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  1. We really need more attacker planes. Right now, the only one we have are A-10C, AV-8. Since I heard that Deka will not make Q-5, the red side really need an attacker. Also, I hope they can make ASM for A-10A too. If Su-25T is doable, it will be great too.
  2. Recently I heard a humor that ED is considering making ASM for MiG-29A. Is there a chance to do the same for Su-25A? Su-25A is an older plane than MiG-29A. If MiG-29A is doable, there shouldn't be a problem for Su-25A, right?
  3. This is just creepy. When you told me about the cyberstalking, I thought you were joking.
  4. Read the previous comments before reply. Kamov only did a $3 million worth of wind tunnel test job.
  5. The Five Most Capable Combat Jets of the Third Generation - Part Three: Shenyang J-8 https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/the-five-most-capable-combat-jets-of-the-third-generation-part-three-shenyang-j-8 It's an interesting read for people who are interested. Military Watch also always has interesting articles. I even found an article on J-9. It is unfortunate that it never made pass wind tunnel testing. https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/chengdu-j-9-china-s-over-ambitious-plan-for-an-advanced-multirole-fighter-which-inspired-a-new-generation For people who understand Ch
  6. hard facts? Do you mean your presumption on how the Chinese plane should be? At least I had my data from the manufacturer. Now show me your hard facts other than your subjective opinion. Showing your that subject opinion is not hard data is NOT an insult. You don't bother me, it is you who could not accept the world being anything other than the ones in your own script. Once again, don't avoid my question. Show me the hard data to prove to us that the manufacturer pamphlet is wrong. Until then you are just showing us how childish you are. I am actually intrigued, how old are you really?
  7. :lol::lol::lol::lol: lol with nothing to add, and no way to answer my question, you result in copying my phase used against you earlier? Can't even think of an original comeback? How pity
  8. :megalol::megalol:hehe, why don't you show me something that is not "manufacturer biased" sales poster?? Beside your claim that J-8F is just modified MiG-21 comment I mean? How do you know the sales post isn't an accurate representation of the plane itself? As far as I remember, the DCS JF-17 is way better than I imaged since I only had the "manufacturer biased pamphlets" on me, which didn't told much. So why don't you show me something more trust worthy than the official military sale pamphlet? You think the international weapon sale is like how you sell lemonade on your front yard where yo
  9. Have you study any thing about radar? They are similar because that was the only way to deflect radar wave. Unless we can change the law of physics, that is the conclusion of the research will always lead, just like a wheel will always be round to work. Go home and restart your primary education you little baby. Su-57 design? J-20 came out way ahead of Su-57. Sign....... it is hard to talk to those who is living in their own little world. You are evil. lol lol
  10. Yes, your the words you used were J-8, but the context of our conversation were on J-8F. So why don't you save the effort trying to dig a deeper hole for yourself. What are you trying to do now? Go back and edit your own comment? lol.:megalol: Wait, that will leave a mark below the comment with "edited on xx/xx/xxxx". lol
  11. Guys, I was researching online and stamped on something interesting about J-8F, the plane we would all love to have. So check this out. This poster was taken from one of those air show years back, when China was trying to sell it to Pakistan. But after Pakistan found out that US had a working example of J-8II via the peace pearl project, and know J-8II's fighting character, they decided not to purchase it. Never the less, the poster showed it has a datalink. This photo shows J-8F can carry a self protection jammer pod. Judging by the shape and colour, it could be the KG300G pod.
  12. :megalol::megalol: Which part of that was "trolling"? Or did you mean you were trolling? You hated every Chinese plane, so don't pretend all of sudden you want "to see Chinese made aircraft". Here are your own words And ignorantly claim J-8F was just a modified MiG-21 :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  13. Welcome back. Still living in your imaginary world? By the way, you still haven't answer my question from last time. "Can you show me an original designed Portugal fighter?" lol You ran from this question last time and stopped responding, can I get a straight answer now?
