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  1. Does anyone know who performed the voice of Whiplash and if so how I could get ahold of him for a campaign I am developing. Thank you in advance, John
  2. Question: Can I use Simpleradio as a "filter" for recorded voice transmissions (which I would use for single player missions). I was hoping to filter voice recordings to add a measure of realism for my missions. I apologize if this has already been covered. Thank you, John
  3. Hello, I'd really like to see a few callsigns added to 2.7 for a proper (A-10C) CSAR scenario (of which the A-10C is integral): A-10C - Sandy UH-60 (really HH-60 but...) - Pedro Jolly C-130 (really HC-130 but...) - King That's all. Thank you, John Any doubts? Refer (all available on the web and unclassified): AFDD 3-50, Personnel Recovery Operations AFTTP(I) 3-2.26 SURVIVAL, EVASION, AND RECOVERY AIR FORCE DOCTRINE 2–1.6 Combat Search and Rescue (Superseded by AFDD 3-50)
  4. I'm working on a A-10C II campaign and am having some difficulty in troubleshooting how and why the AI accumulates scores the way it does and also why it directs AI aircraft to not follow designated waypoints and general instructions, etc.? Is there a log file or something which documents what the program is doing during a mission? Thank you, John
  5. Thanks but coincidentally I do save to my Dropbox and was just able to recover a version history. Dropbox saved my a$$ again! Thanks again for the advice. Owe you a beer...
  6. Nope. Just tried that and No Joy. Still stopping (the load) at "Terrain Graphics Init: 97.caucasus.ng5" Teach me to not backup... Thanks anyway. Cheers
  7. Wanted to go back to 2.5 with this mission to prevent any backward compatibility problems (which occurred). Now, 2.5 gives me a warning when it attempts to open and then stalls when trying to open forcing me to shut down DCS through Task Manager. If anyone knows a way to make a mission backward compatible I would surely appreciate it.
  8. I'm working on a campaign for the A-10C and one thing that I think would enhance the experience would be a preflight briefing page. It could be nothing more than a visual of the inside of an Ops Briefing/Mission Planning Room but would allow for an audio commentary of the upcoming flight with a text overlay. This would allow for, say, an Intel briefing or maybe a SERE briefing or even a Maintenance briefing prior to stepping to the aircraft which is the way its done in the (U.S.) Air Force. I'm just drawing on my real-life Air Force experience but it just seems a bit rushed to go straight
  9. Awesome. Thank you. I'll see if I can get it to work.
  10. Thanks for the advice but I found a workaround for this problem. Not real pretty but it works.
  11. As I stated previously, I'm developing a series of missions (campaign) for the A-10C and would like to close the canopy at startup to prevent ambient airfield noise from preventing hearing of the (voice) briefing. Is there a way to close the canopy automatically when the mission starts? Thank you, John
  12. Hello, I'm developing a series of missions (campaign) for the A-10C and several of them will be CSAR type flights. Traditionally (going back to Vietnam) A-10C callsigns in the CAS role for CSAR has been Sandy. Is there a way I can add Sandy to the drop down list of callsigns? Thank you, John "Sarge" Schiller
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