    4) Are you using DCS World Open Beta or are you on the stand alone version?

    5) How long have you played DCS World?


    Please respond when you have time. The 82nd Black Lions Squadron is in the process of being reformed.


    Thank you,

    Captain Bruna

  4. Not sure. Unless someone copied it and put it there. The EWR is working now fine now. I think it may have just been something internal. I performed a repair on DCS and that fixed it.
  5. Oh ok. You would think they would have already put something in place for that. Do you know if there is a script for it?
  6. Yeah I found it and for me by default, it is already turned all the way up. It may just be something on my end. I can just visually see my death coming from below lol. I will just deal with it for now.
  7. Update to my last. It works only for me for some reason. In my multiplayer mission, I am the only that can spawn in an aircraft, no one else can for some reason. Maybe we do have to have a script.
  8. I just recently learned this myself. I have aircraft finally spawning at an airbase after capturing it and aircraft cannot be selected until the air base is captured. Try this if you have not figured it out yet. This is without scripts. Step 1: Place all the aircraft you want at an airbase and set them as late activation. (Which I am sure you already know) Step 2: Create a trigger to capture that particular airbase. When you get to the Actions portion of the trigger, select Flag Increase with your desired flag and value number. Step 3: Create another trigger and select the Type as Repetitive Action. Then name it whatever you want to let you know what the trigger is. Under conditions, set Flag Equals and set the Flag number and Value the same as the previous trigger in step 2.Under Actions, select Group activate and set all the desired groups of aircraft that you want to spawn after base capture. That's all there is to it. I searched everywhere and could never find anything and could never get a straight answer on how to do this. Someone I recently met in DCS walked me through this. I am currently building a mission to do exactly this after capturing bases. There are scripts out that from my understanding to get this done, but this is the way to do without scripts and it works perfectly. I have tested this with friends and every aircraft becomes available to spawn in after base capture and will only become available after doing so. I hope this helps and/or answers your question.
  9. Hey guys, I am working on a mission and trying to add a radio item for a particular flight group only for a side mission. I have selected the radio add item for group and selected the group. However, It is allowing all aircraft to see this radio add item and activating the side mission, even though I have selected for a particular group only. Am I missing something or is there an issue with the radio add item?
  10. Ok my Audio settings were correct and RWR and countermeasures were turned on. So where is the volume knob at? That could explain why I have been having trouble hearing it lol.
  11. Thank you Dorian, I will double check that but I think it is set up correct. It was working for me prior to this last update. But I did notice that it began to work when I was around 5000 ft or lower but not above that level. Weird. Think it may have been a bug. But I will check those audio outputs.
  12. Has anyone had any issues with there being no audio from the EWR when getting fired upon from SAM units? I was testing a mission and was getting shot at by various types of SAM units and I noticed missiles being fired at me but no audio warning. I had it turned on as I always do prior to taking off from the runway. I only recently began to have these issues as I have used these exact same SAM units before and was getting the audio when I was fired upon.
  13. Sent you my Discord ID as requested. Thank you for the tips at the beginning of this thread. It helped out and after a few test, I was able to learn how it works. I am looking forward to speaking with you because I am really wanting to get more into mission building for me and my guys.
  14. Sorry for putting this in the wrong place, but the section also stated Help Request so I thought it was appropriate considering I was asking for help with something. I was reading the response and it never dawned on me that I do not have to use an actual script file as I have been told. Can it be that simple as just doing a script within DCS itself, all I need is the format for what I am needing. I was trying to learn Moose but it gave me a headache because Eclipse was not working correctly and I could not get the file to show up. I do not want to go overboard but there are a few things I would like to put into place. In addition to the Radio Item Add, I have been trying to get aircraft to spawn at airbases after the base capture is complete but have been unsuccessful. I place the aircraft down and click late activation, and in the trigger put them to activate after groups are dead, but it did not work. All we get is your flight is delayed. Would this also need to be done within a script?
  15. I am working on a mission for myself and some friends and I have hit a snag. I am wanting to add a mission list in the F-10 menu. I can get the first item to add which is, when you click other in the F-10 menu, I can see where I added the option "missions". However I would like it to where when you click on missions, it will take you to the next menu so you can select from various types of missions. Basically the same as when we click other in the F-10 menu it takes you to the next menu of options. I have tried several different ways and I still cannot get it to work. Can anyone assist in this?
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