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  1. Very good point. I've gotten around it with some mod skins for aircraft, but really these should be standard!
  2. Also need some civilian style units, even if they are the standard Russian ones, please
  3. They are civilian units. Think vehicle-borne IED. I ended up working around the problem by using MIST to spawn a neutral country unit.... But, had invisible worked I could have units fly or drive past unaware until I wanted to bring them in to play by having a triggered action to get them moving and turn them visible, as needed. Sure I could just spawn it in using late activation, but a truck or car just magicking in when within visual range would be suspicious. I don’t have to worry about players as in my observation they don’t waste ordnance on clearly civilian vehicles.
  4. I've set a few units I didn't want to come into play until later, as invisible, using the invisible command in ME. It works as advertised with AI aircraft and vehicles, it would seem... however the AI gunners in my Huey can see it just fine. Track is attached. with a demo. Note the AI helicopter is set to ROE = weapons free, and ignores it as we pass by, I then loop back, set my door gunners to weapons free, and they blast the vehicle. door gunner issue.trk
  5. Never heard of rainy days? Streetlights are often on then.
  6. They also generally work by igniting an arc, or electrifying metal to a high degree of temperature. You can't touch many large lamps like spotlights etc for this reason... they are literally hundreds of degrees. So yes, they would be a problem I guess... how much I can't say. I guess that's where laser guidance or perhaps CCD rules.
  7. An analogy I thought of when speaking to a friend about this is its like a rope... if you flick one end up and down hard enough you can make a wave travel further and further.... if this guy is constantly going up and down at thousands of knots its going to go a long way. I don't know how the wake is calculated, but that might explain it.
  8. Bit of background, this is from a Through The Inferno server... big night lots of players. about half way through the whole flightline got wiped out... literally tossed around like there was a hurricane... terrain bug? What got me was there was 3 very loud sonic booms just before it started... I wondered if someone had done a multi-ship flypast at very low level, and there was a wake turbulence resonance or something. I thought it'd be cool if it was modelled at that level (reflection of waves) but thought it should not be that crazy. So I looked at the tacview… I think it speaks for itself. Any aircraft landed that was from a carrier... has the well known carrier bug where it yo yos. Note the standing wave set up on the flightline… and also note up in the sky where they had been flying around. Its almost like their wake didn't end.... just kept rolling. Video 1 Clients recalled seeing their airspeed on the F10 map going up to 999kts A bit more detail here The track file for this is massive, and thus probably wont work but I am guessing it might be reproducable pretty easy if you can get the carrier bug happening on an aircraft landing at a field and its vertical movement is huge (long way away, windy day at sea)
  9. Only fires ONE shot per command. Surely should be able to set it for a fire mission of X rounds, on a particular spot with a particular radius, like artillery. Yes I know its hardly the Missouri when it comes to naval gunfire, but I guess if you're on the beach you'll take what you can get if you need indirect fire support.
  10. In very long missions (like 6-8 hours playing time) where there are numerous engagements between ships and enemy aircraft, it would seem that the ships run out of missiles. This is of course quite realistic... but do they resupply and/or can they be pro-actively resupplied? It would seem that the 'warehouse' system seems to only pertain to ammunition used by the aircraft on ships, not the ships themselves. For example parking an M818 near a ground unit will resupply it with ammunition. I am guessing since there are no supply/logistics ships that this is currently not possible for ships. This also lends itself to the being able to place cargo on ships. As a perhaps faster, interim work-around, it'd be good to get the ships own missiles and ammo replenished when 'warehouse' resupply happens.
  11. Please see attached track file - note this is from a TTI server. http://voyager.hi-powered.net/files/dcs/issues/AirfieldLightingIssue.trk Note if the mission starts after dusk, lights work fine. The lights seem to work fine for everything except the airfield. It even works ok at FARPS Note also in the track I fly out to a tanker, and its lights do not turn on either. I don't show it in the file, but carrier lighting works fine - once you request landing, the carrier lights turn on. Strangely I have tried replicating this fresh and it doesn't seem to be an issue so there must be some other object(s) causing the issue?
