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  1. Sorry Man, I hate to be an also-ran but one thing I distinctly remember about my 2 Viper incentive flights were arming the seats on the Arm/Dearm Ramps at the end of the runway. Great effort, though. They look great. Thanks for the work.
  2. Oh absolutely. The most common complaint I've heard from the (many) Commanders I've worked with is how much time they have to spend dealing with the daily flood of emails and meetings. Leaves very little time for flying. Mostly, they are barely able to keep their hours up to stay on-status.
  3. And an update to this story on LtCol Marks... https://taskandpurpose.com/culture/air-force-a-10-most-experienced-pilot-john-karl-marks/
  4. Not necessarily. In the Air Force, you don't get promoted by Time In Service (TIS) except for the first three enlisted and first two Officer grades which are automatic (pending qualifying EPR's and OERs). When you get to O-5 to O-6 you have to meet several Professional Military Educational (PME) gates such as Air War College or something similar as well as some command time as an O-5. So, to make O-6, you essential "select" that track knowing that you will do a lot less flying and much more chair-bound duties such as Sq CC, Ops Group CC or Vice or Wing CC, etc or (god-forbid) time at the Pentagon. Many, many aircrew would rather spend their time flying as opposed to, in my estimation, performing much less gratifying, non-operational duties of command. You can also have a much bigger direct-impact on mentoring and educating the next generation by simply staying operational as a Flight Lead and/or Ops Officer (who, in my estimation, are the REAL rubber-hits-the-road day-to-day leader of the squadron). That is exactly how I directed my enlisted career by choosing to stay an operationally assigned squadron medic knowing that Master Sergeant was the furthest I could go in my 34 years (as a Master). As opposed to seeking promotion to Senior or Chief and having to sell-my-soul to the Devil himself by moving to an assignment in a large medical hospital-type unit and dealing with insane Nurse "Leaders" and the like. I don't regret that decision one little bit knowing that I spent my whole (medical) career deploying with my squadron-mates in a (very in-demand) Combat Rescue unit and having direct input on CSAR medical doctrine and TTP development.
  5. Hats off to LtCol Marks... https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-a-10-warthog-desert-storm-pilot/
  6. Would be nice to be able to double click a Unit or Group from within the Trigger Panel and then have that Unit or Group be highlighted on the left of the Trigger Panel. That way you wouldn't have to exit the Trigger Panel to find the Unit or Group which you are working with. Not a big deal but would make things that much easier. Thanks, John
  7. Agreed. My mistake. Yeah that's DCS Poti in the background. So, the problem persists...
  8. Well, I stand corrected and I apologize ED. The TGP "Hop" as I call it is a real thing. Look at exactly 1:00 on this video just as he is coming off target... Again E.D., my apologies. John
  9. Just finished reading this journal of a young Lieutenant's combat deployment to Desert Storm. It may change your idea of how military missions are flown and carried out. Brought back a lot of memories of my deployment there. In any event, it was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I found myself having a tough time putting it down. Highly recommended. John 11 https://www.amazon.com/Hogs-Sand-10-Pilots-Journal-ebook/dp/B08F2X3NKT/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=hogs+in+the+sand&qid=1630636666&sr=8-1
  10. I'm out of ideas. I'm creating a 4-ship A-10C flight taking off from Kobuleti on a low-level flight plan to Tblisi. Problem is the wingmen keep crashing and never make it even half-way. I started out with the flight-plan at 100 feet AGL. Then 500 feet AGL. 1500 feet and then 2000 feet AGL and they still keep crashing. I tried making the wingmen a separate follow 3-ship flight but they don't do any of the advanced triggers I set for them enroute (attack targets, silence, etc). I'm at wits end with this thing. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  11. GREAT! Thank you very much. I missed that.
