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  1. I've rebound it dozens of ways and nothing did the trick. However - ED support helped out and here is what worked: 1) Rename the C:\Users\----\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta folder to Temp 2) Run the Repair utility 3) Relaunch DCS Good idea though is to save your configs and bindings - you're going back to vanilla. I ran the repair tool multiple times and it didn't do anything but renaming the folder then doing so fixed the issue.
  2. @Oilman100 I completely uninstalled VA today (even though it wasn't connected to DCS anymore) and still no joy.
  3. I have Voice Attack but not for DCS (was going to set that up next actually...). I wonder if there are hooks though? Might go digging around now looking for that.
  4. I've searched around on the forums and seen various reports of this but after the most recent open-beta update my comms menu will not load. I've mapped it to various keys (on multiple devices), nothing. When I open the binding menu pressing the key goes right to the binding but no matter what in every module I cannot use "\" (or any other binding) to bring the comms menu up. Easy communication is off (toggled that too). Completely removed everything but the vanilla OB game (or cleared out best I can tell). Also have noticed that missions are launching in pause and the briefing doe
  5. For those dealing with this annoying AV issue, once you tell the AV to ignore the DCS folder, make sure to do a full repair on DCS with the tool.
  6. Ugh - think if I place them in the CoreMod Livery folder for the AJS-37 they'll work. Should make progress this week if that is so!
  7. I would certainly love to see those dimensions for a build! Eagerly tuned.
  8. I've completely removed all AJS-37 livery files from the /savegame and install paths and the ModelViewer2 application still see's files that don't exist in the mapped directory - despite their being empty. When I save new .DDS files into the correct AJS-37 livery folder ModelViewer doesn't see them either. Can't progress getting this one done until I can see the work in MV again.
  9. @Lee Are you having issues with ModelViewer not seeing the folders? I have emptied all the Viggen folders of any livery and yet Model Viewer keeps showing me ones that don't exist.
  10. It wasn't so much that I flaked, but lost the original project files in a corruption that cost me all my AJS-37 works, and limited time to go back and complete the project. I have two paid F-16 skins to finish and I am back to doing free livery work, this project is at the top of that list. I'm 30% done with the main fuselage. It isn't that it is hard to do - but time consuming making lines connect correctly between parts - something a lot of people ignore. Just because I am doing it and it is taking a long time doesn't mean others can't jump in and do it either. This isn't paying my mortg
  11. Do you mind if I borrow your darker feathers for some projects?
  12. Thanks so much for explaining this! For those who are not LUA masters (like myself) here is what the total Description LUA should look like as an example for the default names with this code: livery = { {"F16_bl50_Main_1", 0, "f16_bl50_main_1", false}; {"F16_bl50_Main_1", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "F16_bl50_Main_1_RoughMet", false}; {"F16_bl50_Main_2", 0, "f16_bl50_main_2", false}; {"F16_bl50_Main_3", 0, "f16_bl50_main_3", false}; {"F16_bl50_Kil", 0, "f16_bl50_kil", false}; {"F16_bl50_Kil", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "f16_bl50_kil_roughmet", false}; {"F16_bl50_wing_L", DIFFUSE, "f16_bl50_w
  13. How did you get this to work?! No luck here.
  14. While this might not seem directly related to the Viper from the title, it only affects the F16Cbl50. We can't generate the livery lua in Model Viewer - but this only affects the F-16C Bl50. "48.2161 ERROR UNIMODELDESC Can't load model c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/coremods/aircraft/f-16c/shapes/f-16c_bl50.edm. Reason: Expected render node id, got model::NumberNode." As a result - we can't find the lua entries that added even MORE automatic board numbers on the intake and remove the ones we already could since the entries were changed.
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