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  1. Just saw this in the News forum Keeping fingers crossed that this announcements means they've fixed this issue.
  2. Thanks Flagrum, I didn't realized the JSGME works with 1.5.
  3. Hello, After having installed a terrain texture mod, what is the best way to restore DCS textures back to their originals? Does the repair executable do that? Thanks,
  4. Hello everyone, What is the difference between the campaign that is being sold here and the campaigns that are shown on the user files page? If you purchase the campaign on the e-shop can you use the same license key for the other A-10C qualification campaigns? Thanks
  5. For me it depends on whether the Gods favour me that day or not. Either way it's terrible, it's akin to the gun not working in the A-10 module (for me at least).
  6. Yup. Unless you ground stabilize the reticle right over the target good luck making adjustments to get it there and having enough time to fire off a shot.
  7. There may be a way to change the label to a dot (not sure about changing the colour) without all of the extra information. Have a look at the location of one of the label files in this post. I haven't checked the file myself, but there might be a configuration that you're looking for.
  8. Dispensing flares will help. Also, did you turn on your IR Jammer? LSHIFT+E I believe that is the key command.
  9. I think what most people are trying to say (myself included) is that after ground stabilizing and entering a dive (not a shallow dive) when you press the key to move the pipper to the left, right, up or down the pipper moves diagonally or doesn't move at all (in the case of moving down). So making finer adjustments as you wait for your missile to hit the target, sometimes means you move the pipper out of position. And without consistent movement it's hard to get it back into position in time. I've tried this out and I can confirm it's still a problem in 2.0. One of the testers confirmed it's a bug (http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2356979&postcount=16).
  10. Yes, I'm using IR LEDs I have a Microsoft Lifecam (can't remember the model number off hand). I followed the instructions in the FreeTrack documentation and removed the camera filter as specified and I have a floppy disk film over top of the lens. Did you change any settings in OT to have your camera only pickup the IR spectrum? Regarding the Z axis, it just seems odd that the closer to 90 degree rotation on the x-axis the further it zooms out on the z-axis. I will keep messing around though to see if I can get it just right.
  11. I understand your pain pepin1234. Do you have any texture mods installed? The picture you took kind of reminds me of the low and slow mod. Spotting vehicles in the tree textures can be extremely difficult. I can imagine it still being a challenge using the shkval in the SU-25T. I found 3 vehicles but that's because the image is stationary, in a moving jet it would be much more difficult I don't believe there is any setting that will make spotting vehicles any easier. However comparing DCS viewing distance to a real life picture isn't fair either. Depending on the threat you can try to do a low and fast pass. See if anything shoots up at you. keep you eye on it and try to remember any landmarks (or a reference point). Circle back again and spray the area with some rockets.
  12. Thanks for the tips everyone. I got OT working to a decent state. I ran into a couple of issues that I'm not sure how to resolve. 1) I have a ceiling light in this room. In Freetrack when I change the Color space / Compression to I420 it doesn't pick up the extra light. However I'm unable to find a similar setting in OT any ideas? Other than playing in the dark. 2) When I turn my head left or right, the camers seems to zoom out ever so slightly. I'm wondering if anyone else had that issue and how you went about solving it?
  13. Thanks everyone for replying. I will give OT a more thorough try. Hopefully I can get it working just right. If anyone has any FreeTrack tips for getting it to work with 2.0 I'm all ears ;)
  14. Hello Bourrinopathe. Thanks for the reply. Regarding OT. I didn't change any of the filters. To be honest I was quickly (lazily) looking for some documentation but didn't find anything. The issue I had was that the movement in DCS lagged behind. When I moved my head all the way to one side, from what I could understand is that is sensed that I was turning my head greater than 180 degrees, but it would not return back to the same position when I turned back to the center. Another issue I noticed is that in when I had the OT window open, the imaged showed 2 green (+) crosses and one red cross. I wasn't sure what this mean. However when I turned my head sometimes the red cross would go green but but another cross would go red. For example +(green) +(green) +(red) I would turn my head to the left 90 degrees +(green) +(red) +(green)
  15. I'm using Freetrack, with a 3 point tracking headset, with DCS 2.0. Copied over the files from this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114706 into Program files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World 2 OpenAlpha/bin but I'm having no luck. I tried OpenTrack and it worked without any modification however the tracking didn't work as well as Freetrack has worked for me in the past. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  16. I forgot to add... Whether to remove them from memory is best practice or not, depends on the situation. There are times when leaving a destroyed target's coordinates works well. Especially if you are tracking a group. You designate one target of that group, destroy that target and remove the target from memory. Something unexpected happens to take your attention away (say you stray too close to the target and find yourself within the engagement zone of an enemy) and you are forced to pull an evasive maneuver. Now you try to get eyes on the target group. You may see the smoke, but if for some reason you can't see it, then you'll be scanning the terrain all over again for where your targets are. In this case, leaving the target in memory would have been a good idea, so that you can quick align yourself and slew your shkval over to the coordinates.
  17. The target coordinates stay in memory, regardless of whether the target is destroyed or moves to a new location. You will have to manually remove the data linked target from memory.
  18. russiandivxclub has shown this problem perfectly. There are cases where the target designator won't move in a horizontal direction at all. I haven't tried adjusting the target designator after the missile has been released. But if the symptons are the same, I can't imagine how adjusting after the missile is release will work if the movement of the TD is in erratic ways :mad:
  19. Also check to see if this bug is reported in the proper forms ( http://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=185 ) so that it's documented properly.
  20. This is very true. A lot of the missions on the servers are meant for aircraft of certain capabilities. The SU-25A is usually not the best suited for these. While it's possible to get in and out, but you'll be looking to do 1 or 2 passes at the target and getting out before you run out of countermeasures. Also keep in mind some mission briefings just aren't detailed enough to tell you about the expected threats. Like most people said the role of the aircraft is close air support, so you typically know exactly where the opposition is and in communication with a ground commander coordinating an air strike with the proper support pieces. If you go in solo then try to fly just outside of the target area to identify any tracer fire (or missile trails) coming from the ground up. Weave in and out of the target area to try and draw fire (works best with a wingman of course), find your target, take it out, get it out and rearm. Also, try not to load ordinance that is too close to your max load, this will increase your maneuverability and also increase your flight range. I do wish we'll some day get a PFM SU-25A. :music_whistling:
  21. I haven't tested or experience this problem with the SU-25T. But the original problem was only reported for the SU-25A.
  22. Bare in mind that in RL there are residual effects from having a warhead of that size explode near by a target as well as collateral damage. So laser pin point accuracy, while it does the trick of guiding the missile, may not be entirely needed for certain warheads going up against certain targets Splash damage DCS can still be improved upon and it not at the level that most people expect (yet).
  23. Cool and relaxing video. Great music. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Using unguided rockets on main battle tanks is extremely tough when you want to kill a column of more than 2 - 3 at a time. Accurate delivery of unguided rockets requires both high altitude and a steep dive angle; using these parameters to take out a long convoy of MBTs can be a difficult task. The more shallow the angle the less the accuracy, as your rockets will only land around the calculated point of impact. I'm not certain of how the splash damaged is calculated in DCS, but I've found that you can't rely on it too much.
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