  12. Hello, A problem which has occurred twice which I can't seem to troubleshoot is I have loaded a centerline tank for a flight from Kobuleti to Tblisi and back and the jet runs out of gas on the way back with 4000+ lbs still in the center tank. It doesn't seem to be using that gas at all just the internal mains. Am I missing a switch or setting for fuel transfer? I've researched and all I've found is that the jet SHOULD be using the center tank to fill the internal tanks which feed the engines but it doesn't seem to be doing that. Any help would be appreciated, John
  13. Hello, Just wondering if you all will be resuming the podcast. I think it's very interesting and would like to hear more.
  14. I second that. Ogg is the way to go. Never had a problem with them in any way.
  15. I own four other aircraft which I've never flown although I have been itching to give the Harrier a go. I'm happy in Hog Heaven and don't have a need to switch aircraft. I have to admit that I will get the AH-64 when available and give that one a try.
  16. I agree with your opinion but as I stated above I seriously doubt this occurs in real life. The chance of a H.E. rocket or (lased) GBU landing on a civilian populous would be far too high to justify the continued (TGP) use with this defect. I suspect this problem is limited (somehow) to the game and it's AI. They (aircrew) just wouldn't stand for it and I know squadron CC's simply wouldn't allow this situation to occur unabated. Imagine a 2000lbs GBU landing on a Afghani village by mistake (due to this TGP hop)... My $.02
  17. No, that's not it. I always reset the gimbal to boresight when it's been to the limit for whatever reason. It still happens anyway.
  18. It's infuriating. Happens all too often in gradual and moderate G-turns. I can't tell you how many rockets and (laser) bombs I've wasted by this nonsense. I can't believe that this would be indicative in real-world TGPs. The pilots I've worked with wouldn't stand for it. Bombs and rockets guided to civilian houses and buildings. I've tried power cycling the TGP but still no joy.
  19. Humbly submitted for your review... https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/bae-systems-enhances-apkws-ii-range-by-30
  20. Sorry to butt in here but what's the difference between the JHMQS and the Scorpion? I wasn't aware the A-10C used anything other than the Scorpion.
  21. I understand your criticism of the A-10C especially of the probable Cold War shortcomings of the design (except the one that all of them (A-10) would be shot down within 2 weeks - you are shorting the competency of the aircrew who fly them). However, that scenario is long gone and and will (hopefully) never rear its ugly head again. The reason that the A-10C was saved from the Boneyard by Congress (the Senate alone does not control military appropriations) was how it ACTUALLY performed in the 15+ year war in Iraq and Afghanland. Notably memorialized by the late John McCain, as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in HIS committee hearing slamming Gen Welsh's attempts to retire the airframe for his (Welsh's) beloved fast-movers. "McCain slammed Gen. Mark Welsh, the Air Force Chief of Staff, saying the general was being "disingenuous" and that his answers were "embarrassing." regarding his attempts to justify replacing the A-10C with F-15's and 16's. You should read this and the score of other articles regarding the reality of the effectiveness of the A-10C for it's intended purpose. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2016/03/03/mccain-slams-usaf-chief-welsh-on-a-10-effectiveness/ I can tell you from personal experience that knowing a 2-ship of A-10s were covering my team's ass as we inserted for CASEVAC was nothing short of motivating. And then hearing the sound of that gun bounce off those canyon walls and then the sound of the engines spooling up as they climbed out for another run is something which is to be appreciated. As far as I (and the late Commander John McCain) is concerned the A-10C performs it's job superbly. On a side note, all of the tactics which you know, based on DCS or whatever game you are playing is only a FRACTION of the REALITY of tactics protocol which is taught to A-10 drivers and then that, again, is a fraction of tactics taught at the 6-month USAF Weapons School. Keep that in mind the next time you feel inclined to disparage the A-10. You shouldn't be so quick to drink the cool-aid.
  22. This is news here in the States but Hawgs have been doing this for years in Europe and South Korea. Taken from Task and Purpose: https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-a-10-warthog-michigan-highway/
  23. We've got carriers with their deck crew but how about some Air Force Crew Chiefs marshaling their aircraft off the ramp to waiting Weapons Loaders on the Arm/Dearm ramps prior to takeoff?
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