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  1. That makes sense lmp and M1Combat. The mission is in the Marianas and has you take off from the boat armed w/ AIM9s and fly to a nearby island to finish arming your plane w/ bombs or AG missiles.
  2. Pete I havn't tried that one. I will look now. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Thanks Pete. Rob10 sent me a PM which got me straightened out. So I installed the new version and all is well. I don't know exactly what went wrong. I had installed the campaign maybe 8-9 months ago but somehow never got to mission 4. I had forgotten about the campaign. The new DCS campaign tracking system made it real obvious I had missed 4 so I tried flying it. I was just getting into downloading and installing campaigns at the time so I suspect I had done something not quite right.
  4. Tholozor, thank you very much. That all makes sense. This is a great thing about DCS and this forum. I enjoy learning about the tech and the 'why do it this way' almost as much as the how to do it. I always just use TOO mode so the PB mode from longer range is very interesting.
  5. Guys help me understand here. What is the point of looking at a SAM w/ the FLIR? I love HARMs exactly because they are so simple to use. Also I am curious why the concern about the size of the TOO box. As I understand it, a HARM is following the outgoing signal from the SAM. In other words it is not like a long sniper shot where the aim must be precise because, once the bullet leaves the barrel, there is no more guidance. I thought that it follows the SAM signal all the way until it hits? Is my assumption incorrect?
  6. Rob10 I was hoping that is the way it would work. Warboss, that's a good Q also. OTOH I suck so badly at CCIP it probably won't matter.
  7. If I set up four 84s to hit waypoint X and set them for 100ft intervals where does the first bomb hit? Will it hit WP X and the other three hit 100ft, 200ft and 300ft beyond WP X in the direction I am flying? Or does the first bomb hit before WP X and the rest WP X and beyond it?
  8. After finally getting through missions 1-3 I tried to fly mission 4 and had problems. Tried to access the google drive documents and the website given in the game can not be highlighted to copy/paste. Tried to type it in and got a 404 error. I went to the user files and realized there is a newer version available and a link to the documents that appear in blue type so should be a good link. Decided to delete my old version and download the current version (Dec 2021). Got it down and clicked the doc link and it doesn't work either. Crap. If I can't access the documents there isn't much point in installing the campaign. Help.
  9. Can you change your bindings. I use the mouse to fold and lock wings. When I unfold them, I look to see when they are fully down and then lock them so no way to have your problem. I generally start them dropping while taxing to the catapult. Once stopped at the cat, I double check visually and then lock.
  10. The video is great. Thanks for posting it.
  11. Yes it is. I have been re-arming so I have 9Xs instead of 9Ms so I can use the helmet device. This way I can get a shot off w/o needing to do a complete 180. What do you guys feel is a min speed- as I turn and bleed speed, how low to let it go before easing off on the stick? 350? 400?
  12. Is the 18 > the 29 at high altitude? Is the 18 > the 29 at low altitude? Is the 18 > the 29 in diving or climbing? Is the 18 > the 29 turning? I am getting tired of being shot down and readily understand it is probably mostly me. But I have read many books about fighter pilots where they found their plane was better than the enemy in a certain performance area so they tried their best to direct their dog fight to use that advantage.
  13. I have always had little success w/ AIM7s so I re-arm and grab some 120s.
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