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  1. Someone may correct me later, but as far as I know, training is only available for the A-10 and Mustang...


    If you're trying to train the Ka-50, there are no training missions so it just sits on the menu...

  2. Don't know if this is relevant, but I had the same thing happen (with the training ramp start mission) after ALT-TABbing out and back in... 2 seconds after tabbing back in, BOOM!


    Watching my replay, I noticed the tail "bumped" and she rolled forward a couple inches just prior to 'splodin'...

  3. If you install to the Program Files folder, you should run the setup.exe as Administrator (yes, even if your account already has administrator access).


    However, you can install outside of the Program Files to avoid this requirement, such as C:\Eagle Dynamics\...


    Or so I have been told... ;)

  4. I have flown most of the P-51 Training missions with no issue. After one session, the app crashed after flying the solo take off training.


    The next morning, the Traning Menu would not load.


    Through trial and error, I identified the culprit as "C:\Users\MyName\Saved Games\DCS\Mission Editor\temp_options.lua"


    If I delete this file, the Training Menu loads, the missions can be seen/flown again, and no other setting files need be deleted.


    Here is the relevant section of both files:


    Good (new) File:


    ["lastTraning"] =


    ["lastLesson"] = 5,

    ["CLSID"] = -1,

    ["lastTask"] = 2,

    }, -- end of ["lastTraning"]



    Bad File:

    (Note: the asterisks were added here, as I don't know if the number below is private information)

    ["lastTraning"] =


    ["lastLesson"] = 1,

    ["CLSID"] = "{8336A3D9-889F-4C0C-859C-************}",

    ["lastTask"] = 1,

    }, -- end of ["lastTraning"]

  5. Glad you find them useful. I'm not going to convert anymore of the manual. Its to time intensive and the cropped PDF is good enough.


    Creating a kindle book is dead easy with the orginal doc format, doing it from a PDF is not easy at all. Lets hope DCS either release a kindle friendly version or the doc file itself so the community can do it.




    Can I ask where you found the information for converting PDF to Kindle? I'd be interested to find out if I might be willing to give it a shot... No promises, of course!

  6. Personally, I would suggest the operations parts of the manual...


    I love the history and general design sections, but I can peruse those full screen when I'm not flying.


    How about from Stores (from pg. 56) through Supplements (through pg. 666)?


    And I do like the idea of having a separate document for each section!


    *Pending ED approval, of course! ;)

  7. In my experience, if the tutorial asks for a specific keystroke, then it will not advance until it recieves that keystroke...


    So in my opinion, yes, you will need to temporarily delete the second stage trigger assignment so that the space bar can be seen as the appropriate keystroke.


    Hope that helps!

  8. Not at home right now, so forgive, but...


    I found that you must use the keyboard to ativate whatever key command it is asking you to press (disengage autopilot ?? ) prior to locking up the target... You cannot use the HOTAS, or whatever other option you have...


    Sorry I can't be more specific... As I said, not at home, and haven't done this one for a while... ;)

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  9. I haven't used this particular functionality (in fact, I haven't even spent much time looking at tracks at all... ), so I can't say if I have it...


    I'm only basing the suggestion on some past experience with other titles and a similar glitch... (Old moldy, worn out tester... :) )


    And I'm sorry - I have to modify my post, since I can't find any option in game or nvidia panel to set the cursor hardware/software... I could have sworn it was available in the nvidia control panel... Must have been in the title I was thinking of, sorry!


    It may be buried in the LUA files, but I don't see a toggle anywhere convenient... :(

  10. Don't know if this breaks the sim elsewhere, but it is fairly simple to get it to show up in the training missions...


    Go to <sim root>DCS A-10C\Training\<en>\<whichever subdirectory you wish<I chose "Aircraft Operation">>\ and you will see numbered folders...


    Create a new folder using the next number (in Aicraft Operation, that's "5")...


    Copy the new mission into this folder and then copy the file "lesson.lua" from one of the other numbered folders into the new folder...


    Edit "lesson.lua" in the new folder to reflect the actual Filename, the Name you want to see in the menu, and the Description you want to see in the box... um... describing the mission (I just copied and pasted from the forum announcement), and the Keysort line to match the number of the folder, then save the file and start the sim...


    You should see the mission available in the training section along with all the others!


    I have NO IDEA if this violates the integrity of the sim (perhaps I shouldn't have posted it... Hmmmm... ), but it seems to work, and you only need to delete the folder you created when patching...


    Moderators, please feel free to delete this post if it is in any way inappropriate!

  11. Thanks for your reply...


    I was pretty sure that was going to be the answer... It didn't make a lot of sense that you'd throw failures in on top of all that learnin'! :)


    And truth be told, it doesn't happen all that often. I only brought it up because of that wacky CCIP pipper behaviour...


    I'll keep any eye on it and check in again if I have anything more to add!

  12. I have very rarely run into an issue during some of the training missions where a system or two seems to be all skiddlywhumpuss (to use the technical term... :smartass: )


    For example, the other day I ran the Guns and Rockets mission. Everything seemed to be operating normally, but when I made my first rocket pass, and started to close on the 2 mile range, instead of the range line unwinding on the CCIP reticle, the reticle itself "fell off" the bottom of the HUD and the CCIP gun cross popped up (though stationary) near the center of the HUD with an additional X across it. This behaviour persisted throughout the mission, always at the point where I would expect it to start unwinding...


    The next time I ran the mission, no problem!


    Kinda the same thing with the backup (analog) instruments... Sometimes they work fine, sometimes they spin wildly even with gentle manuevers...


    So, I'm wondering if failures are enabled in the training missions, or is there an issue (maybe with the temporary files... :huh: )?

  13. Please add my huzzahs!


    I kind of take those rear channel speakers for granted... until they're not there! It would/will add a ton (or tonne, if you ain't from 'round here :smilewink: ) of immersion if the sound of my engines actually came from behind me! :thumbup:


    And thanks for all your hard work!! I'm really enjoying this sim... :pilotfly:

  14. I'm late to this post, but I just wanted to add my encouragement! This sounds like not only a great idea, but a fantastic effort!


    I love the idea of the full hardcore mode... I would most like to go from ramp to ramp on every mission! You can never get too much of the basics...


    Hell, if you could figure out a way to let me wasd out to the ramp and climb into the plane, I'd love to do that too!


    I'm not in any position to help, but know you've got my moral support!



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