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  1. Thanks for the review, just ordered one. Their covers for the odyssey and Odyssey + were game changing.
  2. To remove all of this data, open Settings, navigate to "Mixed Reality", and select the Environment section of the left-hand side menu. Select the button labeled "Clear Environment Data" to remove all environment and tracking data. After you clear the data, the next time you use your headset WMR will ask you to look up, down, side to side in order to record your surroundings as you go into the cliffhouse.
  3. The camera creeping thing happens to me from time to time and clearing my environment in WMR windows settings clears it up.
  4. Do you have max FPS set at 45 in Nvidia settings by accident?
  5. I tried the instant action mission "Ready on the Ramp" and it worked fine. I didn't have to edit file in ME. Not sure if I was indestructible or not. Was performance any better for you?
  6. So as far as I know if you run a mission through the server it is automatically a multiplayer mission. I don't know alot about multiplayer but it sounds like there is no client slot for you to join. Does it put you in a cockpit? Maybe edit the mission in mission editor and make sure that the A10 you want to fly is a client. I don't have the A10 but I will try the F18 ready on the ramp mission when i get home.
  7. In the server ui, i just add the mission file I want to run. Hit the "run" button, then go to multiplayer menu, search for my server and Join. Choose a slot and enjoy. Now, of course you have to start the server first in order to run the mission. When i installed the server i didn't add any modules or anything like that. I just installed it and gave the server a name and password, unclicked public and made sure i ran it as administrator....and it worked. I don't have any paid campaigns so I don't know how to go about running those. I would think you just add the miz files to
  8. I have never tried to run instant action missions. I run single player "Liberation" missions and they run just fine. I would think any single player mission would run ok.
  9. One thing that has helped me out a great deal with stutters is setting up a dedicated server and running missions through it on the same PC. Somehow it splits the workload for the CPU I'm guessing and cuts out 80% of stutters for me. It really has been a game changer for me.
  10. I found if you point the maverick at the smoke as you activate the display there is no or little bloom. if you activate display when pointing above horizon (light sky) is when the smoke displays incorrectly.
  11. timcat

    Members age?

    57, warranty went out at 40.
  12. I use the the MK20 quite often and have allot of success with them. I find that a 20 degree dive is more effective in DCS. This gives the dispersal pattern more of an oval shape and is more likely to cover target. The kills don't come right away, especially with tanks. Let them "burn" awhile before making another pass. They will usually explode after 30 sec or so.
  13. I had the same problem. I had to many aircraft assigned to the airfield so liberation had to start my flight in the air. I "sold" some aircraft for that field and i was them able to start cold.
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