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  1. ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.2.0 / 1.0.2 (Syria) - Moose update - Reworked the entire task system, no more subscribing and 100 menús, now each task spawn a map marker and create a single menu with target coords info. nothing more The map marker will be deleted when all task targets are destroyed, the menú is also going to be deleted and created again if a new task pop ups. - Added a new option to manually create Helicopter task - Added a timer for A2G dead sound fx's - Reworked my "it's over 9000" script -- still explosions are quite OP - Added FARP Tacan beacons to NTTR, Caucasus and Gulf maps
  2. ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.1.9 - Moose update - Added a new mission editor options to turn ON / OFF JTAC smoke - Minor script changes
  3. some update... changed naval units names, so a few templates banished from the mission editor, 6 in total, all ships from china... It's currently fixed, sry for not patching it as quick as always, I'm going through a hard illness and honestly i'm trying to stay away from this chair... GL guys and have fun
  4. Hey there! JTAC on this mission are spawned dynamically after a task target group spawns, i haven't made an option for end users to turn OFF the smoke atm, and the coding line for how they work is not on the .lua file u've edited, it's in the "core" .lua itself. Maybe u are the same user who asked for this on user files, i read all msgs, and i don't ignore suggestions like yours, be patient, i'll come up with something in the end. :smilewink:
  5. ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.1.7 - Reworked all mission menus - Added a new option to spawn Enemy CAPs - Reworked the spawns of allied CAPs - Removed AIRBOSS (it wont come back) - Restored some missing mission editor options on NTTR map - Reflected AIRBOSS changes on Knee Board pages - Now if CSAR is enabled, you can set a timer for spawn rescue missions, basically i'm just spawning a plane with 0 fuel, so, instant ejection, no more watching the allied planes fight waiting to an enemy score a death to generate a rescue mission :) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Gulf) The Round Tab
  6. Thanks for report, since i don't do THAT much Carrier ops maybe i miss this kind of stuff. lemme run a few test in both maps and see what happens :thumbup: Hola! Podés hablar en español si te cuesta mucho el inglés... Hice una guía, bastante gráfica en pdf que enseña a usar la misión, no hay ninguna edición al archivo "missionscripting.lua" envuelta en el proceso de uso. La misión esta lejos de ser "compleja" los templates son estáticos el mas grande de todos tiene 80 unidades QUE NO REACCIONAN porque de hacerlo te tumbarian la maquina en single player, y las unidades aéreas que
  7. Hey there, this is not TTI, Deadly and I did similar missions but he was the first one, and both uses different ways and tools to direct players to missions. I know he was using Ciribob JTAC script to lase targets like i do now (i was using MOOSE Auto lase), but honestly i think that's not the problem, im also an A2G pilot and didn't see that bomb behavior btw, at least on my end... i'll test more. EDIT: wait a minute "F-14, GBU-10s, Litening Pod, Point Track, self-lased lased target on level ground." are u using the Auto Lase or manual lase after release? remember that there is sc
  8. Yw buddy, 2.1.6 has some Q.O.L. changes if you are a VR user :thumbup: Have a good one!
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/gwyf8u/call_me_crazy_but_i_am_pretty_sure_this_shouldnt/?%24deep_link=true&correlation_id=71a89e9c-5a2c-4ef2-b09b-973c51685940&ref=email_digest&ref_campaign=email_digest&ref_source=email&utm_content=post_title&utm_medium=digest&utm_name=top_posts&utm_source=email&utm_term=day&%243p=e_as&%24original_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fhoggit%2Fcomments%2Fgwyf8u%2Fcall_me_crazy_but_i_am_pretty_sure_this_shouldnt%2F%3F%24deep_link%3Dtrue%26correlation_id%3D71a89e9c-5a2c-4ef2-b09b-973c51685940%26ref%3Demail_dig
  10. ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.1.6 - Added A2G tasking system for HELOS (Simple Strikes for now), it's standalone, you can have it disabled if you want. - Created a whole new set of spawn locations for helicopter exclusive tasks, much more closer than the ones for planes (40 new spawn points) - Created more targets templates for helicopter tasks - Removed a lot of annoying msgs - Removed the JTAC MENU - Disabled almost all JTAC update msgs - Because the 2 lines of above, added info about the jtac code on the kneeboard - Turned OFF Command Center notifications (yeah the big wall of text when you
  11. Hey there Martin, you can change 'em on the lua, yes, but those changes of course are not going to be reflected on the knee board pages... that's why i don't make radios / tacans of support units "editable" via mission editor.
  12. yeah, i'll turn 'em off later, indeed they are for debugging and you are all my beta testers :P jokes aside, i leave 'em ON in in the last update cuz i know some ppl uploading videos on YT and since i cant play my own mission but i can watch a gameplay it's a good feedback for me to know what is working and what is not without falling in the need of directly talk to some users, asking them for logs and stuff... I sincerely apologize for that, i'll shut 'em off in the next 1 or 2 updates :thumbup:
  13. yeah, it was a typo in the callback function to spawn them :doh: already fixed it, sry for that, just updated the files in the userfiles section, not going to make a version change for that tiny little fix. thanks for report buddy
  14. ★ CHANGELOG VER 2.1.5 - More sound issues fixed - Tweaks on some enemy / allied spawn locations - Added a new function to destroy AI when they land (actually i upgraded the method i was using with a function) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Gulf) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (Caucasus) The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (NTTR)
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