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  1. Thanks to all of you. Understanding the technical reasons helps me feel more in control and I think I can fly better when I understand why things happen.
  2. I was having the same problem a couple days ago. I don't have it 100% yet but a couple things that I realized. That mission has a JTAC to do the lasing for you so you do NOT need the flir. Chucks Guide gives the procedure for using your own pod w/ flir to do the lasing and then throws that line or two you noticed in at the end. You said that here. "Chuck's Guide goes over all these different steps, but at the end says if target being lased by Jtac uncaging the missile will search for any laser in the vicinity, but I am getting nowhere with this. The problem is he doesn't tell you exa
  3. Wow, this is all quite interesting. How does it fit in w/ the often heard, so I assume true, thought that jets get better economy at higher altitudes. I always figured that was because the air is thinner so offers less drag. But if the power is also dropping, is it dropping more slowly than the drag? I will do some research so I can get a better understanding of this. Mach# is right there in the HUD, is ground speed available on the GPS maybe?
  4. In any of the FA-18 missions in either Caucuses or Persian Gulf I have a problem while climbing from a carrier launch. I usually go into AB for the launch. Wheels up immediately I leave the deck. Flaps up at about 250k (they may have come up automatically but I move the switch anyway) and out of AB 275-300. While in AB I can climb at 15 degrees and still accelerate. Once out of AB I drop down to 10-12 deg climb & get to maybe 425k. Say I want to get to 30,000ft. Past 10-15,000ft the speed starts dropping off from the 400+ so I reduce climb to about 7deg and can hold 375 for a while. Then I
  5. As dburne says you have missions for the Hornet in the free Caucuses map. If you also by the Persion Gulf map, you get more Hornet missions. Some are very similar to the Caucuses but w/ much different geography.
  6. Ah, OK I wasn't aware it would be different. I was thinking it might be a similar problem so my solution might help.
  7. I haven' done any slewing in the HUD but w/ my Warthog throttle slew I had the overly sensitive problem when trying to slew a MavF. It worked fine on the attack radar screen. For quite a few months I used the MavF in boresight mode similar to rockets and guns. Then I got a new stick w/ more 5 position buttons. So now I use the throttle slew for radar and the stick slew for Mavericks and can adjust them to work very well in both.
  8. There is a cover plate between the two throttle levers held in position by two allen head bolts. Remove them, pull the throttle back and look down inside in front of the throttles for this little piece and remove it. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2iNRZUk][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49757071687_86af06120c_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2iNRZUk]AB throttle detent[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152454123@N04/]craig stuard[/url], on Flickr File the surfaces indicated by the arrows so they are 45 degrees instead of 90.(The pic shows the final shape) Do this a l
  9. I use R Shift + R Ctrl and slash to move back a little. Then I try the R Alt and Num 0 to save it but that doesn't save it. Is there something different used to save fore-aft position?
  10. I fly the FA-18 because I enjoy the challenge of carrier traps.
  11. I use a TM Warthog throttle w/ my VKB stick
  12. I am retired and I have been flying the FA-18 for 2 years now and still have a ton to learn. One thing to note is that DCS itself isn't perfect so you can frustrate yourself no end and then find it's a bug or something. One training mission for a JSOW, I think, has you flying toward the target which is a SAM and which is shooting at you. Those dang SAMs can shoot down the JSOW as well as you so, after a quick question here, I decided to skip that one altogether. Recently I have been flying a mission where the plane has the target pod. I can see it in F2 view and it shows up on the stores diagr
  13. Generally you should be at a 30 deg bank, and pulling back some on the stick, so when the flaps drop they tighten the turn more than they balloon the altitude. Since the flaps won't drop until 250 and we approach the boat at 350, I set the flaps to full somewhere behind the boat. The gear will drop when you hit the button so I have to watch the speed during the initial turn and hit the button at 250. Otherwise (although I don't think it's modeled in DCS) the gear could be damaged if dropped >250. For me the flaps dropping may create a bit of a bobble but it is minor and some times I don't e
  14. There are 5 missions in the Caucuses map that I enjoy. They all start from the carrier w/ the plane already running. I quite often hit R to rearm so I can have 9X's vs 9Ms and 120c's vs 7s and chose a bomb or ground missle I know how to use. Look for 'Combat Mission-Hornet 1989'xxxxxx. They are fairly simple missions that I really enjoy and I usually go back to the Stennis to land. If you look under campaigns the 'Hornet 1989-Task Force Challenger' uses these missions w/ a few mods. Also I have my screen set up so I have the usual windows buttons across the bottom of the screen still visible w
  15. Not for me. Chucks Guide has something like 70 steps and I have no interest in learning that. I use auto start.
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