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  1. @lefuneste01 Huh. I did a repair, then added the mod to JSGME, installed only it to the install/bin and nothing came up.. Any ideas?
  2. I am unable to get the latest beta version of this mod with the latest version of DCS Open Beta, anyone else, or am I fucking up?
  3. Hey, I think with the latest patch there's an issueWith the bullseye waypoint Indicator. Not a complaint, just Something to look at when you get a chance
  4. I seem to have fixed it with a reinstall of voice attack and vaicom pro. I do have a new one though: What are the correct tab names for the keeboard? I have "AWACS Page", "Log Page", "Tanker Page", "Crystal Palace Page" (that was a hard one to work out), "Show Notes", but I can't work out ATO, ATC, or REF. There also doesn't seem to be anything in the FAQ or manual saying what therse are.
  5. I am having issues with Viacom looking like it's reinitializing the mission frequently and stopping comms because of that, also it's crashing with VoiceAttack while using the kneeboard. Logs attached. I can't see anything regarding the crash in there, but you can see the mission info frequently popping up and stopping listening. VAICOMPRO.log
  6. A friend and I saw exactly the same behaviour over the last few days. It seems as though the radar loses the track briefly, with old updates still ghosting for a while and this causes the STT/TWS and it has to rebuild the track file.
  7. If anyone wants a drop in and play IADS network, I developed one for Operation Enduring Odyssey, the server I run with some others in VMFA-169. There are others, but this requires no naming convention changes, it just uses the existing groups from the ME, classifies them as sites/EWR by their composition and goes from there. The default settings are that any SAM site within 80km of an EWR is controlled by said EWR, only turning on if ordered to do so by the EWR detecting a hostile aircraft within a defined activation radius of the site based on its type. It also handles uncontrolled
  8. Hi Blue73! Seems like you're doing amazing work! I'm sure you get a lot of people annoying you about this, but I'm 3/4 of my way through building a dedicated simpit and I would love to use some of your work here to really take it the extra mile. Is there any ETA on release? Could you see your way to releasing some parts that are more finished? Thanks! Wheelyjoe
  9. Clear water and IC pass version, latest for that and DCS OB
  10. It's persisted through a repair and reinstall of the shader mod.
  11. Long freeze causing VR crash Hi, had this happen a couple of times in the last few days. I can only assume it's this mod as I believe it's the only shaders edits I have in the game right now. Any ideas what I can do to fix it?
  12. Mirage Radar instantly dropping tracks in multi-bar search mode. Mirage radar seems to currently be affected by a bug whereby the radar display only shows contacts inside the bar that is currently being scanned. For example, if the radar is set to operate a four bar scan, and a contact is detected inside bar two of that scan, the contact will only display on the radar screen for the length of time that the radar takes to complete that bar. As soon as the radar moves to scan bar three, the contact instantly and completely fades from the display, and is picked up again the next time the radar
  13. Loving AIRIO so far, but is there any way to get custom waypoints in other than the ME?
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