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  1. Furiz is just trying to be a smarty pants. I pressed the DL button in the mode selection of the WPN page and that turns the weapon off. I consider that a defective behaviour (as for example no reaction when pressing a non implemented feature might be better), Furiz apparently considers me to blame. I don't really care but provided the trackfile so that ED can make up their own mind. End of story. No drama. Nothing to see.
  2. That will never happen. It never happened with other plane's override switches either! Pinky swear.
  3. Affirm. I got a CHAFF callout even with chaff's deactivated. As far as I researched that wasn't correct. But I will believe you if you tell me otherwise. Edit: Track file uploaded to the bugthread
  4. And we definitely have M4.2 of not M5.2 But I think the question was not if we have / get MIDS or not .. but if we get Voice capability over MIDS .. which we won't.
  5. To each their own. Thanks for giving the Viper a try! But one thing I can say for your eyes. It might not be their fault. The MFDs are just very hard to see in DCS at the moment I guess it's easier to hide incomplete bits when you can't read them
  6. This has been an issue for months sadly, I am not sure where it's reported, but it doesn't really impair buddy lasing, even though it looks weird. You'll still destroy the targets, it's just that your bomb looks to fall weird to anyone but you.
  7. Who do you think you are and how are you helping this thread? Let me tell you are about "contributions" to this thread: "Check if you by any chance have some key or hotas button bound to the stores switch, you might have turn it off." - Now this is the actual only helpful input from you in your two posts. And even though someone who flies the F-16 "a lot" might know that it does not have a "stores switch" I get by what you mean by that. "This never hapened to me and I fly in the Viper a lot." - Category: Captain Obvious. For this statement not t
  8. It will switch of when you hit the DL button (instead of EOM or PB/PP). I sadly don't have a trackfile still because I clicked "play" in the mission editor, but it's how it can be recreated directly. Airstart with a harm .. and try to put it in DL mode and it'll shut down weirdly.
  9. And those major improvements are not really working. Mavericks have a load of problems. HARMs do. And they differ from existing implementations. The Mavericks and HARMs in the F-16 are more realistic than those on the other platforms. Why did they not build them that realistic in the first place? No idea. Now JDAM seems to be delayed because the SPI system needs to be overhauled for the F-16. My questions is: How does it need "overhauling"? It's brand new .. We had a big overhaul when we got the ability to create waypoints last year, which broke everything. We got anothe
  10. All screenshots taken and enhanced by TAW_Nomad All screenshots taken and enhanced by TAW_Nomad
  11. I fly the Viper a lot as well, and I have nothing bound to the MFD buttons. The stores page was not even open when it happened. I had the HSD open on that side.
  12. Track file is massive. Doesn't make sense to upload it as it's almost at the end of the mission. Generally speaking: Suddenly the HARM turns itself off, got a WPN off page .. and the missile is on according to the SMS page. Power cycled the SMS page and it worked again: Makes no sense and is broken.
  13. Roger. Thanks for the feedback.
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