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  1. I'd love to see a ASF-14 but is a concept, there only "guesstimates" about it so i don't believe that is ever a chance. ps: It's amazing how the ASF-14 would be ahead of this time with those avionics on early's 90:
  2. Dude, seriouslly... all this "super ammram" talk just shows that you don't know what you're saying, in the video I'm going to show you that the phoenix bug isn't the only one in the game, so what you say about this one? I've never heard anything about tactics to destroy air-to-air missiles, and DCS right now is that way. And another thing, Tomcats are never majority on pvp servers and I honestly do not believe that some tomcat driver spends the whole game searching for you, to make the game unplayable for you because there is a bug that may happen or not (unlike the bug of radars tracking other missiles) About Phoenix capabilities or Tomcat BIAS i believe in Heatblur work that they spent years researching with their SME`s, if you have something that prove that phoenix work like a straight line rocket please share with them, we "customers" only want the most realistic thing if is OP or not is not HB or our falt, but they cant do a plane exclusively to please you "The F-14 CSGO Edition" armed with clubs and forks on the wings and a airsoft gun to dont hurt you.
  3. All this time and you don`t learn how to defeat a phoenix? ATM phoenix is one of most easily missiles to defeat by notching in DCS, I play on pvp servers regularly and do not remember having died for any Phoenix without RWR warning (Not that the problem does not exist) but rather that it seems that you want to find an excuse for your inability to learn how to defeat an airplane full of weaknesses.
  4. It`s a problem to me fly the 14 now, unfortunately the FFB and tomcat are not working well, its sad because F-14 is reason why i play DCS, we can just wait for a fix or deactivate de FFB in DCS and fly without it. Also i only have this kind of problem with the 14, even the Viggen is working ok, so it`s not a hardware problem.
  5. You guys in future could sell it like the A-10C tank killer upgrade, i would think it's fair to pay for it, JDAM's will be a game changer in Tomcats A/G capability.
  6. Thank you for your reply Naquaii, So is normal the plane start with full foward trim? i ask because even the Viggen is starting centered.
  7. No need to apologize mate, any help is welcome! I`ve tried this too. its only revert the pitch but not center it, the most strange is that i don`t have this problem on other planes, they start with the stick centered.
  8. Hello Guys i know that not a priority and there is a low amount of players that use FFB devices today, but i have a G940 hotas and only on F-14 it wont start centered everytime that i enter the plane i have to trim it up because it start with full foward trim, on other planes i don`t have this problem, if you guys can check it later i would be thankful. https://streamable.com/682hzt Thank you for the hard work.
  9. Also actualy i fell no difference from our C to A models about countermeasures/notch resistance, is just a phoenix with less smoke.
  10. Did you guys changed something about drag? i noticed some minor improvement on F-14A without stores.
  11. In actual state of Phoenix physics to get a good pkill i use those ranges AIM-54A MK60 Below 15k FT = 15NM / Target at same altitude 20NM/ Target flying higher ------------------------------------------------- 15/25k FT = 20NM / Target at same altitude 30NM/ Target flying higher ------------------------------------------------- 25K FT+ = (check target aspect) at this altitudes you can try some long shots like 40nm To achieve a good pkill on long shots you need to be fast and high.
  12. I noticed a better behavior on phoenix trajectory, looks more smooth now (maybe ED did some changes as they are responsible for missiles API) Also the CMK47 is delaying to enter in pitbull atleast in small tgt size mode against AI (not testet on MP), wen it enters in pitbull is too late for missile maneuver effectively. (Amk47/mk60 are working ok!) ps: i will test more to see if is me or is a real problem Anyway looking foward for the updates, thank you guys.
  13. Thank you for update guys! i look foward to the improvements and the new modern jet, if there are 2 Grumman Jets now... why not have 2 SAAB jets with a Gripen C?
  14. Hello mates! Don`t know if it is a known bug but every time that i fire a sparrow F or M they don`t track the enemy, 10 of 10 times that i tried it wont work (master arm, missile prep on, tried pal lock and jester lock both dont guide the missile), and is very easy to reproduce just equip a 7m or 7f and try shoot. PS: MH version works normal. Video and track added: https://streamable.com/1bsc1o aim7.trk
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