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  1. Hey to all Well, I have create a mission in which I have a couple of problems 1. Despite 8 packages of SEAD, SAMs still fire misslies, even though their radars are off 2. Strike packages especially F15E when they reach their turning point of engage their targets, they turn to Home Base (maybe because there are some missiles that are not dead yet) 3. Apaches do not engage what from the SAMs has left but turn around all the time 4. Last but not least the B2 spirit also does not execute bombing but flies away I attach mission's miz. A
  2. Hey to all is it possible to achieve sead of SA 3-6-11 with Apache in low flight level or is gonna be a destruction? Thanx
  3. Hey to all I struggle to do air refueling with the tomcat while I have no problem with other aircrafts. I find very difficult to achieve the same speed since the engines are very fast in throttle movement, I use hotas wathog, any idea about curves in stick and throttle? Thanx
  4. joojoo


    Hey to all Is there any possibility of EA6b prowler in the future? even as an AI Thanx
  5. Hey to all Is it possible for the AWACS to inform us about SAM installation or enemy vehicles ecxept from enemy planes? Thanx
  6. Hey to all I try to set up a rescue helo in my mission but it does not work anymore. The script is ok but maybe there is a newer version of moose, can anyone sent me the script in order to double check? Thanx
  7. joojoo


    Hey to all Could I change the helmets of my liveries to more contemporary like Jolly Rogers in the pic?
  8. Hey to all Is there the ability of air refueling from RIO seat? Thanx
  9. Hey to all What about is the landing refueling option in a wp in ME? Thanx
  10. Dear @James Corbett I don't think that landing ReFu option works like this
  11. Hey to all Is there an offshet 10,20 or 30 degrees in the marshall stack during Case II,III or the marshal is directly behind the boat? I also want to ask if there are different cameras in the ship such as LSO cam, maybe a bridge or a bubble cam? Thanx
  12. Is there the ability to change weather conditions during the same mission? Thanx
  13. Hey to all o like to ask if there is the possibility for an AI aircraft to land/refueling and take off again from a field/carrier. What is the choice of landing/refueling in ME? Thanx
  14. joojoo


    but nothing at the moment?
  15. joojoo


    hey to all is there any chance to find T45 goshawk? Thanx
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