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  1. Hmmm MFP looks like way to go over DX1, having win7 support. But CH wont ship out of US it seems and oz prices for it are obscene :( Will need to look for US retailer...
  2. Light at the end of the tunnel, could be coming soon. I have one available, though extra shipping in oz could make it prohibitive http://www.vaaf.net/forum/index.php?topic=874.45
  3. so how on earth do we get this all working? WIthout any Target s/w installed, the Hotas worked nicely in game (except the trim hat - unsure why ED didnt enable that). Obviously i want PTT and trackir reset working too so... With Target installed but profile not executing, most of the buttons on the Hotas cease to work in game. I can map them individually in game but i presume one cannot map certain functions like ALT/HDG and Flaps->Mvr since theyre the 'off' position of their corresponding switch. With Target installed with a profile executing that has Gear/TrackirReset/PTT mapped to keys only, all the other buttons arent working ni game. I can map *some* in the game options menu, but some cannot (china hat in particular). Surely we dont need to assign a keyboard key to China Hat fwd (for example), and then create a Target event generating the same key from the China Hat fwd button???
  4. seen this intermittantly too, in win7 32 and 64 bit, with and without target s/w installed. another USB port works, then going back to original port is ok
  5. works out the box in a10c, plug n play
  6. id recommend dual booting XP and whichever Windows7 you put on. the reason i have all 3 o/s on my pC is that some of my games run much better on one of the o/s's. on my machine: FSX/ARMA2/Blackshark/Flaming Cliffs2 run best under xp32 DCSA10 runs better with either win7 Crysis/BFBC2/DragonAge etc run extremely well under win7x64 Im sure every machine out there might have different results, depending on gfx settings, resolution played you prefer etc...its just nice to have the various o/s there so I can experiment whats best rather than lock myself into 1 o/s and wonder why my game isnt going as fast as others are claiming.
  7. gaming pc (gtx295coop, i7-920@4, 6gb ram) has xp32/win7x86/win7x64 on it. both win7's play dcs-10c identically performance wise, but better than xp32 (which stuttered a little, slightly lower framerates)
  8. i did something that looks similar to shu77s setup with softth2.0.3,except my MFDs were stuck on at top of 2nd monitor, and it worked. Win7x32 and beta2 1920x1080 main screen, 1680x1050 2nd screen. Problem with framerates still since it wants to render full width /height of both screens (depending on orientation)...prob cause its fullscreen mode. DCS needs a smarter way to render these MFDs/ABRIS etc on secondary screens, esp now offtheshelf hardware exists to support them in pits (thrustmaster frames)
  9. shopblt and SCS have both shipped 1 to me (enroute still). V.happy with the shopblt price...could have almost got 2 from them alone and fallen under the $1000 duty limit
  10. i only preordered mine with shopBLT last week, and got the email today too saying its ready (With the $405 price mentioned in it) also got email from SCS...when it rains it pours :) dont think i'll have too much trouble offloading one of them in oz.
  11. how much was Stephen Hawking paid to do the voice for 'Shell' ?
  12. its probably going to stay on 4 until they open up shop tomorrow and start processing the 100+ new orders from shopBLT 'customers'
  13. only 70 orders, 172 incoming now... they've had some in and started shipping ? loads of people cancelled and theyve adjusted their incoming order accordingly? they've culled the $404 preorder orders ?
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