  12. I reverted back to standard my beacons file for now, but I did however take a leaf out of your book to fix things in the interim, and amended the Jask entry to be 110X, and I added Liwa - thanks for that. That has - so far - fixed this issue.
  13. Hi I don't seem to have the problem any more. This is mostly because Bandar Abbas no longer has a TACAN - nor does JASK - although the real world data I have suggests that they do (78X and 110X respectively - per the links I have given, above) - have these been removed iRL? I guess historically too, if they were once there, if you wanted to have period-accuracy, they might need to be.
  14. Hi Firstly a disclaimer, I am not an aero navigation wizard - in particular when it comes to the relationship between TACAN channels and VOR? Some gurus might need to help out here. I noted some weird behaviour when I was flying with the Bandar Abbas TACAN setting of 78X, when I noted that it would move about, and occasionally change to JSK. I looked on the ME map at Bandar-e-Jask and its TACAN is the same, yet they are less than 200nm apart, which I believe is the minimum distance tacan is supposed to work for airfields. I did some checking on an air nav website and Bandar's frequency listed is correct for 78X (113.10 according to https://www.ntia.doc.gov/legacy/osmhome/redbook/4d.pdf page 4-175) although the VOR frequency seems to be different in the ME. http://ourairports.com/navaids/BND/Bandar_Abbass_TACAN_IR/#lat=27.216999053955078,lon=56.381099700927734,zoom=10,type=Satellite However Jask's as per the mission editor map is 116.30 - but has a TACAN symbol and 78X- it also says KHM … which is Qeshm however, so its even more confusing. When you start the mission, if you click on the Jask airfield, it says it has no TACAN but VOR is 116.30 In flight, leaving from Khasab it is most obvious there is a problem, the HSI changes direction from Bandar Abbas to Jask faster and faster the closer you get to Bandar Abbas, although the DME seems to show only the distance to Bandar Abbas. This is easily repeatable. This site seems to confirm JASK has TACAN and its VOR is on 116.30 http://ourairports.com/navaids/JSK/Jask_TACAN_IR/#lat=25.64620018005371,lon=57.78390121459961,zoom=10,type=Satellite However 116.30 relates to channel 110X... so should Jask be on 110X? This site seems to confirm so http://worldaerodata.com/wad.cgi?nav=JASK&nav_id=JSK&nav_type=3 Now the next strange thing is I have also noticed TACAN moving around for Al Minhad - it would seem to change ends of the runway. I am guessing it is something similar and I will have to find whatever happens to be in that direction and see there is a similar issue there as well. tacan issue.trk
  15. Well it seems someone heard my call... partially? The ZSU-23-4 is now available... albeit without a desert skin, but its a start :)
  16. Ironwulf


    @Nineline - seems the ship issue has been nailed down, please see this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=235637
  17. Can confirm on any MSAA setting except off, water is effected when dust/smoke is on
  18. My MSAA is set to 2x... I will try turning it off and see if I get the same result.
  19. Will there be (better?) helo support on the new carrier - spawn points and such, as a minimum? I imagine the deck crew might be challenge too.
  20. SwiftWin9s .. any luck?
  21. Oh I am aware WP0 (and all the other ones) automagically make it in there by what is assumed to be a rudimentary DTC... I guess my point is the system doesn't go 'align to where I am once you work out where that is by an external means' - except perhaps in IFA mode, or CV mode.
  22. Well WP0 is meant to be in the DTC and it aligns to that, however even manually entering it doesn't change that. Also this doesn't *only* work for "USA" It also works for "Australia" - confirmed and tested myself.
  23. Not true mate. I connect to two TTI servers here - one with mission date 1986 and one 2011 1986 doesn't work 2011 does. So, its not the client end.
  24. @boscoh I was working on a new mission just before the update, its mission date was 5 October 1996. It had the issue. Set it forward to 5 October 2001 and it was fixed. Set it back to 5 October 1996, still works. This was in an Australian Hornet too, so there's no Country based issue that I can see.
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