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  1. I didn't see the ground collision avoidance system implemented in bloc 40/50 vipers in the planned systems post by Wags. I was just wondering if it will be implemented later in the build process of the viper. Ill post a video of it working. Keep up the great work on the Viper guys!
  2. Will the Viper have a functioning emergency tail hook? Don't know if this would be a wish list thread, there are pictures and articles online showing the tail hook, it would be interesting to land the viper on the Stennis :D:D
  3. I’d like to see the two seater version, they could possibly partner with heatblur and use jester and what not. Possibly the earlier versions as well, I know we aren’t going to get any more advanced than this because of government laws and what not. Hopefully they could team with heatblur in the future.
  4. I can overclock my i5, don’t know to how much though, how good is the 1660?
  5. thanks guys, hopefully going to get one soon
  6. Looking at getting an Asus ROG STRIX 2060 OC. Wondering how the rtx 2060 OC works out with the f14. Is it worth the buy?
  7. Heres a forum with a pdf with a really good explanation about the flaps and spoilers system if you would like to read it https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=235701
  8. The Anti Skid spoilers only use the inner two spoilers when the flaps are up. When the flaps are down (fully down with wings at 20 degrees), both inner and outer spoilers are deployed for the anti skid. If you raise the flaps while the outer anti skid spoilers are deployed, power is cut to them, and they won’t move back down until you lower the flaps again and cycle the anti skid. I was confused about this too when the cat came out
  9. Turning anti skid off while the were flaps down worked. Thank you guys
  10. The out board spoilers don’t drop when I move or even when I sweep the wings back. I’ll try some things today after work
  11. When I cold start my Tomcat and put the anti skid on either options the two inner spoilers on each wing come out, not the outer two. When i spawn hot, all spoilers are deployed , when anti skid is off in this case the outer two stay out, when anti skid is on they are all out. Does anyone know what this is? is it accurate, humman error, or is it a bug?
  12. Oh, well that’s depressing, I done watch him that much
  13. in his latest stream ( ), an F-14 Stream, at 4:21, there is an F-15E controls setup!!! ralfi is teasing
  14. the F-15E Controls setup at 4:21 in the steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ralfi is teasing
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