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  1. We have had this happen a number of times in testing however have not been able to replicate reliably with a short track. We've got a bunch of regression testing coming up, I will try and catch it early by focussing on LGBs initially
  2. The test was conducted in TOO mode, using steerpoints since - to my knowledge - PrePlanned mode was not mentioned. Yes it was done on an internal build.
  3. Hi Obi and I performed the test, with a 3rd tester in spectators, and neither of us could get the desynch to happen on multiple launches.
  4. A static activate trigger already exists. Agree with those that say a static deactivate would also be needed.
  5. I should offer a slight correction in that if you have non-metric units, turbulence will be in increments of 0.1 ft/sec. 1 foot per second is approx 0.6knots. The maximum you can set in the mission editor is 197 or 19.7ft/sec which is approx 12 knots.
  6. So just to be clear, you put 250 in the turbulence section? Because per the manual, it says that the turbulence is in 0.1m/sec increments. 1m/sec approx equals 2kts
  7. Right click on a map object, click 'assign as' It will create a zone around the map object which you can name. This name will then be available in the dead zone drop down. Dead zone will detect if that map object is dead.
  8. Here's a question for you to waffle a response on: What are your precise qualifications to judge the aerodynamic capabilities and flight dynamics of this aircraft? To make it easier for you, I'll help you break it down by using sub-questions: 1. Do you have a CPL or equivalent helicopter license? 1b. How many hours? 2. Was any of it in a Gazelle? 2b. How many hours? 3. If not, was it in a helicopter similar to a Gazelle - similar weight, power, rotor system, and with the same sorts of flight controls, autopilot and stability enhancements? Please state model and type. 4. D
  9. Fixed. I wrote that at 2:20am local time. I was a little tired.
  10. Never had a problem with the Gazelle once i took the time to master it... mostly because I didnt expect it to fly like a Huey or an Mi-8. To me, it behaves exactly as a lightweight helicopter should. I've yet to see anyone who has actually flown a gazelle say 'wait, this is nothing like reality'.
  11. Edit: I should note that the below is my own personal opinion. It should be noted that 'carry' does not mean 'launch'. We've had loadies here confirm it could definitely carry 4, but it could not use 4. The Edwards bird shows this. If you had a flight of 4 F-16s going somewhere for an exercise and wanted 16 HARMs for them to use... you could... have them go pylons only, ship the harms by whatever the normal means are (air/road/ship). Have them carry 2, and ship the other 8. Or you could just load them with 4, which they can carry but not use - but in ferrying you're not going to us
  12. I think you will find you do need to undesignate. This was not the case previously, but it is now.
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