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  1. Ebein

    Easy mode AAR

    Funny how this typically draws down to either Git-Gud or turn on unlimited fuel. As stated most of my pilots AAR with little issue, but several of our guys fly with their 70-80 year old fathers and since we cant turn on unlimited fuel on a pilot by pilot basis an option where they can still join us on longer missions is what I'm asking for.
  2. Just waiting for Pre-Order to hit steam...
  3. My squadron has several 70+ pilots (2 @ 80yo), and while I expect most of my squadron pilots to be able to AAR in their 'primary' airframe, I don't have the expectation that my older pilots are able to. For many of them it is their first SIM and first video game period. It would be nice if we had an option to allow an easy mode AAR so we could design more of our campaign missions with AAR. I would suggest either an autopilot AAR, or preferably ( and probably easier to implement ) a radius based AAR, if you are within X meters of the tanker you get refueled, only allowing AAR wi
  4. Require a layered texture template for any new aircraft released. And add texture templates for all units in the game. Help DCS skinners add to the game. We have aircraft that have been out for years now still w/o a useful template. My squadron flies a wide variety of aircraft and I create a new livery for every campaign we fly (2-3 per year) making similar liveries for each airframe that are included in that particular campaign, unfortunately several do not have a useful template to build from. Ebein Tides VFA-106 Gladiators
  5. Ebein

    LOGS update

    My squadron uses the DCS log and tacview log to capture data about our weekly campaign missions. Neither provide the data we would like to collect and a more verbose log system would help us parse the logs easier. Currently we parse the logs by cutting and pasting the logs into a complex excel spreadsheet that collates the data. Eventually we will write a stand alone application to do the same and also keep track of per pilot data, however we are waiting until 2.7 & vulkan to drop as we expect some significant changes in log data. Data we would like to see in updated logs(mu
  6. No official template still...
  7. A properly layered template of all of the assets they add to the game would be more useful then the community can add all the skins we want. Viggen has been out for years and no official template, No official template for F-14 either. There is a 'paint kit' for the F-14 made by a dedicated player but has no mesh layer to help you figure out where pieces go
  8. Ebein


    Yeah we need a layered Template asap.
  9. Can you make those available as .dxf or .xtp/.step? Creo wont even show the files as openable. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll poke around and see what i can find.
  11. See attached JPG. I copied parts of the tail and nose, that in GIMP are the same color ( color picker ) yet the nose shows up as almost entirely black ( everything shows as somewhat darker ) compared to all the other textures on the model. I cant figure out what i could be doing wrong, Havent had an issue like this with the Hornet & A-10 skins ive done. Thanks,
  12. My Squadron and I have been flying(testing) this on and off for a couple weeks. A few questions/suggestions. A. Is there a way to create a custom faction or two? B. We regularly have 8-12 pilots flying in our Sunday campaign, We would like to run Liberation in the future, will the force multiplier be re-enabled in the near future? There are nowhere near enough targets for our group in its current state. C. We flew a Full Map mission from Liwa, and had No enemy CAP show up, a bunch of planes spawned at the nearest enemy airfield but never moved. We killed them on the ground.
  13. On the bright side, I've had at least one Gladiators server up for nearly 2 years, and yesterday was the first time I had to ban someone for purposely attacking friendlies. I can kick a player from the webGUI, but noone ever shows up in the 'banned' page, and I cant find any ban list / ban file that I can add names to. I also run multiple servers, so can we locate a file where all the servers can point to the ban list? Thanks!
  14. We pause the servers when noone is on, and we have a mission reset target near the 'starting base', I also do at least weekly restart of our servers.
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