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  1. I'm what you call a casual player who has been around for quite a few years but can't cope with the commitment of joining a sqn. I'm after a like minded individual or individuals who can fly online every now and again in order to hone their skills and benefit from mutual experience. BFM training, A2G, anything goes but it has to be: 1) Fun, 2) semi serious 3)fun Preferably in the same time zone (CET) and available evenings. I've been in sqn's in the past but it usually got too political and required too much of my time. Anybody interested, PM me Cheerio
  2. Setting AVX to zero and clocking at 4.8 Ghz will not tell me much.... It's the same really as overclocking to 5.1 with an AVX offset of 3. The workload/temp on the CPU is increased when AVX extensions are used which can introduce stability issues, core DCS does not appear to use AVX as 5.1 Ghz was no problem when running anything but the updater, the actual crash occurs when an unpack thread was started. This process has been optimized fairly recently and I suspect they/you are using AVX. BTW, after further tweaking and voltage adjustment and reverting to an older BIOS version, I'm now able
  3. Hi all, I encountered an issue recently with running DCS updater to download the latest beta patch. I had just upgraded to an i9 9900 KF processor and had overclocked to 5.1 Ghz, AVX ratio offset was set to 0. The updater crashed after a few seconds, enabling an offset of 3 cured the problem but my CPU was then limited to 4.8 Ghz even when not running the updater indicating another AVX load was running somewhere. QUESTION: Does the DCS updater use AVX?
  4. It's not about pulling max G all day long, It's about the inception of g-lock too early. The F16 is rated for 9g, some pilot's can tolerate 9g for short periods, therefore this simulation should base modelling on 9g for short periods before the onset of of g lock, it currently doesn't. The plural of aircraft is aircraft not aircrafts by the way, appolgies if english is not your first language.
  5. Which CPU is at 25%? all of them,? 25% average across all cpu's? one cpu? It does, however, look like you are bottlenecked by your GPU, which in DCS at that resolution is really not a surprise. My advise if you really need FPS above 60 is to Google nvidia settings for DCS and adjust accordingly (In nvidia tool not DCS) I've seen 20% increase in framerates by tweaking these settings.
  6. A couple of questions first... 1. What is the refresh rate of your monitors? - Go to Display Settings > Advanced Display Settings and you should see the resolution and the refresh rate. 2. Have you run perfmon and noted what your bottleneck is? You can also use something like MSI afterburner to monitor CPU and GPU usage A stable 50fps at a resolution north of 4K is actually not bad for DCS or any flight simulator. Unless you are seeing significant lag, tearing or stuttering, I'd be fairly happy with 50 fps. You need to dome some research on frametimes, vsync, etc. Edit: I'm not a
  7. Obviously they (ED) won't be able to get real world ECM data for most of the aircraft but they could do a better job with a simplified model. More powerful radars like the Tomcat's AN/AWG-9 should obviously be able to burn through ECM at greater distances. It is one of my biggest gripes with the game at the moment....
  8. "Can't afford to employ a tester team" This is a false economy. it costs far more to fix bugs after release than it does to fix them before, this is a widely known industry principle. That's why software companies do QA and testing, It's not directly because they want to keep bugs to a minimum, It's because bugs affect their bottom line due to the increased cost of fixing them further along the development cycle and the impact it has on sales. There is a balance between a focused amount of structured QA testing and Return On Investment (ROI) In my informed opinion, Ed has failed to
  9. Have you ever seen an A10C deploy and recover to any aircraft carrier?
  10. He/we don't. Although there are certain types of bugs that should not 'escape" if the correct amount of regression testing is employed before release. The ratio you mention is called DRE (Defect Resolotuin Efficiency) and is often used by software houses to determine the quality of a product. ((No of Defect found during Testing)/(No of Defects found during Testing +No of Defects reported by customers) * 100)
  11. Based on the Gazelle, I won't be rushing to buy the Kiowa. It's possible the flight model will be in a different league to the Gazelle and if it is then due consideration will be given but honestly... the Gazelle does not feel in any way like a real helicopter. The "we had real pilots test our flight model" line was trotted out by Veao about the Hawk.... Sorry guys but you can't expect punters to shelve out good money for new modules if the old ones are so bad and you are in denial. Some modules in DCS "feel" realistic, the Gazelle does not.
  12. The latest release was very stable yes, I'm glad to see ED are focusing more on quality. Please keep it up and try not to focus too much on the shiny balls. ;)
  13. Ummm, that's quite a statement and factually inaccurate. The 10900k beats the 4790K on all measurable performance figures both stock and overclocked including single core performance. It absolutely demolishes it on multicore performance. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-4790K-vs-Intel-Core-i9-10900K/2384vs4071 Although DCS only uses one core (currently) there are a lots of other processes running that soak up threads and use other cores, multicore performance is still useful in DCS even though the main game engine doesn't use them. EDIT: And if you use other sims whi
  14. I stumbled across this YouTube channel recently and it was exactly what I've been looking for! For people who seriously want to learn about the physics of BFM, A2A combat with practical examples structured in a professional way, this is the place to go. (I'm not affiliated with the site in any way) Well done "DCS Debriefs" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCERjcJzbzHmoBVPJpqn9RjQ/featured
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