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  1. Flying at night I dim the MFDs, the HUD, the backround illumination, etc. But the donut is full bright and really annoying. The engine and fuel level panel is similar. Although there is an adjustment knob for it, the knob does little to nothing.
  2. I'd call it a bug. I have had several instances where I couldn't fully compensate for uneven left to right weight distribution I figured the ailerons could only move so far and it wasn't quite far enough.
  3. Hulk I will keep that 8NM in mind. That is something I have not thought about. ShaunX I like that technique. When I don't get things done in time I usually fly straight till about 8 NM beyond the target and then do a 180. During the 180 I get about 10NM away. The 8NM and the 180 take quite a while to do so, if nothing else, your offset approach and 90deg turn will be a lot quicker. I agree locking onto movers is a real crapshoot. Getting the timing right is hard to do as the delay from scs push to the type of track changing is a bit of a guess.
  4. I am flying a campaign that uses this combination frequently and it is driving me crazy. I find I need to be at least 10 miles away to have time to find the target and get the ATFLIR aimed and locked. And then move the little diamond to the MavF screen and uncage the Mav seeker and finally fire it. Sometimes it just won't fire and I fly over the target doing nothing. One part of this that I notice is the diamond is a light color and if the Mav screen is similar color I can't see if the diamond actually moved. Is there a way to change color of one or the other? I have a self created mission that I use to practice several types of bombs and missiles. Of course 8 Mavs worked just fine there yesterday. Looking for pointers so I don't have to cheat and use active pause so often. Is there a preferred altitude for this? A preferred air speed? Any other pointers?
  5. I follow the track in the SA page for WP4 260ish degrees. Another question. If I didn't get all the bandits why do I get told to go to WP4? Is that radio message set for X minutes after Y occurs. Just seems somewhat unfair to tell me I screwed up when it is way too late to do anything about it. And, as already stated, I didn't land at Khasab because I hadn't been given instruction to do so, so I am not sure how that is a failure. I will try to email the track to you.
  6. Same as before. I realize just now that I forgot to turn the D/L on. If that itself causes a failure then I messed up. But I get very close to Khasab following the tower's instructions and bam 'I Failed' pops up. Says I didn't kill all the bandits and I didn't land. Well no kidding, I didn't land since I wasn't yet told to, although wingman was. Not sure on the bandits. My EW page didn't show any remaining Migs but the resolution of the labels is so poor, with many overlapping, that I could have missed them. I am pretty sure I saw two splashes though. My track file is 28,150kb so I can't attach it.
  7. Badger633 I will fly it again to double check if I made a mistake which is probable. The '420?' just indicated that, as I was typing, I wasn't sure if the wingman's # was 420. I 'think' the wingman was 410 in earlier missions. Anyway, I am having a blast flying this campaign and learning new things. You mention using 'SA page and data link' reminds me that I need to study up on data link. I don't remember actually knowing where he was but I did hear the radio calls telling him to head to Khasab and what runway to land on.
  8. In mission Dropping In Unexpected I get through to where we are told to go to Kasab. Wing man (420?) is told to land and I (110) am told to go to waypoint 4 and left hand orbit at 6000. Just before getting to WP4 I am told I failed because I didn't land at Kasab? What am I missing here?
  9. Mine is a little different from yours. Prior to the NXT, they offered a way to attach the Kosmosima grip to the original Gladiator II base which is what I now have. Hopefully it may be helpful.
  10. Ah jeeeeezzzz. I'd be much happier if they would get the features we have 100% vs giving more features.
  11. Thanks Recluse, I will check into that. Makes more sense than my thought that I am simply using an incorrect mode or something.
  12. Flying a new campaign and learning the ATFLIR which is driving me crazy. Flying from one waypoint to the next, BALT on, ATFLIR on right DDI, and I am setting up weapons in the left DDI (MavFs in one mission and JSOWs in another mission). Then I look back at the ATFLIR image and see that I am now at 88*L and 23*down (or some other random #s). At first I thought it was me, that I was inadvertently pushing the slew button when all I wanted was to move it right, left, up, down. That of course chose a target and the ATFLIR locked onto it, and I had a TGT showing in the HUD. So I have been making sure I don't push it, and verifying I didn't push it by not seeing a TGT in the HUD. When the ATFLIR first comes on it is at 0deg, and to verify it is working, I usually move it down to 6-8deg so I see the ground rolling by vs a blank sky. In the MavF mission I have the Mav seeker image in the left DDI and it acts normally just flying along looking at the ground at a constant angle. The ATFLIR image in the right DDI is going crazy on it's own. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?
  13. I gave up on 7s at least a year ago. I have no idea on the tech info provided by the OP, I just know they don't seem to do any good for me. In any flight where I can, I swap them for 120s.