  14. lol, that's why you got your comment deleted? You only mentioned one time that you like Chinese made helicopter, and you only did that to avoid being noticed as sinophobia. Beside, since when did I ranting about " how different and superior Chinese versions are internally"?? You are the ignorant observer who claim that there is only some "internal difference between J-8F and MiG-21".:megalol:
  15. Feel free to just ignore him. If you analysis all his comments you will realise that he actually don't want any Chinese plane. Probably a sinophobia. By the way, can you pm me your name in your discord squadron? I can't find anyone called "TaxDollarsAtWork".
  16. lol ED just introduced another jet trainer. So why not this one? I say, let's have L-15. Since L-15 is so much advanced compared to other trainers in DCS, it is going to make all other trainers redundant. And no one would add more trainers afterwards. Besides, like I mentioned, unlike other trainers, L-15 can be used as a proper fighter.
  17. Sorry I was being too honest. :lol: Won't happen again.
  18. Depend on which version we are getting. If it is the J-8F we are hoping for, then it has a JL-8A x-band doppler pulse radar with 75km (some source says 70km) range for fighter size target. AA loadout will be PL-12 for BVR, PL-7, 8, and 9 for BWR. There is some source indicator it might be Russian missile compatible, but we can't confirm it, because no photo ever showed such loadout. AG loadout includes....... I don't remember the name, sorry. Basically, the laser-guided bomb and GPS guided glider bomb we have on JF-17, plus the Kh-31 series.
  19. You really couldn't just admit that you are wrong, don't you boy? First was about J-8 is just mig21, when that didn't work, all of sudden it's about not having the unique capability. I think that very much showed us your mindset. What F-16 has that F-18 doesn't? Why we need F-16? What can MiG-21 do that F-4 can't? Why do we need MiG-21? We buy those planes because we enjoy being in the pilots' shoes, and experience what they experience. We don't have a pure intercepted in DCS yet (unless you count P-47, hehehe). J-8 would be a great opportunity for us to experience 90s' interceptor pilot's
  20. That's why I was saying that he doesn't know what he was talking about. I doubt he even bothered to read at least the Wikipedia page on the topic. Felt like he was just venting whatever he feel the J-8 should be like. He felt that J-8 must be a variant of MiG-21 with some internal changes just because he felt that it looks like a MiG-21. Also judging by what he was saying, I don't think he knew that J-8 and J-8II series are 2 distinctive planes.
  21. Which info I provided were proven wrong? Yes, some of my comments were deleted because when people who were being racists I called them out on that. I still have admin's message to prove that. I think it was your info were proven wrong. Like $3 million dollar russian job made a helicopter a russia design. And J-10 being Lavi. The first one who claim that was Jane's and they deleted that article because they can't provide evident. That was very much the end of story. Go to Jane's website and search J-10 or Lavi and see if that article still there. Making sensitional statement without evident
  22. "Bias"? "Making them seem far greater"? I wasn't the one who claimed that just because Russian did $3 million worth of testing job on a helicopter, so that helicopter is "Russian designed". J-8 may have been "inspired" by MiG-21, but it has nothing to do with Su-15. This claim clearly showed that you had no knowledge of the topic that you are commenting on. When others were talking about J-8F, you jumped in and claim that was designed at the same time as F-15. Clearly, you don't know what you were talking about. You just vomit whatever you feel which fit your presumptive feelings. I don't
  23. heheheh, I don't think you know what you are talking about. Judging by all those comments you made before, I'd say you never actually took any time to research in Chinese planes. So please take some time to research before making comments like "J-8 looks like XXX", planes aren't defined by what they look like. In fact, all planes look the same, they all have 1 to 2 engines and 2 pairs of wings (except for mirage). Humans look like monkeys, so?? If you are too lazy to research on those topics before commenting, at least show some common decency to not show your bigotry towards Chinese.
  24. I know it may be hard for anyone to get enough info on the Su-30. If so, I just wish Deka to move on to the next module as quickly as possible. Preferably J-8F and J-7G. To me, with ASM, each of those module can easily worth $200.
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