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  1. Yup, I do a Request to Land call and get nothing. I read someplace that the RtL call inside of 5.5 miles will trigger the lights. I’ve been mindful of that, and still no lights. Tried to land with NVGs, and that’s no fun. Sort of sucks because I’ve been working hard at night opns. I’m comfortable with airfield departures and aerial refueling, but nighttime carrier recoveries are still missing. Thoughts?
  2. tkamba - Thanks that makes sense. It's just strangely worded. One would think that it would tell you what you shot down or damaged.
  3. In both Single Player and Multiplayer, playing a BLUE FA-18C Hornet, I can track and engage a target that has been clearly identified as hostile, e.g. it is a red icon on my radar and SA page. I engage and shoot it down, and I get a message up in the upper-left corner of my screen that an "Unknown FA-18 Hornet" has either been damaged or destroyed? This freaked me out initially. I'm not aware of any Red Hornets, so why am I getting that message? I check in TacView, and the destroyed target is in fact a Mig or some other Red acft, not a Hornet. Am I miss-reading something? eric
  4. Sorry, not actually "clicks", just successive stabs at the hat switch on the top of the FA-18 stick. That puts me in the ballpark for the trim I want for AOA. After that, it might be a stab up or down to dial it in.
  5. I drop gear and flaps at 250. Then I apply fwd pressure on the stick to prevent the jet from ballooning. As the speed comes down, I release the fwd pressure slowly, and also begin to trim of AOA. On my TM FA-18 stick, I've found that AOA can be trimmed with 5-7 downward clicks of the hat button that controls pitch trim. I watch the speed continue to come down and around 140 knots I add throttle to "catch" the AOA. It's all throttle for pitch from there on out. It took an untold number of straight-in approaches to sort all of that out. Now I can get it all done on a short
  6. I manually adjust the bingo level by half each time a reach it. That way my fuel level remains sort of top-of-mind.
  7. One of the lads (RedKite?) has an excellent video on this. I took his advice and set up two profiles , #1 for chaff and #5 for flares. The red rocker on my TH Warthog throttle: forward = chaf and back=flares. Next, I use the mod that automatically loads those profiles each time I get in the jet. Its a PIA to have to reprogram the countermeasures each time, so the mod is super- useful.
  8. Yup, the black wheel has no electronics. I'm playing with how to map some of the switches on the TM Warthog Throttle base for the Hornet. I've decided to map the Flashlight and NGVs to the two switches near the front of the black box. The NVG Gain is mapped to my up/down arrows, since I don't use the keyboard to fly. At the back of the black box I have Landing Gear, Hook Up/Down, and Active Pause mapped.
  9. On an FA-18, what are ppl using the friction dial on the front TM Warthog throttle for? Can it be mapped? Was considering mapping NVG gain to it. I’m not talking about the dial on the side, which works well fro mapping zoom view.
  10. Major props for that. That was super-impressive!! I'm still trying to tank in daylight, ideal conditions. Gives me something to aim for.
  11. Stupid question. How do I update to the hot fix?
  12. Yup, that works. If you hold the PTT down longer after the command, the game executes the command. Problem now is that if I say "Options" and hold the PTT down longer, as the options menu will appear on the screen, but will disappear as soon as I release the PTT.
  13. Got it. I don't have a RIO, so I didn't see it. Thanks.
  14. We're removing "Stop VoiceAttack listening" from Transmit TX1 press AND Transmit TX1 release? Both the press and release lines in the profile?
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