  14. A couple of helps for you. I have the lower windows bar always visible on my screen. There is also a double keyboard push that will get you there. When I am having trouble w/ something, I hit DCS pause and go to the web, or Chucks, or wherever, to get the info I need. Sometimes I will use active pause so my plane stops but all the functions still work so I can switch back and forth, do what next, switch, do that in the plane, ok next step, switch, ok hit that key, switch, etc. Having trouble getting the MavF lined up on a target- active pause- sit still and take the time you need to find it. Having trouble finding something w/ the FLIR- active pause- take your time again. I flew the MavF mission maybe 10 times before I could do it w/o pause. Oh well, now I have a new skill. With both MavF screen and Flir it often helps to change brightness or contrast and then something will show up that you couldn't see before. Also when flying the supplied missions, and you get hit? Shift - R and start over again. Best wishes to you. I am in my 3rd year w/ the FA-18, am fairly skilled but there are still plenty of things I need more time with.
  15. WOW this thread blows my mind. I thought I had the FLIR kind of figured out and then I started a new campaign and I 'think' it is using ATFLIR now. Which is driving me crazy. It reminds me of Photoshop which is tremendously capable but so dang complex one needs a class to make any use of it. It also reminds me of the old saying, I don't need to know how to build a clock, I just asked what time it is. Eventually I hope I will gain some minimal skill w/ ATFLIR and then I hope to he11 they don't update it w/ XXFLIR. Oh, and regarding the buttons along the sides of the screen, why do they tell me which mode I am in now rather than what mode that button would switch me too if pressed. I can see on the screen what mode I am in now. It would make things a lot easier if the button were labeled for what it will switch to.
  16. I finished SH2 and started w/ ROPL. I had gotten to some basic skill level w/ the FLIR in SH2 but the FLIR in ROPL is different. Is this the ATFLIR I have seen mentioned? I want to find a tutorial or 2 but not sure what I need to look for.
  17. Oh, I see. That could make sense especially in the unusual ways the Blue Angels fly their planes. I am sure they are much better but the time I spend getting my trim correct during the downwind of a carrier trap could definitely be improved. Since I expect that they are very well scripted regarding fuel etc it would be neat to push a trim button and then just need to adjust throttle. We lived 30 minutes from Annapolis for 20 years. The graduation usually had a Blue Angels flyby and they always practiced the day before. So that was our day to see them since the town would be absolutely slammed on the day of the ceremony. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2iF6vpd][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49669175406_a6c4c5118e_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2iF6vpd]IMG_1768[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152454123@N04/]craig stuard[/url], on Flickr
  18. I am trying to understand why this is a question. We have the E bracket, and the donut light to help us trim to AOA. Are you wanting to be able to select some other AOA angle so the E bracket would get you to say 7.9 degrees?
  19. I am curious where did you come up w/ the 85-90% throttle setting? And who said what the plane should do at that setting? I never look at that. To me, w/ full flaps, if the plane is climbing more than you want, you have too much throttle on which has caused your speed to climb too high. Pull it back.
  20. I print pages of different info that I find I need. For instance I checked and printed the ranges for all the air to air missiles, and a sheet of all the RWR numbers/symbols and what they indicate. I need to move into the 20th century though like dburne has.
  21. I use the ICLS system. On a straight in approach I have the VV just to the right of the vertical line. The VV and the vertical line are just to the right of the boat until about 3/4 mile out when I will start moving it toward the flight deck. It never gets to being right in line w/ the flight deck though since I do the same as Hulkbust mentioned. The closest the VV gets to the center line is the crotch which is about in line w/ the right border of the landing zone. Also I adjust the HUD brightness so I can just barely see it. That way it isn't blocking my vision of the boat as much. This is at about 3/4 mile out and the VV is actually a little to the left of where I usually have it. The red arrow is the brightness adjust for the HUD. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2kwGSz4][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50886940613_b71be41eb1_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2kwGSz4]+ arrow[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152454123@N04/]craig stuard[/url], on Flickr
  22. I flew the first mission this AM. Thanks Badger. I know this will be a tough one but, like the previous two campaigns, I will stick w/ it until I pass every mission. I have gotten pretty frustrated and had to fly several missions 10 times to finally win but I learn a ton from each. And I have to say, I was really surprised how good it felt when I saw the ending visuals in Serpent's Head 2.
  23. I started to do a contact and they want me to go through the FAQ first so I did. Then I went to load the campaign to refresh my memory to include info in the contact. Yeehaw, I don't have time to actually fly it no but I got to sitting in the cockpit on the carrier and it looks like it will work. Thanks Badger.
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