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  1. Hi, thanks so much for your support it's all crystal clear now. As I said, the debug tool was the clue I think. One thing: I sometimes encounter audio stutters, can I use a better setting somehow? setting for the debug tool because ?
  2. Thanks a lot. With the debug tool it works. I was abour to give it back. PD is at 1.5 and with light stutters with ASW disabled I can live.
  3. Yes, I was watching this reference video too but couldn't get a picture as clear as that. Thanks! I can even run DCS pixel density on 2.0 without stuttering but still hardly readable. I use a GTX1660 with 6 GB RAM. Do you fly the Hornet? Did you manipulate / or crank up the Quest 2 link somewhere in the setttings?
  4. I was buying an oculus quest 2 vr headset because it has technically a better resolution than my broken Rift-S. With Rift-S I could read the text on the displays ok, in quest 2 with link cable and best grafic-settings not at all without leaning forward. Before I return it, I would like to know, if some hornet driver was luckier than me and has readible displays with a quest 2, so that it's worth fiddeling around with this device.
  5. I read that the resolution in Quest 2 is higher than in Rift - S. I flew Rift-S with 1.5 dpi which is broken right now. Should I get the Quest 2 and get a sharper picture a 1.0 dpi because it's native resolution? And what would you recommend comparing Quest 2 to Rift-S in general?
  6. How does SAM sites react on HARM attacs? Do they shut down automatically or move a little like in the MOOSE script? If yes, do average skill units not react at all? Can you give us some insight? Thanks.
  7. It seems more difficult to find SEA-target in AG-radar sea mode when flying above the new clouds. Is that correct or just bad luck on my side?
  8. it depends on the time of day. It appears strongly on around noon-missions
  9. This bug was mentioned on F18 forum for F18 MFDs
  10. I can't make a screenshot in VR, sorry. There is a comon thread where other VR users are complaining too. Start a mission on noon with new cloud overcast in VR.
  11. There is a lightening problem, the MFD are hardly readable when I fly a daytime mission in VR (Rift S) also when I turn brightness knob up. HMD and UFC is ok. It seems also ok on dusk or dawn and night missions.
  12. I have the same Problem. Not nice.
  13. 2 missions with 4 JSOWs each, no target hit.
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