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  1. It worked in 2.5.5... stopped working in 2.5.6
  2. Along the same lines as what Pikesy is talking about, it would be good to release a scripting engine changelog in a similar fashion to the regular changelog - documenting new or enhanced functions, return values, etc. Additionally, it'd be good to get a heads up in advance that these might be changed so script coders and users can be ready for them. Just a thought...
  3. For some time now when most major updates come out it causes problems with warehouse logistics if they are not set to unlimited resources Please see attached video demonstrating it
  4. New functions to increase the weight of the helo using LUA have been revealed in 2.5.6
  5. Had a few mates say they actually had an improvement with steam - on Oculus.
  6. The makers of the SA-15 (so yeah ok take with a grain of salt) claim they can indeed shoot down a JSOW. It follows logically it should also be able to shoot down a JDAM, but that isnt modelled.
  7. Tanguska also tries to shoot it down with guns.
  8. oh I agree it is an area engagement... but its terribly bad when they are an AI crew in an AI helo, compared to AI gunners in player helo.
  9. Oh don’t get me wrong a flyable one would be fun, but that’s a big stretch... but an AI greyhound can’t be too difficult. It doesn’t even need combat systems or even countermeasures, as I don’t think it has any IRL... although I am sure they could bodge-tech a flare dispenser if pressed.
  10. Yes like that mod, but officially supported, and yes for immersion and logistics (simulated or actual) - is: shoot down the greyhound, no resupply for carrier weapons etc.
  11. CA users do not get Fog of War if the map is set 'Allies only', unfortunately
  12. Bear in mind ones without thermal/IR imaging sights - like troops - cannot lase at night.
  13. This is a wishlist, not a bug report. ;)
  14. HARMs do very little damage to ships - even real life, but in dense arrays of antennae, it could lay waste to EW systems. Can this please be modelled?
  15. Can this please get fixed? I am tired of my blue units getting sunk like sitting ducks, whilst I cant even get an AGM-84D remotely close to theirs. I do note the Chinese units dont defend against the AGM-84S from ships, so that probably needs fixing too.
  16. I don't doubt many are happy with a HARM that goes further - especially compared to the previous iteration of TOO mode. I just don't think it is realistic. What is the point of the F-16 HTS (or its F/A-18 equivalent in TAS), if HARM can work out distance to target by itself?
  17. They do not work, as AI, using the FAC task, at night.
  18. I forgot to add... it should also be able to lase at NIGHT. It'd also be beneficial if it could to laser marker and IR marker at same time.
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